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STGCC 2018:What to expect

Ayame Apricot at Akiba Stage, STGCC 2017 (File photo:
We are just 2 weekends away from Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention  2018 . Returning on the 8th to 9th of September 2018 at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center . Here is what is to be expected at  Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention  2018 (STGCC 2018).

This is a Developing article to check back for more updates from time to time! 
-01/09/2018 3rd Wave of  Guest lineup updated!
-03/09/2018 Floor Plan and Schedule updated! 
-05/09/2018 Final Wave of  Guest lineup updated!
-06/09/2018 Local Performing Guest at akiba stage lineup updated!
-07/09/2018 Media preview Snapshots updated!

  • STGCC 2018 Media Preview Snapshots 

STGCC 2018 Media Preview Snap Shots

  • STGCC 2018 Stage Schedule 

Saturday Schedule(Source: STGCC Website)

Sunday Schedule(Source: STGCC Website)

  • STGCC 2018 Floor Plan & Exhibitors Listings
Floor plans (Source: STGCC Website)

Exhibitors  Listings  (Source: STGCC Website)

  • STGCC 2018 Supports Local Talents!
  • Local Performing Guest @  Akiba Stage -Natsuiro Party
Natsuiro Party ( File photo)
  • Local Performing Guest @  Akiba Stage -Reina 
Reina  ( File photo)

  • Local Performing Guest @  Akiba Stage -D.N.A
D.N.A ( File photo)

  • Local Performing Guest @  Akiba Stage -Intriquette

Intriquette ( File photo)

  • Local Performing Guest @  Akiba Stage -Ai Twintail
Ai Twintail (Ai twintial Official FB page, Photo by:Jimmy Pang )

  • STGCC 2018 Guest Lineup

  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-Yishan Li 
Yishan Li (Source: STGCC Website)
Yishan Li is a professional UK/Chinese manga artist currently living in Shanghai, and has been working with publishers such as Top Cow, DC, Darkhorse, Random house, Titan comics, Delcourt and Dargaud.

  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-Peach Momoko​
Peach Momoko​ (Source: STGCC Website)

A new and emerging Japanese Illustrator from Japan. Works mainly with The Heavy Metal Magazine and Girls and Corpses Magazine. Focuses highly on 60s Japanese style and atmosphere using water colour as her main medium. During the convention, she will be taking commissions from Original concepts to any fan art all day, every day.

  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest- Sonny Liew
Sonny Liew  (Source: STGCC Website)

Sonny Liew is a Eisner-winning comics artist, painter and illustrator whose work includes the New York Times bestsellers The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye and The Shadow Hero (with Gene Luen Yang). Other titles include My Faith in Frankie (Mike Carey),  Doctor Fate (with Paul Levitz), Eternity Girl (with Magdalene Visaggio) and  Malinky Robot. His work has been published by Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Disney Press, First Second Books, Boom Studios and IDW. He lives in Singapore, where he has been the first cartoonist to be awarded the Young Artist Award and the Singapore Literature Prize.

  • Toy & Designer Guest-Kaori Hinata (Hinatique)
Kaori Hinata  (Source: STGCC Website)

Kaori Hinata is a Japanese Artist, Illustrator and Character Designer. The overarching theme of her creative works is "The Cuteness of antiques and Nostalgia”. She loves drawing pictures, live painting and making Knick Knacks in felt, ceramics and other materials. Kaori’s first designer toy release was Kaiju Kinora - a cute little mushroom monster produced by Max Toy in 2015. Her newest original character is called "Morris - The Cat with Antlers". Morris is a cat boy – but he is different from the average cat because he has big antlers on his head. “Morris” made his debut as a sofubi figure last year at STGCC2017 and has become a best-selling fan favourite around the world. Additionally the character was featured in the Medicom’s VAG (Vinyl Artist Gatcha) Series 12 and again in Series 16. Morris has also been recently released as a Bearbrick. Her work has been featured in many exhibitions in Japan, and recently had a show in at the Wrong Gallery with Teresa Chiba and Hikari Bambi. In addition to her own original characters, Kaori has produced collaborations with many popular properties including STAR WARS, ULTRAMAN, MAZINGER-Z, GACHAPIN & MUKKU and THE POWERPUFF GIRLS.

  • Toy & Designer Guest-Nakao Teppei
Kaori Hinata  (Source: STGCC Website)

 Nakao Teppei is a Japanese illustrator well known for a unique style and his quirky outlook on the world. His commercial illustration work has been featured in a wide range of media including magazine covers, book design, print advertisements, TV commercials, and web sites. He has held numerous personal gallery exhibitions and organizes Frisbee Paint Workshops (FPW) at outdoor events all over Japan. Nakao has recently collaborated with Japanese toy make Sentinel, to produce Sushi L.A. – the first sofubi toy based on his designs. The Sushi L.A. figure has been an instant hit worldwide and will making its Singapore debut at STGCC 2018.

  • Toy & Designer Guest-Teresa Chiba
Teresa Chiba  (Source: STGCC Website)

Teresa Chiba is a Japanese Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Through her own art production label - Production Genmu - she releases creative works in a wide variety of disciplines including Yukata (summer kimono), daily items and live performances in addition to her illustrations and designs. Many of Teresa’s works are based on traditional Japanese motifs including Kabuki and Folk Art.
Her illustration work celebrates the ‘Kabuki Otome” - the teenage girls of Kabuki who are passionate, brave, yet sensitive. She combines the pieces of their rock spirit with girly characteristics and encourages the girls of today to find themselves in Kabuki too.
Her designer toys are inspired by Japanese folk art. “Kibunanadon” was her first design toy - fish Kaiju toy - which was released from Maxtoy company (USA) in 2014. Inu Harigon was her breakthrough toy design. It was self-produced and has already seen releases in a variety of colorways. The character is very popular and has recently been picked up by MEDICOM Toy (Japan), as both a Gacha toy in Vinyl Artist Gacha series 11, and as a Bearbrick in series 34. Her newest figure is new chibi version of Kibunadon thats totally adorable.
Teresa is also an educator, teaching digital illustration skills at the Tokyo Design Academy in Harajuku, Tokyo.

