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Gamestart 2017: The Captured Memories.

Alyse ,Gamestart official Mascot cosplay by Sharlene 

The 2017 Edition of GameStart (GameStart 2017) happened last weekend on the 14th and 15th of October 2017 at Suntec Convention Halls 401,402 and 403. With this year's bigger floor space and new additions, let's take a look back at the captured memories!

  • Sony PlayStation/SEA Major
Gamestart 2017 day 1  0007
PlayStaion VR
Gamestart 2017 day 1  0008
Final Fantasy Dissidia NT

Gamestart 2017 day 1  0009
Grand Turismo Sports
Gamestart 2017 day 1  0032
SEA Major Stage,Tekken World Tour

Gamestart 2017 day 1  0033
SEA Major booth,Blazblue  Preliminaries

If there is any exhibitors that took advantage of  GameStart 2017 expanded floor space this year.
We have to mention Sony PlayStation, Besides the returning SEA Major booth and Stage areas where fighting games competition takes place. Located Right at the entrance was Sony PlayStation booth where visitors get to experience latest launched games like Grand Turismo Sports and yet to be launched Final Fantasy Dissidia NT. Playsation VR also made a cameback this year.

  • SEA Major Mobile
Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 1  0012
Shadowverse Finals

Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 2  0104
Vain Glory Finals

This year, GameStart 2017 saw the addition of SEA Mobile Major . With all kinds of mobile games fast gaining popularity, its about time we see Mobile games in the E-sports arena. The inaugural SEA Mobile Major  saw competitors battle for the top spot in Cygame's Card based game Shadowverse and Vain Glory a MOBA optimized for touch screen devices by Super Evil Megacorp

  • IGDA SG & Founder's Base
Gamestart 2017 day 1  0038
IDGA SG booth showcasing games developed by local studios
Gamestart 2017 day 1  0036
Founder's base Allows local and overseas studios to showcase their works. 
Another new addition to GameStart 2017 was IGDA(Singapore) booth. Visitors had their chance to play the games developed by local indie games game studios. They also can vote for their favourite game. While over at Founder's base, both local and overseas indie game studios which are startups get to showcase their work to the massive crowds.

  • Gamestart 2017 Tabletop
Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 1  0002
Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 1  0005
Magic The Gathering
For people who prefer the slower pace of table top gaming, you were not left out this year! with the addition  of GameStart 2017 tabletop gaming section.  From tabletop wargames like Warhammer to card games like Magic The Gathering the tabletop gaming section has you covered. Other table top game spotted were Force of Will, the Final Fantasy TCG,Exploding Kittens, Dungeons & Dragons  and many others.
  • Bandai Namco
Gamestart 2017 day 1  0010
Taiko no Tatsujin Session de Dodon ga Don!
Gamestart 2017 day 1  0013
Ying Tze VS Michael Murray(Game developer for Takken) for Tekken Bowl  exhibition match

Gamestart 2017 day 1  0025
A rare treat for the fans: Tekken 7 Exhibition match , Yoshinori Ono-san(BTW he was pick from the audience, its not planned) from Capcom VS Ying Tze who is cosplaying as Eliza.

Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 1  0087
Yivon as Eva Roux from Code Vein an upcoming RPG published by
Bandai Namco 
Game publisher  Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia  returned this with several unreleased games like Dragon Ball FighterZ,Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker,Taiko no Tatsujin Session de Dodon ga Don! and the recently released Project cars 2. Fans of Ying Tze was delighted  Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia. invited her as guest cosplayer.  Not only did they get a chance to fight her in a friendly Tekken 7, her photo book was on sale and fans get to meet her at meet and greet sessions.

