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C3 AFASG 2017: What to expect & Snapshots from the media conference

(Source: Anime Festival Asia Facebook )

We are less then a week away from C3 AFASG 2017!  AFA is returning to Singapore after touring Jakarta, Bangkok, Tokyo. Here is what is to be expected next week on the 24-26 December at the Suntec Convention Center.

  • Important Notice: Regarding new Security Measures & Rules in force! 

Due to issues arising in the past and recent amendments & implementation of the law on events security, additional rules & security Measures such as compulsory bag checks are put in force. 

The following quoted info is extracted from here for your convenience:
[Note: While info is correct at the time of posting, you are strongly advise to check on the official page for any updates in case of any updates:]
Event staff shall be defined as a person who is working in the employ of C3 Anime Festival Asia 2017. This includes, but not limited to, marshals, photographers, and security. Exhibitors are not event staff but may instruct you within and around the areas of their booth.
Attendee(s) shall be defined as any person within the event area of C3 Anime Festival Asia 2017. This includes, but not limited to, exhibitors, cosplayers, photographers, and members of the public.
Event area shall be defined as the third floor foyer and concourse, (excluding meeting rooms), and fourth floor halls of Suntec Singapore Exhibition and Convention Centre. Any area outside of this is not part of the event area. However, we ask that attendees remain mindful of these guidelines outside of the event area as well.

Rules and Conditions:

1. General

  1. C3 AFA Singapore will not be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
  2. C3 AFA Singapore will not be responsible for any injury or death resulting from the event.
  3. No outside food and drinks are allowed within the Exhibition, Main Stage and Concert areas. Plain water in water tumblers is allowed.
  4. No smoking is allowed at all times.
  5. Running and shoving is prohibited at all times.
  6. By entering the event area, attendees hereby give consent to having your likeness taken in video or photo and/or published by attending media.
  7. There is no guarantee that guests will receive fan gifts. Please respect staff’s instructions.
  8. No photography or video/audio recording is allowed in the Main Stage and Concert area or any designated area.
  9. Organisers reserve all rights to remove persons violating the any rules from the event without any form of refund.

2. Ticketing

  1. Admission into the Exhibition, Main Stage and Concert areas are only by wristbands.
  2. Children under the height of 90cm can enter the Exhibition and Main Stage area, (not inclusive of the concert are) free if accompanied by 1 paying adult.
  3. Entry into the Exhibition and Main Stage area uses wristbands.
  4. Entry into the concert uses wristbands. These wristbands can only be redeemed at the event by showing an e-ticket (by print-out or on mobile phone) or a physical ticket, at a designated counter.
  5. Please note that wristbands are to be worn on the wrist tightly before entry into the exhibition area, stage area or concert area. Entry will be refused if wristbands are not worn before entry. Entry will also be refused if wristbands are worn loosely and can be slipped off easily.
  6. Please only purchase official tickets from our ticketing agents listed on our website and official ticketing box counters. If found with an unofficial (e.g fake) ticket, you will not be allowed entry in to the event.
  7. Ticket scalping and illegal sales of other merchandise (without a paid booth) is prohibited.

3. Bags

  1. Bag checks will be conducted when entering the Exhibition, Main Stage and Concert area in Halls 401 to 406. There will be counters at the entrances of these areas for checks to be conducted. For faster clearance, have your bags opened and ready to be checked before it is your turn.
  2. Any bag larger than a shoe bag (dimensions of 35 cm x 20 cm by 20cm) will have to be opened up and checked visually.
  3. If attendees do not have anything larger than a shoe bag, they may go through the express lane. Visual inspections of the contents will still be made for any bag carried in the express lane.
  4. The event staff reserves the right to have you moved to the bag queue for checks at their discretion.
  5. At no time should any bag be left unattended. At all times, there should be another attendee looking after the bag.
  6. The event staff reserve the right to remove any attendees’ bags left unattended. Staff will engage unattended bags by asking three times. If no answer is given after the third, the bags will be removed. Unattended bags will have to be collected at the show management office in Hall 405. You will need to purchase a ticket to access the show management office. Any bags still in the possession of the event staff at the end of the event will be disposed of.

4. Concert

  1. VIP concert tickets are based on reserved seating. GA concert tickets and packages are based on free-standing and guests are admitted on a first come first served basis.
  2. Entry to the concert for those under the age of 12 is not allowed, unless accompanied by an adult. Both will require a ticket to enter the concert. Adults and children 12 years old and above will each require a ticket for admission into the concert.
  3. VIP attendees are asked to remain at their designated seats at all times during the concert. Standing in the aisle in the concert is not allowed. Continued failure to adhere to this rule will result in removal from the event without refund.