  • Toy & Designer Guest- Yasu Ebineko 
Yasu's  Work  (Source: STGCC Website)

Yasu is prolific japanese artist, illustrator, character and product designer from Nagoya Japan. She is a veteran of the Tokyo Design Festa show having exhibited there many times under her brand name "Yorozu zakka Ebineko-ya" . Yasu’s original character designs come alive in a wide variety of media including plush, resin, soft vinyl, drawings, paintings, messaging stickers, and more! Her trademark character is “Ebineko” - a half cat and half shrimp character that seems to have gotten himself into some tempura batter at some point. “Ebineko” was released as a soft vinyl toy earlier this year – Yasu sculpted the figure herself and painstakingly hand-paints every release. Her figure line-up has recently expanded featuring several new soft vinyl figures; “Same” - the three eyed shark, “Yamorin” - the Gekko Dragon plus a cute mini version of “Ebineko” with more on the way. Ebineko was also included in Medicom’s VAG (Vinyl Artist Gatcha) Series 14. Yasu made her Singapore debut at STGCC last year and has spent the last year travelling the world, exhibiting at events in Thailand, London, Taiwan, New York, Beijing and Shanghai.

  • Cosplay Guest-Hikarin 
Hikarin  (Source: STGCC Website)

Having participated in various pop-culture events all over the world, this Canadian cosplayer dazzles people with her smiles. Hikarin specializes in portraying male characters in their youth. Capturing the portrayal and charm of the characters with her unique makeup style, she yet seeks to portray characters not only through their looks but through the heart and personality.

  • Cosplay Guest-Zekia
Zekia (Source: STGCC Website)
Aru.Rinh, also known as Zekia, is a Taiwanese cosplayer from the USA. Because of cosplay, Zekia learned to sew and build props and has been bringing characters to life for the past 4 years. This is her first overseas convention, and she is excited to meet everyone!  Besides cosplaying, Zekia also enjoys experimenting with makeup and modeling.
  • Toy & Designer Guest-Simone Legno
Simone Legno (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Simone Legno (Co-founder/Chief Creative Officer) of tokidoki was born in Rome, Italy. Legno drew incessantly as a child. The boxes of chewed, broken and unsharpened pencils he adored as a kid were the beginnings of a passion for art that led to the eventual creation of tokidoki. tokidoki means “sometimes” in Japanese. Legno, who has always had a deep love of Japan and fascination with world cultures, chose the word because he feels “everyone waits for moments that change one’s destiny, by chance or by meeting a new person”. Simone's special moment arrived when his designs drew the attention of entrepreneurs Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold, who spied the art on
his personal website and convinced him to move to L.A. to build a global brand. tokidoki has collaborated with many brands such as Karl Lagerfeld, Guggenheim Museum, Sephora,LeSportsac, Onitsuka Tiger, Marvel, New Era, Hello Kitty, Fujitsu, Levi's, Xbox, T-mobile, Medicom Toy, MLB, Barbie, and Canon. Simone has become a sought-after speaker around the world at museums, universities and conferences,from MOCA to the Adobe MAX conference, Flash Film Festival, Art Center College of Design, Apple store in Osaka, Istituto Europeo di Design, STGCC, and Grafika Manila.

  •  Entertainment Guest-Sae Tsukiyama
Sae Tsukiyama, STGCC 2017 (File photo:

Sae is the main vocalist of the doujin music circle [Amateras Records] and a singer-songwriter who writes songs for many popular games. She has contributed to tracks in popular rhythm music game by BEMANI (KONAMI), such as SOUND VOLTEX & MUSECA, as a lyricist and vocalist. Sae is also an active MC who can be seen in events around Akihabara. She models and takes part in local FM program as well.

  •  Entertainment Guest-Rie Yunohara
Rie Yunohara, STGCC 2017 (File photo:

The official idol of Japan’s biggest meat festival, “Niku Fes”, Riecho will be in STGCC
again this year! Previously a member of the idol group MKM-ZERO and PhantomVoice, she is currently active as a solo performer. Besides concentrating on her own musical activity, she also choreographs for other artistes and manages her food blog.
TV appearances:
Nippon Terebi 視覚探偵日暮旅人
Tokyo MX MusicB.B.
Nippon Terebi ヒルナンデス
  •  Entertainment Guest-MauKana
MauKana (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

After moving on from their respective idol groups in 2017, they decided to form a unit with the motto "You don't use age as an excuse!" and started a live net program "MauKana Club". As the popularity of the program went up, they debuted as "MauKana" in 2018 through a successful crowdfunding campaign as requested by their fans. Their crowdfunding target was hit within half a day, enabling them to produce music CDs and videos. MauKana debuted in 3rd May 2018.
Kana (Kanako)
Debuted in 2008 through "Gravurian Tamashii" in WeeklySpa! Magazine. Dearly addressed by fans as ChanKana, she joined the cleaning idol unit, CLEAR'S, in 2013 as their leader for 3.5 years.
She graduated from the unit on 25th June 2017 as the longest serving group leader and also one of the most popular members of all times.
Mau (Nishio Mau)
Mau debuted in the professional world at the tender age of 8, when she performed at the
prestigious Magic Castle Hollywood's Hall of Fame, as the world's youngest professional
magician. She is also known as the no1 disciple of the famous magician, Mr Maric, in Japan. In 2013, she became the leader of the idol group "Through Skills", a unit produced by Atsushi Tamura from "LONDONBOOTS 1GO 2GO", the unit disbanded in June 2017.
  •  Entertainment Guest-Mai Omori 
Mai Omori (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Born in 3rd January 2000, Mai is an artist from A-LIGHT.
After leaving Jewel Kiss, she went solo for 3 years until 2018. She is now an active singer,model and actress in Tokyo. She is currently a sub-member of “Ichigo Miruku ni Somari” and “GIrl, Be Ambitious”, and is known for her powerful vocal and swift dance moves.

