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Asia Game Festival 2018: The captured memories

Cosplay Guests during Day 1 of  AGF 2018.

The inaugural Asia Game Festival 2018 (AGF 18) happened last week on the 9th to 10th of June 2018 over at Suntec City Convention Center. Guest cosplayers like Yugene Fay,Aza Miyuko,Onnies,Lay. Numacchi graced the event. The Anisonic concert had DJ Cesar,Melochin,Underbar,PrizmaX,GIRLFRIEND,ASAKA,bless4 & BACK-ON who performed over the 2 nights. While Colorpointe from japan & local talents like Tokimeki JUMP, SereneArpeggione Quartet were performing at the day stage. Meanwhile a the other hall a furry of  Gaming Competitions which include but not limited to games like PUBG,Pokemon,Hearthstone were ongoing. Below are the captured moments over the 2 days.     

  • cosPLAY Competition

    AGF2018 Day 2 Batch 2 00050
    CosPLAY Competition Winners 
    AGF2018 Day 2 Batch 2 00043
    Aza Commenting on the Cosplayer's performance 
    Despite most of the competitors were competing for the 1st time, the standards were high. Mordred eventually won the competition and take home the grand prize consisting of  Razer Kiyo-Ring Light Equipped Camera (worth $159.90) + CosCos basic set (worth $77) + Anime Merchandise (worth $223).

    • Cosplay Guest Meet & Greet Session
    AGF2018 Day 1 00025
    Onnies showing the autographed page of  her photobook to her fan
    AGF2018 Day 1 00026
    Yugene Fay taking a Selfie with another cosplayer
    AGF2018 Day 1 00012
    Aza cosing as A2 from NieR:Automata
    AGF2018 Day 1 00021
    Lay Signing her autograph for a fan 
    AGF2018 Day 1 00017
    Numacchi as Shokudaikiri Mitsutada from Touken Ranbu

    Fans were delighted that they can get up close and personal during the Meet and Greet session on Saturday, many of them had thier photobook and merchandise autographed by thier favourite Cosplayers.       

    • Game Competitions 
    AGF2018 Day 1 00004
    Smash Bros
    AGF2018 Day 1 00007
    AGF2018 Day 1 00001
    FIFA 18
    AGF2018 Day 1 00002
    Pokemon TCG
    AGF2018 Day 1 00040
    Several Gaming Competitions were held at AGF 18, not only the pros gets to compete, there were community Competition as well such as the overcook death match where AGF attendees who completed the event guide and picked by lucky draw compete to win a supply pack worth SGD 1.5K which include Razer Peripherals and many more. 

    • Day Stage Performances
    AGF2018 Day 2 Batch 1 00001
    AGF2018 Day 2 Batch 1 00030
    Tokimeki JUMP
    AGF2018 Day 2 Batch 2 00005
    Besides Colorpointe from japan, local talents such as Tokimeki JUMPSereneArpeggione Quartet were also performing at the Day Stage at  AGF 18. It was Tokimeki JUMP's first performance with their new member Eve after Reiko's graduation just a day earlier. 

    • AGF x Anisonic Concert
    DJ CAESAR(Photo credit:Asia Game Festival Official Photographers)
    MELOCHIN (Photo credit:Asia Game Festival Official Photographers)
    Asaka (Photo credit:Asia Game Festival Official Photographers)
    bless4  (Photo credit:Asia Game Festival Official Photographers)
    UNDERBAR (Photo credit:Asia Game Festival Official Photographers)
    Prisma X (Photo credit:Asia Game Festival Official Photographers)
    BACK-ON (Photo credit:Asia Game Festival Official Photographers)

    DJ Cesar
    ,Melochin,Underbar,PrizmaX,GIRLFRIEND,ASAKA, and heavy weights such as bless4 & BACK-ON were endearing fans for 2 nights of anisong,J-rock and J-pop at the 1st ever  AGF x Anisonic Concert. 

    • Booths Sightings
    AGF2018 Day 1 00006
    Hatsune Miku Dreamy Vocal booth
    AGF2018 Day 1 00037
    Hatsune Miku Cosplayer at Dreamy Vocal booth

    AGF2018 Day 1 00009
    XII Braves Booth 
    AGF2018 Day 1 00035
     Isekai Shokudō Cosplayer at XII Braves booth promoting the game Shining Beyond
    AGF2018 Day 1 00034
    Isekai Shokudō  Cosplayer at XII Braves booth  promoting the game Little Valiants 
    AGF2018 Day 2 Batch 2 00013
    Photo taken at one of the Lunarwork's Studio Pop-up theme at AGF 2018, featuring a tactical setup
    AGF2018 Day 2 Batch 2 00017
    Just trollin' around at Otakutachi Re:Zero showcase :P

    AGF2018 Day 1 00010
    Otakutachi booth

    AGF2018 Day 1 00042
    A booth attendant at Otakutachi cosplaying as Sakura Matou from the Fate series. 
    AGF2018 Day 2 Batch 2 00056
    IDEA Entertainment Booth

    AGF2018 Day 1 00005
    PlayMobil Booth

    Hatsune miku dreamy vocal rhythm game will be launching in English localization soon,the Chinese developer of the game was at AGF 18 to promote the game. Meanwhile local game developer XII Braves showcased not one but two of their mobile games Shining Beyond and Little Valiants. Besides the regular anime merchandise booth, Otakutachi  also have a Re:Zero and is this an order of the rabbit experience zone.

    For more captured memories at 
    AGF 18, head down to the gallery below:

    AGF2018 Day 1 00042


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