5. Costumes

  1. There are no restrictions on the genre of costumes that can be present in the event area.
  2. If the attendee’s costume is military, para-military, or law-enforcement themed, we ask that they remain mindful at all times on how the public may perceive your costume when you are wearing them. Please make an indication or feature on the costume that would indicate that it is a costume and not a real uniform. This also applies to any costumes that are from, but not limited to, anime, games and manga.
  3. If the attendee’s costume consists of a feature that conceals facial features, they may be asked to remove the feature at any time. This includes, but not limited to, masks, helmets and bandanas.
  4. If the attendee’s costume is out-sized or has features that protrude out, we ask the attendees be aware while walking around and to avoid hitting other attendees.
  5. The event staff reserves the right to ask any attendee to leave the event area or request the attendee to change out of costumes that are deemed inappropriate (but not limited to), e.g. indecent exposure (public exposure of genitalia, buttocks or breasts), outrage of modesty, make cause for public alarm (for example, terrorist wearing a suicide vest), etc.
  6. Attendees should not engage in poses that are sexually suggestive or make cause for public alarm.
  7. If you have a replica weapon, please refer to section 6.

6. Weapons

  1. If attendees are bringing any replica weapons to the event, we ask that they remain mindful and transport them to and from the event in a covered bag, e.g. rifle bag for replica firearms or cloth sheath for swords. Only take them out once you are in the event area.
  2. Anything that is able to discharge a projectile should be made safe. This include functional bows and crossbows with tensioned strings. Nerf guns should be unloaded and/or batteries removed.
  3. Replica metal edged weapons (e.g. swords, daggers, thrown weapons) of any length are not allowed at the event, even if the cutting edges are blunt.
  4. All replica firearms are required to have their muzzle tips coloured in orange.
  5. Spot checks of replica weapons will be made and cleared weapons will be marked with a coloured cable tie specific for each day.
  6. When walking around with replica weapons, please do not carry them in an aggressive manner, e.g. shouldering rifles, fingers inside trigger guards, swords raised, etc. If possible, carry firearms with your fingers away from the trigger and pointed downwards, and weapons sheathed.
  7. If attendees wish to present their weapon aggressively, we ask that they only do so when posing for a photo.
  8. When attendees are leaving the event area, they are reminded to keep the replica weapons for transport. Do not carry weapons outside of the event area openly to avoid alarming the public.

7. Harassment

  1. Attendees have the right to refuse any request for photos.
  2. Attendees should always ask other attendees for permission or have the acknowledgement of the attendee before taking the photo. This includes any AFA guests that may be in the event area.
  3. Any form of harassment by any attendee will not be tolerated. This includes verbal, sexual, physical and psychological abuse.
  4. Any attendee who thinks that they or anyone is the victim of such harassment should approach the event staff or notify the authorities.

8. Event staff

    1. Our event staff can be identified by their lanyards and reserve the right to instruct and advise attendees in the event area on the guidelines.
    2. If instructed by the event staff, please comply with their requests.
    3. The event staff reserves the right to ask or remove any persons from the event without refund should they be in violation of these guidelines.
    4. Please note that while C3AFASG17 is organizing the event, Suntec Singapore Exhibition and Convention Centre, the venue owners, has their own security as well.
They can be identified by their uniform. They reserve the right to instruct attendees as well.

9. Miscellaneous

  1. While attendees are welcome to hang out around the event area, they are reminded to not obstruct walkways and doors. The event staff reserves the right to ask any attendee to move from the affected area.
  2. Attendees are reminded to dispose of their trash in the proper receptacles.
  3. Everyone, not just the event staff, has a role to play in helping keeping the event safe and conducive for everyone to enjoy. If you spot anything that you think is out of place, please let our event staff know, or if the situation warrants it, please contact the authorities

  • Snapshots From the Media Preview

    C3 AFA SG 2017 Media Preview

  • I love Anisong Concert 

I love anisong concerts have been the staple of Anime Festival Asia, This Year a total of 15 Artistes and Group will be performing. Besides returning Favorites like May'n, Fripside and Flow. There are artistes and groups like ClariS, NOGIZAKA46 and Iris. The full list are listed below:

24 NOV 2017(Friday)
  • FLOW
  • Shiena Nishizawa
  • Tomohisa Sako 
  • Iris
  • 乃木坂46(NOGIZAKA46)
    Asuka Saito, Erika Ikuta, Kana Nakada, Kazumi Takayama, Mai Shinuchi, Manatsu Akimoto, Minami Hoshino, Miona Hori, Misa Eto, Reika Sakurai, Rina Ikoma, Sayuri Inoue, Sayuri Matsumura, Yuuri Saitou (May be changed due to management discretion) [Updated: Marika Ito  won't be able to atttend C3 AFASG 2017 due to Schedule Conflicts]