  •  Entertainment Guest-Kurume Maimu
(Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Kurume Maimu

Kurume Maimu is a member of the Cosplay Team "Pygmalion Complex", the centre of idol unit "CHERRY GIRLS PROJECT" and is also a solo singer.
Known for her extensive vocal range and her skilful acting, she is active in theatre play too.

  •  Entertainment Guest-ginrei
ginrei / Satoshi Tsuboya (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

As a Game Engineer, M.Eng., ginrei is also a musician and illustrator of his personal doujinrecord label "Futon.", which was founded in Japan in 2006.
While the label is known for jazz-fusion and latin-jazz music, it released a variety of recordings under its sublabel "Morph." which releases synthwave/futurefunk albums. Futon.'s motto is "Breezy, Scenic Music", and Morph.'s is "The Future in the Back is Now.". He is also a concept-supervisor of a number of projects, namely GEOGRAPHIC and DAISYWORLD. GEOGRAPHIC is a community for curiosity about advanced entertainment, while DAISYWORLD is an open Sci-Fi project.

  • Creator Guest-Shouya Namai 
Shouya Namai, STGCC 2017 (File photo:

Shouya Namai started his career as composer and DJ in 2006. Other than being known for his Trance music, he also composes Pop and many other genres of music.
When he is not busy writing his original compositions, he composes for voice actresses, idols and KONAMI's rhythm game music too.
After taking on various official remixes for anime and game songs, he composed "Oikaze Running" which was used as a character song in the popular 「THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS」mobile rhythm game.

  • Creator Guest-nana from Polyphonix
Polyphonix (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Known in both commercial and non-commercial Dance Music scene, MK has built his career through producing high-quality music.
He released tracks under Armada Music, a top music label from the Netherlands, after winning the remix contest held by producer from USA [BT].
Other than rocking the dance music scene and providing music for rhythm game "Beatmania IIDX", MK has also provided songs to various J-POP artistes.
The other from the duo, nana, who was originally from the creator team "Sevencolors", started his stint as a club DJ in 2004 at many big clubs in Japan and performed with many famous artists. In 2010, he started to release CDs through VOCALOID as his medium. nana has also written songs for MOSAIC.WAV and remixed for game music.
Having known each other since the old days, MK and nana decided to set up ADSRecordings together in 2014 in pursuit of creating a new sound for the new emerging EDM scene in Japan. Along with the establishment of ADSRecording, they formed the creator unit "Polyphonix". Following the Bounce, Progressive House, Future House and other popular music genres in the world, they introduced their own interpretation with their signature catchy heavy bass beats and vocal tracks. Polyphonix remixed for GRANRODEO, took part in EXIT TUNES compilation
albums and collaborated with many vocalists and musicians recently, and is also a familiar act in the popular clubs like ageHa, ATOM TOKYO, and more.
Polyphonix is known for performing with guest vocalist, saxophonist, and their signature MC segment. They are frequently participants of LIVE events, such as those by nagomix, that are held in Zepp Tokyo and Shinjuku Blaze. While their name originated from the word Polyphonic, which means various sound, they aim to unite their different music style into one under the name Polyphonix. ※nana will be representing Polyphonix in STGCC.

  • Cosplay Guest-Shiraga Yanko 
Shiraga Yanko (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

It has been a while since this lovable Taiwanese cosplayer visited our sunny island. Shiraga Yanko or known fondly as “小泱” (Xiao Yang) to her fans is well-recognised for cosplaying Moe (萌え) female characters. STGCC welcomes her back to Singapore and she is excited to meet everyone soon at our show!

  • Cosplay Guest-Olivia Mears
Olivia Mears (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Olivia Mears, AvantGeek, creates original designs in cosplay, "food fashion" and wearable art of unconventional materials.
Her works have been featured in internationally televised shows, in US commercials for Taco Bell, and worn at MTV's 2015 Video Music Awards.
She is known for works such as food themed costumes "Taco Belle" & "Pizzarella" pizza dress, recycled holiday paper ballgowns, and "Drip Dresses" made of paint.
Olivia is a brand ambassador of SINGER Sewing Company since 2017, and is based out of Asheville, North Carolina.

  • Cosplay Guest-AJO
AJO (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

AJO is a Taiwanese cosplayer and illustrator. She has been cosplaying for a stunning record of 16 years and has won many awards from taking part in numerous cosplay competitions. Meanwhile, she is also invited as a guest in local and overseas events as well. For her love of cosplay, this dedicated cosplayer shed over 40 pounds and made headline when the news went viral. To AJO, cosplay has given her many precious life experiences and skills. For example, she started to learn and make her own large props when she first started to cosplay the popular online web game Kantai Collection. Through cosplay, she also gained many good friends and positive energy in life.
AJO is particularly fond of gaming titles, especially FF9, Kingdom Hearts, Idol Master, Kantai Collection and Granblue Fantasy.

  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-James C Mulligan

James C Mulligan  (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Mr Mulligan’s association with the Walt Disney company spans two decades, working with everything from the classics to new favorites such as Frozen and Moana. A sought after artist for public appearances as well, he has painted the likes of Apple creator Steve Wozniak, and Star Wars’ Mark Hamill.
Mr Mulligan's fine art work is collected internationally, and resides in the collections of Hugh Hefner, Dick Van Dyke, Oscar winning composer Richard M Sherman, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Roger Daltrey and many others.
Corporate clients include Hollywood's Magic Castle, Lexus, Playboy (Award for art direction, Playmate Of The Year), Coca Cola, Elvis Presley enterprises, The Frank Sinatra Foundation, Dreamworks, Sony, Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, and many others. His solo art show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas broke all sales records, both domestic and internationally. Also a performer, he has been seen on stages around the world, from Tokyo to the Hollywood Bowl. Mr Mulligan is currently creating a television show, in development at Dreamworks. While not traveling the globe or in front of his easel, Mr Mulligan can be found playing his guitar, having water gun fights with his kids, and supporting various charities, including Shine Family Foundation, Boy's Town, and CHOC.

