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5 little COMEX Tips,Comex @ Suntec Covention center from 2nd to 5th September

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1)Do your homework,1st to forums than to show!
Visit local forums like Hardwarezone or VRZone to check out the latest Deals you can get your scanned floor plans and Brochures there you will also find active discussions on the promotions.

2)Don't Drive there,Take public transport!
Traffic condition,looking for parking space and the parking fees gonna take a troll on you.
i have included a MRT guide at the of this post for you.

3)Avoid bringing your kids along.
Keeping them under your watch is gonna be a hassle,the turnout crowd is gonna be huge and
i dont think your little ones is gonna enjoy being squeezed around too.

4)1st day freebies,Last day price cut(*)
Most of the time,depending on your product prices may or may not reduce over time,
1st day usually alot of of additional freebies will be thrown in,provided that your item
still have stock you may find the product at a lower prices less the freebies.

5)Lesser crowd,Same good deals??(#)
People Flock to Comex is because is easier to compare the prices of the product,
you Maybe able find the similar deals at Sim Lim Square or Funan but do take note
that some shops are closed as they have move their manpower resources to COMEX.
Some shops may continue their COMEX deal over the next weekend too!

Nearest MRT

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