25 NOV 2017 (Saturday)
  • ClariS
  • Konomi Suzuki
  • nano
  • TRUE
  • Moso Calibration

26 NOV 2017 (Sunday)

  • EGOIST special screening
  • fripSide
  • Luce Twinkle Wink☆
  • Mashiro Ayano
  • May’n 

I love anisong poster balloting results

  • Guest Cosplayers
Another crowd puller will be the Celebrity Guest Cosplayers at AFA, Angie(Malaysia), Baozi & Hana(China)Enako(Japan) will be returning as crowd favorites, while Clarissa Punipun(Indonesia), Liyuu(China), Rosiel Kasyou(Japan), Serg Loki(Russia) & Thames Malerose(Thailand) will be at AFASG for thier very first time! 

Star Cosplayer's Schedules 

Meet & Greet Packages for Enako & Serg Loki

Cosplayer Merchandises
(Source: Anime Festival Asia Facebook )

  • Day Stage
    (Source: Anime Festival Asia Facebook )

    From special showcases to featured Anime and even I love anisong artiste appearances,the day stage is packed with activities that cater to different crowds. [Note:All forms of Recording including but not limited to: Photos,Video & Audio are strictly not allowed at the day stage.] 

    Featured Anime


    Special Guest (Day Stage)

    Special Screenings & Showcases 

    • Akibatown  
    (Source: Anime Festival Asia Facebook )
    For people Hunting for merchandise AFA's Akibatown caters to that. Commercial booths carrying a huge variety of anime goods can be found here.  Super Akiba stage is also located here where they are special guest appearances many of them are Singapore's very own local talents Such as Usagi,A-LIVE, Natsuiro Party, Tokimeki Jump!,Rae,Singapore Wotagei Community,MechaPen & D.N.A    along with Japanese Guest such as Takahiro Baba,The Anime Man, LeChat,RAB,Izumi Kitta and DJ Soba,DJ KEITAN , GEAR and Yoruru.

    Super Akiba Stage

    • Cosplay Singles Showcase

    How to Participate
    Our guest judges will be walking around the event halls on C3AFA Singapore Day 2, 25th November 2017 (Saturday) to scout out the very BEST cosplayers! If you have an awesome costume just waiting to be shown off to the crowds on Saturday, you might just stand a chance to be crowned as C3AFA Singapore’s favourite cosplayer by our Guest Judges, this time on the Super Akiba Stage!!!
    First Place: SGD500 Cash Prize (1 Winner)
    Second Place: SGD300 Cash Prize (1 Winner)
    Third Place: SGD200 Cash Prize (1 Winner)
    Selection Criteria
    Our cosplay guest judges will walk around the event halls on SATURDAY, 25th November 2017 throughout the day till 3:30PM to search for the very best there is! So, be prepared to don your best costume and get ready to get spotted on the event grounds by our guest judges!
    If you are selected, please fill up the registration form* with your
    • Cosplay name
    • Character cosplaying
    • Title of series/movie/game
    • Contact number
    *Please retain the bottom half of the form with the details for participation and report to the stage at the specified time.
    C3AFA Singapore 2017 Cosplay Singles Showcase
    25 November 2017 (Saturday)
    04:30PM – 05:35PM
    at Super Akiba Stage
    • Akibatown Exhibitors Booth Merchandises & Activites


    A09: bilibili

    Head to the booth to find out more! 


    A21: NHK WORLD

    A29: Manga de Japan


    A39: Bandai & Banpresto

    A49: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

    A51: AFA SHOP

    A53: Violet Evergarden

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A59: 乃木坂46(NOGIZAKA46)

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A61: Wacom

    A62: Ikemen Series

    A65: avex asia

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A66: PikattoAnime/COM PLANNING INC.

    Head to the booth to find out more! 


    Head to the booth to find out more! 
    A69: Black Butler

    A71: Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. flat

    A75: Record of Grancrest War

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A79: SMEJ Showcase


    A95: Musashi – no

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A96: YU-GI-OH!


    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A98: Anime Toys Store


     A119: Aniplex

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A123: asobi!, つくりx希萌創意xAKIBA HOBBY, Good Smile Company

    Head to the booth to find out more! 


    A131: La Tendo

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A135: TeeTurtle

    A136: Bibisama Apparel

    A149: Banpresto Ichiban Kuji

    Head to utthe booth to find o more! 