  •  Entertainment Guest-TAM
TAM, STGCC 2017 (File photo:
TAM is the representative of TAMusic. Possibly known as the world's first Anime & Game specialised violinist, TAM’s online videos have over 50 million views. He has released 173 CDs till date and toured 10 countries within a year for live performances.
Related Anime Works:Atom: The Beginning, Key / Rewrite, Girlish Number, others.
Related Game Works: Atelier Series (KOEI TECMO GAMES / GUST), Key, others
Related Artistes: Lia, Kurosaki Maon, Yoshino Nanjo, Tanemura Arina, others.

  • Entertainment Guest-Akai Ryuusei
Akai Ryuusei, STGCC 2017 (File photo:
Akai Ryuusei is the Arranger, Pianist, Mixer, Producer and also the Founder of the famous doujin circle “Tokyo Active NEETS”. The circle started with uploading video clips of their performance medleys on NicoNico Douga back in 2008 and they have since been releasing video actively till today. Known for their high energy jazz arrangement of famous tunes from Touhou, Kancolle, Vocaloid and others. AkaiRyusei is actively performing in both Japan and international stage with other doujin artistes.

  • Entertainment Guest-chuLa
ChuLa (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
Making their debut in 2017, ChuLa, is a Shibuya Harajuku styled "Kawaii x Fun x Idol Unit!". Known for their 200BPM and above high tempo repertoires, they aim to spread their energy to fans through their performance. They held their 1st Solo LIVE at Aoyama Rizm in 2017 and 2nd Solo LIVE at Shinjuku ReNY in 2018.
chuLa means "Lovely girl" in Spanish.
Member profile:
Emika Fujii (Red)
Emina Sakurai (Pink)
Misaki Natsume (Blue)
Marin Sato (Purple)
Ayano Watanabe (Orange)

  • Entertainment Guest-Kana Ueda 
Kana Ueda (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Ueda Kana debuted as Voice Actress in 2001, providing voice work as Cyborg 001/Ivan Wisky in "Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier" and as Herba in "Final Fantasy: Unlimited". From there on she has been voicing many fan favourites such as Miyanaga Saki from "Saki", Yagami Hayate from "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha" series and also Tohsaka Rin from the popular "Fate" series. An active personality, her hobby includes playing video games, mahjong, and skiing.

  • Creator Guest-YUC'e
YUC'e (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Started her career in 2015, YUC'e is well-known as a multi-talented musician who composed,edited, sang, mixed and wrote the lyrics for her own songs. Releasing her first self-produced album in October 2017, her hit song “Future Cake” topped theViral Chart of Spotify for a total of 11 days.While being busy with the official remixes for animation music such as “Bakemonogatari” and “Aikatsu!”, and artistes such as m-flo and Deen Fujioka, she also provided songs and vocals for popular rhythm game such as “beatmania IIDX” by KONAMI and “CHUNITHM” by SEGA. Other than being active in the live music scene in Tokyo, YUC’e have performed in Chicago and Los Angeles for Anime Expo in July 2017.

  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-Ryan Meinerding
Ryan Meinerding (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Ryan Meinerding
is the Head of Visual Development at Marvel Studios. He has been with Marvel Studios since the early days of 'Iron Man,' helping to design the look and feel of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
He studied Industrial Design at the University of Notre Dame and Illustration at the Art Centre College of Design. In his last semesters at Art Centre, he had the opportunity to leave school to work on a project with one of his heroes, Iain McCaig. It was ultimately because of this project that he met Jon Favreau. Jon hired Ryan to work on Iron Man as an illustrator and then subsequently Iron Man 2 as a lead character designer. After this time, he stayed to work on concept designs for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Marvel Studios was growing and was about to go into production with Avengers. In order to keep up with the character design work, the Visual Development department was created. Headed by Ryan and Charlie Wen at that time, they led a team of artists to accomplish the character design for Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.
In the last few years he has had the opportunity to work on one of his favourite superheroes for Spider-Man: Homecoming, as well as revisited the Avengers for Infinity War and ventured into the new world of Black Panther. He is currently working on new Marvel Studios projects.
  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-Range Murata
Range Murata's artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
Born in 1968, Range Murata started as a character designer for the fighting game Power Instinct (Atlus) series in 1993. From 1994, he started to gain public attention and fame after he was asked to provide the cover illustration for Comic Kairakuten (Wanimagazine) and Ultra Jump (Shueisha). He resigned from the game company in 1996, began his career as a freelance illustrator and released his first artbook 『LIKE A BALANCE LIFE』(Wanimagazine) within the same year. In 1999, under his supervision as an editor, Range Murata released a full colored comic magazine 『FLAT』(Wanimagazine) which won the 34th Japan Book Design Awards in the Comic category. In 2001, he initiated the art gallery, GoFa, that began the trend of physical art gallery for its kind and it led to his first gallery, the  『fa RANGE MURATA collection 001』in 2003. As his portfolio as a product designer increased, he won the 38th JapanBook Design Awards with his second art book 『futurhythm』(Wanimagazine) subsequently the prestigious 37th Seiun Award in 2007. Range Murata started gain popularity overseas as the full color comic『robot』 got translated into various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean. As both the editor and the covert art illustrator, Range Murata was invited to many conventions and art gallery worldwide as fans overseas started to know more about his works. In 2010, he released his first artbook based on his animation work 『PRISMTONE RANGE MURATA ANIME WORKS 1998-2006』(Wanimagazine). Aside from his busy work schedule, he also teaches at Kyoto Seika University in the character design course and is also actively participating as a doujin circle in Comiket as “PASTA'S ESTAB.”. Known for his originality for character design and also his retro-look feature within his design, Range Murata reputation skyrocketed globally with his work as character designer for OVA “Blue Submarine No.6”, TV Anime “LASTEXILE”, TV Anime “LASTEXILE – Fam, The Silver Wing”, and TV Anime “Shangri-La” by GONZO. Recently, he has worked on the original character design for Anime ID-0 (SANZIGEN). Some of his other works consist of the cover illustration for the children book “Tara Duncan” (Media Factory), and also illustrations for “Garaku.mag” (HomeSha) and “Kikan Ace” (Asuka Shinsha). In Feburary 2018, he released his fourth artbook,『futurelog - standard edition-』(Wanimagazine), and held his first celebratory art gallery at space caiman from March to May 2018. He held the same art gallery in Taipei d/art as well. From illustrating innocent-looking female characters to cool male characters, the attention to details enabled him to bring the texture of his art to life. Range Murata continues to charm all fans around the world through his unique illustration style beyond everyone’s imagination.

