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C3AFASG17: The captured memories

Crowds getting ready to enter the exhibition hall when the doors open on Friday
C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2017 returns to its home ground after touring Jakarta, BangkokTokyo. On it's 9th year Anime Festival Asia as been the biggest Japanese pop culture event of the year never it fails to attract crowds. This Year its the first time SOZO teams up with SOTSU hence the have added C3 into their name. Let's take a look back at the capture moments!

 Super Akiba Stage
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00043 25-11-2017
Ayasa Performing on stage 
This Year Akiba Stage as been upgraded into Super Akiba Stage, with a bigger stage and more
contents there was something for everyone. Besides returning favourites like guest Cosplayers appearance there were brand new contents this year.
  • Anisong Violin Performance by Ayasa
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00042 25-11-2017
Ayasa with over 120K subscribers on her Youtube Channel is known for her Anisong violin covers,sometimes in cosplay brought her electrifying performance for the very first time in Singapore.      

  • Lechat
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00093 25-11-2017

Lechat  is a official Hastune Miku Cosplayer recognized by Yamaha. She also sings and have several collaborations with big names like Hachioji P and Powerless (Muryoku P), at her first C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore she sang several song covers as well as her original songs. With her recent signing with Avex, fans of Lechat  can look out for her singles coming out soon.

  • Moso Calibration 
C3AFASG17 Day 3_00022 26-11-2017
Moso Calibration 

Fans of Moso Calibration were treated to a Special Showcase at the Super Akiba Stage. Much to the delight to the fans,they performed several songs including the ending song of Saekano flat:Sakurairo Diary.
  • Real Akiba Boyz
C3AFASG17 Day 3_00040 26-11-2017
Real Akiba Boyz
Crowds favourites Real Akiba Boyz returns to C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore. Once again the crowd was trilled by their explosive dance on stage. Meanwhile DJ Keitan has also his own stage time spinning several Anisongs at the Super Akiba Stage.

  • DJ Soba
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00092 24-11-2017
DJ Soba

Another DJ that is spinning anisong is DJ Soba from our neighbouring Indonesia. The crowd dances and cheered along to the remixes popular anisongs. 

  • That Anime Man & Takahiro Baba
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00027 25-11-2017
That Anime Man & Takahiro Baba
The duo was on stage to talk about Key production specifically on the topic of Little Busters! English Edition, with  the localisation of Visual Arts Key games on Steam non Japanese gamers finally have access to popular Visual Arts Key Visual Novels such as Little Busters and Clannad.

  • Local Talents- Usagi,RAE,Natsuiro Party,A-LIVE,Tokimeki JUMP, Singapore Wotagei Community,MechaPen & D.N.A
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00056 24-11-2017
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00111 24-11-2017
C3AFASG17 Day 3_00071 26-11-2017
Natsuiro Party
Several Local talents have also grace the Super Akiba Stage they include Usagi ,RAE, Natsuiro Party,A-LIVE,Tokimeki JUMP, Singapore Wotagei Community, MechaPen & D.N.A. Attendees of local pop culture events would not find them unfamiliar. In fact, Usagi was Asia Anisong-Singer Audition(AAA) in AFASG 2014 & Tokimeki Jump actually made their debut at last year's AFASG. Talk about AFASG being a platform for aspirating talents.    

  • Star Cosplayers Appearances 
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00063 24-11-2017
Ying Tze
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00005 25-11-2017
Rosiel Kasyou
C3AFASG17 Day 3_00013 26-11-2017
Serg Loki
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00015 25-11-2017
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00035 25-11-2017
Clarissa Punipun

C3AFASG17 Day 2_00036 25-11-2017
C3AFASG17 Day 3_00019 26-11-2017
Baozi & Hana
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00087 24-11-2017
Cosplay All Stars with Thames Malerose on the far right
Besides Returning Favourites like Ying Tze(Malaysia), Baozi & Hana(China), Enako(Japan) for the Star Cosplayers. This year we have Liyuu(China), Clarissa Punipun(Indonesia), Rosiel Kasyou(Japan), Thames Malerose(Thailand) & Serg Loki(Russia) attending C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore For the very first time. 

  • Cosplay Singles
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00080 25-11-2017
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00076 25-11-2017
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00073 25-11-2017
C3AFASG17 Day 2_00054 25-11-2017
Some of the cosplay contestants on stage

The contestants are scouted out on the day itself by the guest judges whom walk around the event on the 2nd day of  C3 Anime Festival Asia SingaporeOn the same evening, the contestants battle it out for the top prize of  cash prize of $500, while the 2 runners up walk away with $300 & $200 respectively.   

  •  Akiba Town
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00008 24-11-2017
Idolmaster popup exhibition by Bandai Namaco

C3AFASG17 Day 1_00011 24-11-2017
SAORA Music Booth

C3AFASG17 Day 1_00016 24-11-2017
1/1 Scale Megumi at Saekano Booth

C3AFASG17 Day 1_00038 24-11-2017
Muse Booth
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00042 24-11-2017
Bili Bili Booth

The Akiba Town offers several event exclusives and Merchandises at discounted price. There are also booth that focus on their exhibits. While favourites like Muse and Proware made their return, there are several new exhibitors this year like bilibiliFor the hungry Event goers there is also a food street for them to recharge themselves.         

  • Creators Hub
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00023 24-11-2017
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00027 24-11-2017
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00028 24-11-2017
Creators Hub Booths 
For the Event attendees that are looking for Fan arts of their favourite series, this year Creators Hub have a total of 100 booth, I am sure there is no lack of variety in the fandom of thier choice. Commission on the spot were also available at several booths.        

  • Cosplayers at the event ground
C3AFASG17 Day 1_00070 24-11-2017

C3AFASG17 Day 1_00077 24-11-2017

C3AFASG17 Day 2_00099 25-11-2017

C3AFASG17 Day 2_00104 25-11-2017

C3AFASG17 Day 3_00050 26-11-2017

C3AFASG17 Day 3_00058 26-11-2017

C3AFASG17 Day 3_00061 26-11-2017

C3AFASG17 Day 3_00081 26-11-2017

C3AFASG17 Day 2_00097 25-11-2017

C3AFASG17 Day 1_00071 24-11-2017
Cosplayers Roaming the event ground 

Of Course, no event would be complete without the attendance of Cosplayers. With that is shall leave you with more memories captured at C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2017 in the gallery after the break, i have also embedded the official highlight videos for all 3 days.

C3 AFA SG 2017