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A153: VisualArts/Key + THE ANIME MAN

    A155: COSPA

    A156: Measure your body odor!
                                              Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A157: SONY


    A160: Aniplus Asia

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A165: SAGA TV

    Head to the booth to find out more!

    A167: Anime Yorozuya

    A168, A171, A196: XINBO

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A169: TV TOKYO Corporation

    A179: Bushiroad

    A183: A!SMART x AMUSE

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A186: Secretlab

    A189: RE&S

                                                Head to the booth to find out more! 


    A192: DGDD Games

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A193: YO costume

    A194: 3dsense Media School

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A195: Typhoon Systems

    A197: Coca Cola

    Head to the booth to find out more! 


    A199: Battle Sky Brigade

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    A209: ODEX

    Food Street

    (Photos Source: AFA Website)

    F05: NISSIN

    Head to the booth to find out more! 
    F07: Monster Curry

    F09: KURO-OBI (by IPPUDO)

    (Photos Source: AFA Website)

    F10: Menya Sakura

    F11: Wattention Singapore

    F12: TEPPEI

    F13: Renga-Ya Cafe Akira

    F14: Coca Cola

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    F15: Yakitori Yatagarasu

    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    F16: Teeny Balls


    Head to the booth to find out more! 

    • Creators Hub
    CH01: Redsake

    CH02: JIN

    CH03: DayDreamer

    CH04: Purrballs


    CH06: Cirque de Blanc

    CH07: ice*berry

    CH08: Collateral Damage Studios

    CH09: Kühl Notes


    CH11: Pythonkid

    CH12: AbsoluteZero&pythonkid

    CH13: Evacomics

    CH14: PenguinFrontier

    CH15: Camp Dragonhead

    CH16: Aposekari

    CH17: Maple Chicken

    CH18: Awataguchi Family

    CH19: Maorenc

    CH20: Band of Busy People

    CH21: Art of Rachta Lin

    CH22: Tea & Buns

    CH23: Kuso Taisa

    CH24: Jinglingtujian

    CH25: Leoren


    CH27: TakoGals

    CH28: Raiko

    CH29: Nandecolle

    CH30: Vinrylgrave

    CH31: gum

    CH32: Meowmeowgirl

    CH33: Unheard & Unsound

    CH34: Neko Fingerprint

    CH35: Pelcron & Rose

    CH36: Yin Yuming & Brand

    CH37: Jrpencil

    CH38: Heal Pls

    CH39: Glass Ingot

    CH40: NIK

    CH41: Comix Pandora

    CH42: DCWJ and Ejikure

    CH43: Buttermilk Chicken

    CH44: Xeph & PeaCh Artworks

    CH45: Ind*mie merchant

    CH46: Lanceylance

    CH47: Rachel/Luis/Zonglin

    CH48: brownrabbits

    CH49: SOBEAT / MAL

    CH50: Kukla x Sugar Prince

    CH51: April’s Daughter and Etansel

    CH52: Polaris Circle

    CH53: Mimi N – FutarinoKizuna

    CH54: lirica & alche

    CH55: Chroneco

    CH56: FPS

    CH57: Zzyzzyy

    CH58: Daiyaku Studios

    CH59: Saliea Party

    CH60: Dajaku Dajaku

    CH61: Chapter#1 Tshirt Thailand

    CH62: OkitaKung

    CH63: KaoToraZud

    CH64: Tomodachi Thailand

    CH65: Tomotan

    CH66: HM-manga X Butter-T

    CH67: Joe300

    CH68: Asuka111 x Plustina

    CH69: Markgraf

    CH70: Loka Made

    CH71: CIecleao

    CH72: Sapphire Daylight

    CH73: Rainbowthinker

    CH74: T.Wolv

    CH75: GrapeRice

    Source: Graperice FB page

    CH76: Mazjojo

    Source:Mazjojo FB page

    CH77: Gensodo

    CH78: mind*creator

    CH79: Hammu

    CH80: rollround

    CH81: Nano Nano

    CH82: CaTsEYE ART

    CH83: SugarFree

    CH84: AnY

    CH85: JEGIER

    CH86: 8th Panzer Regiment

    CH87: Out Culture

    CH88: Loiza’s art


    CH90: hero*MIX

    CH91: Raynart

    CH92: freebird

    CH93: The Secluded Spot

    Source:  The Secluded Spot FB page


    CH95: Marc and Dotty

    CH96: Starclust

    CH97: ice kacang

    CH98: Kren’z Art

    CH99: Ink Ink Collectibles

    CH100: Locomonsta

    [Developing....Please check back for more contents...]

    • Floor Plan, Schedules and Ticket Prices:

    (Image Source: AFA Website)

    • How to get there?