  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-Mark Brooks
Mark Brooks (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
Mark Brooks is an Eisner Award nominated comic illustrator and designer known most recently for his acclaimed interior work on Marvel Comics’ Star Wars Han Solo. He’s currently the cover artist for Marvel’s X-Men eXtermination and DC Comics’ iconic Batman series, Detective Comics. Recently, he was the cover artist to Marvel’s 2017 summer event, Secret Empire. Starting in 2017, Sideshow Collectibles began producing a Mark Brooks signature series of high-end collectible statues featuring the most prominent characters in the Spider-man universe including Spider-man himself, Spider Gwen and more. Previously, Mark completed popular runs as the cover artist for Avengers: No Surrender, Deadpool, Ant Man, Fearless Defenders and X-Men Legacy. Past interior work includes Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha & Omega miniseries, the critically acclaimed Uncanny X-Force, Thor, Avengers & X-Men: Consequences, Amazing Spider-man, Young Avengers and many more. His work can also be found on various other projects for video games and toy packaging for such companies as Hasbro, Lucasfilm, Disney, Capcom and Sega on properties including Transformers, Robotech, and Street Fighter.
  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-Joyce Chin
Joyce Chin's artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
Joyce Chin has been working in comics since 1995 when she pencilled her first works,
Supergirl, Guy Gardner: Warrior, Legion, and Superman for DC. 
Since then, she has been working on many other titles, both interiors and covers on stories for 
the Hulk, Spider-man, Green Lantern, Witchblade, Vampirella, Red Sonja, Xena and many others through various publishers. She’s also worked on book, game, magazine and toy packaging illustrations. 
Currently, other than pencilling and inking a multitude of covers for a variety of companies, but mostly for Marvel, she’s also working on a creator owned project.

  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-Frank Cho
Frank Cho (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
Frank Cho ​is a Emmy Award-winning and critically acclaimed writer and illustrator. He is known for his newspaper comic strip series, Liberty Meadows, as well as for books such as Mighty Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, Shanna the She-Devil, the Hulk and Savage Wolverine for Marvel Comics. He is now the cover artist for Harley Quinn and Batman at DC Comics. Frank Cho is noted for classical and energetic figure art, beautiful illustrations of women, humorous writings and adventure stories. Presently, Frank Cho wrapped up his fantasy action book, Skybourne at BOOM! Studios. He is currently working on several creator-owned projects, Fight Girls, Guns & Dinos at Image
Comics, and War Witch with novelist Tom Sniegoski for Big Wow Publications. When he’s not writing and drawing, Frank Cho is napping.

  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-David Finch
David Finch (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

David Finch is a Canadian-born comics artist known for his work on Top Cow Productions’ Cyberforce, as well as numerous subsequent titles for Marvel Comics and DC Comics, such as The New Avengers, Moon Knight, Ultimatum, Brightest Day, Wonder Woman and Batman.

  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-Arthur Adams
Arthur Adams (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
Arthur Adams, a self-taught artist, became a fan favorite at the age 19, when he pencilled the critically-acclaimed Longshot limited series. Longshot, written by Ann Nocenti and published in 1985 by Marvel Comics launched Arthur’s career, and he has been in high demand as an artist since.In his career, Arthur has worked on many stories for books as diverse as; Batman, Superman, Spiderman, X men, New Mutants, Godzilla, Fantastic Four, Vampirella, Rocketeer, the Authority, Danger Girl, Excalibur, and the Hulk. He also launched his creator owned, written, and drawn series Monkeyman and O'Brian in 1993 with Dark Horse Comics "Legend" imprint. He also had a ten-issue run on an anthology series featuring the character Jonni Future, then Ultimate X for Marvel Comics with writer Jeph Loeb. Adams has provided cover images for issues of the Justice League of America, Appleseed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Green Lantern, Hulk, Avengers, X Men, Red Sonja, Superman, Batman, New Mutants, Fathom, Black Panther, Fantastic Four, and Vampirella, among other titles. In addition to his work in comic books, he has also produced popular commercial art, such
as numerous illustrations for trading cards, posters, shirts, and various other comics-related merchandise. Outside the field of comics, he has also provided illustrations for various magazines, movies, video games, and worked in toy design, packaging art, and even a series of X-Men-themed Campbell Soup cans.
  • Comic, Manga & Art Guest-Agnes Garbowska
Agnes Garbowska (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
Agnes Garbowska was born in Poland and came to Canada at a young age. Being an only child she escaped into a world of books, cartoons, and comics. She currently resides in California. She is best known for her work on DC Super Hero Girls (DC Comics) and My Little Pony (IDW Publishing). She has worked on many all-age titles including, Jem and the Holograms (IDW Publishing), Transformers (IDW Publishing), Grumpy Cat (Dynamite Entertainment), Boo the World’s Cutest Dog (Dynamite Entertainment), and Sonic Universe (Archie) just to name some.

