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STGCC 2018: The capture Memories

Crowd enjoying ChuLa performance.  
Last weekend on the 8th to 9th of September 2018  STGCC 2018 drew like minded crowds to the Sands Expo and Convention Centre basement. Here is the flashback of the memories captured during the 2 days of the event.

  • Figurines & Lego

STGCC has always been impressive in this aspect and this year was no different, beside returning favorites like XM STUDIOS, Hot ToysRoyal Selangor and the likes, LEGO joins for the first year and bought in Harry Porter and Lord of the Rings set which drew much attention toy the young and old alike. 
  • Cosplay

No convention would be complete without Cosplayers, Besides STGCC's guest Cosplayers 
Shiraga Yanko ,Ajo, Olivia Mears (AvantGeek),Hikarin and Zekia. Cosplayers dressing up from various fandom from Touhou to Marvel flooded the exhibition grounds on both days. There was even a Kung Fu hustle team by Aunty Shirey and friends who certainly deserves a shout out!  Last but certainly not the least Congrats to the Optimus Prime who won the of  Championships of Cosplay Competition walking away with the grand prize of a direct entry into the 2019 Crown Championships of Cosplay finals​ to be held in Chicago, a fully sponsored trip to Chicago including two-way flight tickets and a two-night hotel stay, Grand Champion medals SINGER® sewing machines and a cash amount of 1000 SGD.

  • Akiba Zone

This Year's Akiba Zone was tuck  at a corner of the GGXP Section. TAM,Akai Ryuusei,Sae Tsukiyama,Rie Yunohara, Shouya Namai were the returning Favorites this year, they were joined by 
Fukuoke Kanbe Girls,MauKana,Maimu Kurume & Mai Omori. Local Talents like D.N.A,Natsuiro Party,Ai Twintail,Reina & Intriquette were performing at the akiba zone mini stage as well. 

  • DJ Night, Little Akihabara Showcase & Akiba Pop Stage

DJ Night and Akiba Pop stage have been the staple of STGCC. This year there is no exception. DJ Night was graced by Shouya Namai, nana from Polyphonix, YUC'e & D-YAMA on the 1st day. Mai Omori,Sae Tsukiyama & Rie Yunohara warm up the crowd during Little Akihabara Showcase on day 2 before Fukuoke Kanbe Girls,MauKana,Maimu Kurume & ChuLa took the stage for an explosive finale for Akiba Pop Stage. 

  • Clump
Rikka Blurhound cosplaying as Eri & Plum from the Clump
A bear named Plum, a hamster named Puff, and life at the Clump post office.

Clump had their first pop up store at STGCC 2018. Selling clump merchandise such as the adorable Plum plushie. Need to keep ahead of your Schedule? Need to plan a meetup with friends for event like STGCC or just a simple meetup? You can download Clump app on App store and Play store this app allows you to   
Clump features quick and easy meetup planning among friends;
- Providing key meetup information (Time, date, place)
- RSVP statuses
- Event update notifications
- Your schedule at a glance
We created Clump to schedule and check on meets without having to scroll through tons of messages. You'll know what's up, right away!
Clump's made for everyone - from a lunch later in the day, to a house party that's three months away. With a focus on events creation and RSVP, we give our users a shortcut to their meetups.

With that I would leave you with the STGCC 2018 album after the break!

STGCC 2018 


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