  • LEGO activities at STGCC
It’s a pop culture party at STGCC, with LEGO bringing a suite of beloved characters
including Voltron and Harry Potter to the two-day extravaganza.
What’s more, exciting collections for the two franchises will be debuting at the conventionthis year, giving fans a chance to interact with their favourite figurines.
  • Voltron: Defender of the Universe

Top-rated children’s show Voltron: Defender of the Universe will be unleashing its mighty powers at STGCC’s LEGO zone. An American remake of the cult Japanese original, Voltron: Defender of the Universe is the story of a group of enterprising cosmonauts who traverse the
universe in a gigantic robotic structure of the same name.
Five interactive Voltron-themed lion figurines that transform into robotic lions will be unveiled to the audience at STGCC. Fans can also expect episodes of the series to be streamed on
large screens for an immersive experience.
Whether they belong to Team Lion Force or Team Voltron Vehicle Force, Voltron fans can enjoy getting their hands dirty with a hands-on building experience with LEGO bricks. Lovers of LEGO and Voltron looking to show off their skills will have a chance to prove their expertise at the Speed Building Challenge​, where a full-size Voltron model must be assembled with LEGO bricks within a specified time limit. The winner gets to walk away with
a limited-edition autographed LEGO Voltron set.
Fans not keen on competing can still get to have a good time at the FUN Hands on
Building Area ​where ​people can build their own version of Voltron figures at their own pace and marvel at the intricate displays made solely from LEGO bricks.
The man of the hour, Voltron - Defender Of The Universe’s designer Leandro Tayag​, will be making a special appearance at STGCC to sign Voltron merchandise for fans. An avid
collector of toys and figurines himself, the software architect is a part of the LEGO Ideas 10K Club, a collective which allows creators to conceptualise and create figurines and projects made from LEGO bricks.
  • The Harry Potter Universe
Harry Potter fans who never got their Hogwarts acceptance letters can now revisit the
sprawling campus constructed entirely from LEGO bricks at STGCC. The Harry Potter
Hogwarts Castle ​which officially launches on 1st September, consists of a whopping 6,000 LEGO bricks, and will be available in limited quantity at STGCC.
Woven into this mystical architecture is a massive interactive diorama consisting of
minifigures and micro figures from the Harry Potter universe. Dementors will make
appearances, so fans are advised to have their protective Patronuses on the ready.
Both adults and children are cordially invited to revisit the magic of the franchise by using LEGO bricks to build their favourite Harry Potter characters, creatures, locations and artefacts. On top of this, Harry Potter merchandise will be available onsite for purchase, including the Harry Potter brickheadz x Go Brick Me collections​, which will allow people to construct their own renditions of the Chosen One and his companions using Brickheadz materials. They may then be photographed with their creations at the official Harry Potter backdrop, with the option to receive a hard copy of the picture.

  • Shining a Spotlight on Cosplaying 
Cosplay Guest Iori Moe as Megumi from the anime  how to raise a boring girlfriend,
STGCC 2017 (File photo:

Cosplaying or dressing as your favourite character, is an essential part of attending STGCC. This year we’re kicking things up a notch by collaborating with SINGER® to give fans the opportunity create and produce their very own fantasy ensemble.
SINGER® Sewing Company’s Experience Zone has a number of treats lined up for STGCC 2018 attendees blessed with nimble fingers. Just like Clark Kent’s swift transformation into Superman, fans can quickly assemble their own geek superhero cape in any of the four Singer® telephone booths. The complimentary activity will provide up to 1,000 capes for fans to sew together and flaunt their geek powers.
Fans are also invited to snap a photo at the SINGER® Experience Zone in their best cosplay outfit and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #cosplaywithSinger. Fans stand a chance to win prizes sponsored by SINGER® in the following categories, “Best Cosplay Outfit”, “Best Cosplay Pose” and “Wittiest Comment”!

  • Watch your Favourite Characters Come to Life at the STGCC Championships of Cosplay presented by SINGER®
Winners of STGCC 2017 Championships of Cosplay (File photo:
STGCC 2018 attendees with a flair for the dramatic and a love for over-the-top costumes, can look forward to the STGCC Championships of Cosplay presented by SINGER®​, comprising of a pre-event judging session and stage display.
Participants may seek inspiration from comic books, movies and television, video games,
anime and manga, and fantasy characters when conceptualising and creating their
costumes. They will be judged on the following criteria: needlework, armour, special effects and theatricality. Prizes for first place include direct entry into the 2019 Crown Championships of Cosplay finals​ to be held in Chicago, a fully sponsored trip to Chicago including two-way flight tickets and a two-night hotel stay, Grand Champion medals SINGER® sewing machines and a cash amount of 1000 SGD.
Prizes for second and third place include cash amounts of 500 SGD and 300 SGD
respectively, medals, SINGER® sewing machines and VIP packages and passes for
STGCC 2019. Application for STGCC 2018 Championships of Cosplay presented by SINGER® ends on 12 August 2018, 2359hrs. Public can to apply for the STGCC Championships of Cosplay, presented by SINGER®.

  • The Coolest Fancy Dress Party is at STGCC 2018
Kids Cosplay Parade Participant STGCC 2017 (File photo:

STGCC’s Kids Cosplay Parade is a platform for kids to dress up as whatever their hearts
desire: be it a fierce princess warrior or a scheming villain. Both store-bought and handmade costumes will be accepted. Children aged 5-12 years old can let their imaginations run wild at the Parade on 9th September 2018 (Sunday).
Parents can simply show up with their children at the Parade for free, as the second day of STGCC (9th September 2018) is aimed at fans with families.

  • Make the World your Canvas at the STGCC 2018 Comics Cover Art Contest

STGCC 2018’s official artwork features the mammoth-sized monster Merzilla, whose defeat can only be guaranteed by superheroes. Until 27th July 2018, artists will receive the opportunity to fashion their original interpretations of this terrible creature and the chosen champions destined to defeat it. ​Any medium of expression is acceptable- pens, paints, pencils or digital. This competition is open to all irrespective of country of residence. 

  • Access exclusive merchandise at STGCC 2018

STGCC is giving all attendees an opportunity to unleash their inner hero, with a dedicated STGCC x Heroes merchandise collection which features T-Shirt, posters, sticker packs and lanyards.The VIP Loot Pack​, curated specifically for pop culture connoisseurs, comes with early
access to the convention, 3 VIP Fast Passes with access to the much-anticipated Walk of
Fame festivities, VIP merch such as T-Shirts, lanyards, badges as well as a VIP tokidoki x STGCC sports towel. In a bid to give fans a little extra love, the VIP Loot Pack also comes with a mystery T-Shirt. Fans of Tokidoki’s iconic characters should stay tuned for the brand’s collaboration with STGCC 2018. More details will be announced at a later date. Click here to view the full list of merchandise. 

  • Get Your Game On at GGXP with the most scintillating esports event of the year: World Electronic Sports Games

GGXP, also known as Good Gaming Experience, provides a stellar gaming experience for one and all. Touted as the “Olympics of esports”, the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) supported by Alisports (Alibaba Group’s sports branch)​ and local esports initiative Singapore’s Cybersports & Online Gaming Association (SCOGA) is ​working with SEA organiser Agri Mind​ to host its Singapore qualifier at GGXP this year. Hardcore gaming athletes hungry for a taste of action will get to battle it out via ​games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Dota 2, Starcraft II ​and Vainglory​. Spectators can lend support to their favourite local esports teams as they fight for the chance to represent Singapore on the global esports stage.
Selected teams will go on to compete at the Regional Finals in Kuala Lumpur, and
subsequently at the Global Finals in Shanghai. A prize pool of USD 5.5 million is at stake for winners. Registration for the qualifiers are now open at Dennis Ooi, Honorary Secretary of SCOGA​ said: “We’re thrilled to be involved in STGCC this year to present the esports segment at GGXP. Gaming and esports are growing rapidly in the region, and we have faith that GGXP has what it takes to further elevate the local
gaming scene.” Those feeling extra adventurous can try their luck at the trading card and table-top tournament sections. Thrilling trading card titles includes names such as Pokemon GO​ and Dragon Ball Super Card Game​, while tabletop aficionados will find themselves spoilt forchoice with titles such as Team Yankee, TANKS!, Warhammer a​nd X-Wing: Miniatures. 

  • STGCC 2018 Featured Exhibitors
  • The Secluded Spot X Darren Tan
Sample Artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Sample Artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
 Short Introduction
- We are technically not a company, but 2 artists collaborating/sharing the booth
for this STGCC
- Both of us are local illustrators here in Singapore
Leos Ng Okita is the digital illustrator of The Secluded Spot. He has worked on a
wide range of projects from Warhammer to the Legend of Cryptids. Currently he
is focused on developing his own works.
Darren Tan is a full-time freelance digital illustrator who regularly works with
Fantasy Flight Games. His art can be found in popular Star Wars tabletop games
such as X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars Armada, and Star Wars Destiny.                

  • Daniel Yu
Daniel Yu (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
Daniel Yu's Sculpts (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

Daniel Yu is a Singaporean sculptor who works primarily in the medium of clay and resin. Heavily influenced by an upbringing steeped in local tradition, as well as pop culture ephemera; his works combine both worlds of imagination. His works offer a means of escapism from the real world, yet remain largely shaped by his personal experiences. Daniel’s fictitious characters see a cult following amongst the urban and subculture art scene in both Singapore and abroad.

  • Purballs

  • Purballs Products (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

    Purrballs is an original creation about the adventures of a group of cats inspired by the community cats who reside in our sunny island, Singapore. We create original cat themed merchandise such as enamel pins, handmade accessories, plush toys, stationery and card games for cat lovers.

    • Pocket Yarnlings
    Pocket Yarnlings Logo  (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
    Lord of the Rings Yarnlings (Source: STGCC 2018 Kit)

    • Marc & Dotty
    Sample Artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

    Sample Artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
    With a shared love for illustration and painting, Marc Lee and Dorothy J. Hwee
    are both Concept Artists with a combined experience of over 10 years in the
    creative industry and video game industry.  Marc is a digital artist and specializes
    in military illustrations revolving around the world's Special Operations
    community. Not to be missed is Dorothy's premier artbook - Journey, a
    compilation of plein-air paintings and digital art inspired from her travels
    around the world and right here in Sunny Singapore. They will be showcasing and selling a wide range of artworks and artprints from traditional paintings to digital art, plein-air paintings, military art and more! Swing by their booth to check out the amazing artwork or even just to say hi!

    • Hai Hoang & Do Thai Thanh

    Sample Artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
    Sample Artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
    We are a team of two artists from Vietnamese specializing in illustrations and concept for games, books and collectibles. Our clients including: VNG Corporation, Paizo Publishing, Fantasay Flight Games and HEX Entertainment. Our portfolio can be found
    at: and

    • Graphicurry

    Prasad Bhat (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

    Prasad Bhat's Work (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

    Graphicurry is the sole proprietorship of artist Prasad Bhat who hails from Bangalore. Founded in 2010, this company showcases and sells his creations of art and design. With his almost a decade of self-learnt design experience he has catered to thousands of clients from all over the globe who are looking for unique designs
    and quirky yet elite caricature making service.
    The company focuses on exhibiting and selling the artwork created by Prasad Bhat internationally. While his collection has received phenomenal recognition on several online forums, his unique style of making caricatures has brought in a massive international clientele who are looking to gift something different.
    His collection was awarded at the Middle East Comic Con 2016 held in Dubai as the most unique one and the artist has been nominated twice successively for the most prestigious Kala Ghoda Arts Festival in India to showcase his collection.
    An engineer by education and an artist at heart, Prasad Bhat formed Graphicurry in 2010 to pursue his dreams of being an independent artist. Graphicurry was the brand name that brought forward his creations in the form of art collectibles and design services to clients globally. He has been featured by many forums as one of the leading and trend setting Illustrators across the globe right now. His art form is created in Vector format; which makes the work size independent, animation friendly and camera ready!
    Prasad Bhat’s unique style of making caricatures is called Classic MugShots which has the subjects staring back to you in their quirky but natural smiling forms. The attention to details and the accurate likeness while retaining the true spirit of caricature is what has struck a chord with the audience. While he has been collaborating with several agencies and individuals for creating various forms of work like animation graphics, advertisement visuals as well as branding illustrations, caricature making has been his
    forte which is evident in all his forms of work. His entire collection can be seen at and his various projects can be visited at

    • Carlo Jose San Juan 
    Carlo Jose San Juan's Comic Strip (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

    Carlo Jose San Juan's Comic Strip (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
    Dr. Carlo Jose San Juan is the author of newspaper and webcomic daily comic strip,
    "Callous".  His work on the long-running series earned him several Filipino Readers'Choice and Komikon Readers' Choice Awards nominations. He is also the co-creator and writer of "M.O.U.S.E. - Multiple Ordnance and Utility Synthetic Entity"at  and "Immortal Wings" at Antarctic Press. He is a member of Samahang Kartunista ng Pilipinas (Philippine Cartoonists Association) and is also a licenced practicing physician.
    Rod Espinosa's work on "The Courageous Princess" at Antarctic Press earned him a nomination for Promising New Talent and Best Artist for the 2000 Ignatz Awards and a 2002 Eisner Award nomination for Best Title for Younger Readers.
    As both writer and artist, he authored the "Neotopia" series which was published in graphic novel form. In 2006, its German edition, "Novotopia", got a nomination for the Max und Moritz Prize in the Best Comic Book for Younger Audience category. His work is also featured in a series of American history comic books dealing with the subjects of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Lewis and Clark, The Boston Tea Party, The Alamo, Jackie Robinson, the Underground Railroad, Abraham Lincoln, Patrick Henry, Cesar Chavez, The American Revolution, the Transcontinental Railroad, and Clara Barton. Espinosa's latest endeavor is creating, developing, drawing, and self-publishing his own game board, titled Adventure Kingdom. He recently co-created and illustrated "Immortal Wings" and currently authors the action/fantasy story "Adventure Finders".
    Some sample pages provided by Antarctic Press of "Immortal Wing" on their
    Facebook page.
    Immortal Wings
    Immortal Wings
    Online portfolio here:

    • Asiapac Books
    Lieutenant Adnan and the Last Regiment (Source:Asiapac Official Website)
    Hua Mulan: Legendary Woman Warrior ((Source:Asiapac Official Website)

    Company profile:
    Established in 1983, Asiapac Books is Singapore's leading independent publisher of educational comics and illustrated books. We publish comics in many genres, in particular Asian classics,philosophy, history and culture. We believe in employing comics to convey ideas in a simple manner, with light-hearted writing and fun illustrations, for international readers young and old.

    On Asiapac Books' participation in 2018 STGCC:
    As a longtime supporter of the Asian comics community, book publisher Asiapac Books is pleased to announce our participation in the 2018 STGCC. In a collaboration with Singaporean comic artist, Zaki Ragman, we will showcase a selection of comic books and artwork related to legendary heroes of Singapore and Asia. Our booth will host several events, including launches for our new titles, book signings, and drawing demonstrations with local comic artists. Having been in the illustration and design field for 20 years, Zaki's extensive career has included various roles including graphic designer, game and storyboard artist, animation director, advertising creative, and most recently, art educator. His unique drawing style is influenced by a diverse range of books he has enjoyed reading since childhood, including Japanese and American comics. He enjoys drawing imaginative fantasy characters. His many works include directing Singaporean cartoon series The Adventures of Nano Boy by Scrawl Studios, and illustrating comic bestsellers such as Legendary Tales of Singapore and Lieutenant Adnan and the Last Regiment.

    Past/Current/Upcoming Works
    1. Lieutenant Adnan and the Last Regiment (
    Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi was a man who fought valiantly to defend Singapore during the Japanese invasion in February 1942. He, along with the rest of the Malay Regiment, battled the Japanese soldiers on Bukit Chandu. These great men were Singapore's last defence and fought bravely to the end, despite being captured, and even tortured. Narrated by the son of Lieutenant Adnan's son, Mokhtar, this comic book tells the story of Lieutenant Adnan's life - not only depicting the infamous Battle of Bukit Chandu, but also the events before the critical battle and itsrepercussions thereafter. Through this book, readers would gain a deeper insight into Lieutenant Adnan's admirable character, as they will be given a glimpse of who he was, beyond his role as a soldier: a husband and father.

    2. Hua Mulan: Legendary Woman Warrior ( )
    This comic book tells of the inspirational story of Hua MuIan, the legendary Chinese female warrior who pledges to fight for her family and country in the most unusual way: by disguising herself as a man – a filial "son" who takes the place of her aged and sick father at the battlefront. Quick-witted and well-skilled in martial arts, Hua MuIan fights valiantly and scores many victories throughout her many years in the army, never once having her real identity revealed. It is only until after the war, however, that our heroine reveals the truth. Stunned by the revelation and greatly moved by her story, Mulan's comrades express their utmost respect and admiration for her great courage and skills, not least her loyalty and devotion to family and country. The story of Hua Mulan has inspired countless generations through the centuries. With stirring and unforgettable scenes brought vividly to life by creators Xu Deyuan and Jiang Wei, this comic book captures the legendary Chinese heroine at her most brilliant, ensuring that the legend of Mulan, that most enduring symbol of loyalty and filial piety, continues to live on.              More company information available at
    • Art of Rachta Lin
    Rachta Lin STGCC 2017 (File photo:

    Sample Artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
    Rachta's fascination with manga and animation got her bit by the geek culture
    bug early. Since leaving her corporate life behind, this artist, with her traditional
    & digital art, has been traveling around the world, attending events and meeting
    fans – proving that the ability to create is within all of us.

    • Ah Boy & Tek
    Ah boy & Tek logos  (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
    One of  Tek Merchandise (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

    Short Introduction about our company
    AHBOY is a character-based inhouse brand of JNJF Design created by Jefferson in year 2011.
    Ah Boy is a shy and not confident little boy because of the little mole near his mouth. He always
    transforms himself by dressing up in different costume to build up his self-confident meeting with
    TEK was started making art toy in 2016 by Teng Jia Ying. In 2017, TEK releases his first vinyl figure, Hippo Guy. This chubby, relaxing Hippo able to bring joy to anyone.

    • Absolute Madlad

    Sample Artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)
    Sample Artwork (Source: STGCC 2018 Press Kit)

    • Commericial Booth Merchandise & Activities

    • XM Studios

    • Booth A11-Simply Toys X Bimtoy

    • Booth B3, B4-Zeus Hardware

    • Booth C13-Royal Selangor

    • Booth D9-Kinokuniya

    • When & Where
    • 8-9 September 2018
    • Marina Bay Sands Convention Center

    • Ticket Prices

    Price at Door 

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