  • HADO AR Techno Sports
Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 1  0001
Hado Booth 
Hado Singapore  is bringing the concept of AR Techno Sports locally. After hearing it at the press conference, i was pretty hype up about the concept. For the uninitiated AR is actually Augmented Reality take it a step further from Virtual Reality, AR overlays Graphics over a real world environment. A insanely popular example would be Pokemon GO. I did get my chance to play 1 round, it was great fun and it's sure a workout dodging those bullets.   
  • Retro DNA
Gamestart 2017 day 1  0004
A Visitor playing the Sega Dream Cast

Gamestart 2017 day 1  0005
How many classical Portable consoles can you name here? Remember the days of blowing cartridges & relying on the street lamps for illumination?    
With the launch of NES Mini,SNES Mini,Famicom mini in the recent years, one can tell that classic
game consoles still retain their charm till this very age. Modern Game consoles may have amazing life like graphics. But that doesn't mean 8-bit or 16-bit pixels loses its relevance. At Retro DNA one can experience the game consoles of yesteryear and even grab some back home!        
  • Secret Lab Grand Prix 

Gamestart 2017 day 1  0035
Race in Progress

"Déjà Vu! I've just been in this time before! (Higher on the beat!) And I know it's a place to come home! Calling you! And the subject's a mystery!  (Standing on my feet!) It's so hard when I try to believe! Yeeeaaaaaah!!"  Nani? Multi Chair Drifto????? 

  • Doujima 
Gamestart 2017 day 1  0034
Another fan favourite that returned this year was the Doujima x Gamestart collab visitors browsed thru the alleys to find fan arts and illustration of their fandom.  This year there were a total of 40 artist that participated.  Doujima is held in collaboration with Neo Tokyo Project 

  • Game on! Cosplay Runway Competition
Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 2  0006
Guest & Judge:  Vera Chimera

Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 2  0005
Guest & Judge Carry
    Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 2  0010
    Guest & Judge: AstroScary
    Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 2  0054
    Junkrat from Overwatch
    Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 2  0074
    Snow White from SinoAlice
    Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 2  0096
    Game on! Cosplay Runway Contestant and Judges

    Game on! Cosplay Runway competition has always been a staple at GameStart.  Continuing its tradition a slight twist to the judging criteria & prizes category  is what sets this competition apart from others . Level Up prize is presented to a cosplayer which is relatively new to the Competitive cosplay scene. While Best in show ( Craftsmanship) and Best in show (Characterization) should be self-explanatory . The top prize of judges (Guest ccsplayers: Carry,Vera Chimera,AstroKerrie) choice award was eventually given to Fiddlesticks(Surprise Party Skin).

    • Cosplay Galore

      Gamestart 2017 day 1  0047
      Mei (Overwatch) 
      Gamestart 2017 day 1  0040
      Genji (Overwatch)
      Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 1  0075
      Derpling (Carbot animations Starcrafts)
      Gamestart 2017 day 1  0041
      Final Fantasy XV (featuring Send nu... I mean Noods Cup Noodles)

      Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 2  0106
      Annie (League of Legends)
    No conventions of such nature would be completed without Cosplay. GameStart this year has continued the tradition of  free entry for Cosplayers. Here are just some of the many who turn up
    at the event grounds!

    • Nier:Automata
    Gamestart 2017 day 1  0030
    Nier:Automata Q&A(Pre-picked) Session
    Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 1  0036
    Emil (Xin Cosplay
    Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 1  0039
    Add caption
    2B( Lenneth XVII x MAKO)

    Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 1  0050
    Hmmmm... Why are they holding controllers?

    One of the Biggest draw for this year's GameStart would be the NieR: Automata events. In Collaboration with AFASG GameStart brought down Yoko Taro (Game/Creative Director,Nier Series,Drakengard series,SINoALICE,Demons' Score) & Yosuke Saito (Game Producer,Square Enix). On the first day, the duo appeared on stage for the Q&A session where fans get to know the  answers of the duo to a set of Pre-selected questions as well as their reactions to certain polls. Returning to the stage on the 2nd day they were joined by Tokumaru Oguri (World Cosplay Summit CEO & Founder) to judge for NieR Cosplay Competition. The Competition was split into 2 Segments while the first was your regular go up the stage and impress the judges with your character portray, the 2nd segment test the cosplayer's skills in game.  While Asayaki Sora eventually emerges the champion, Xin and Lenneth(who came back home to Singapore from US just for this competition!)won the Special Saito and Special Yoko prizes respectively. Selected lucky fans were treated to a close door meet & greet as well.

    • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
    Gamestart 2017  Day 2 Batch 2  0108
    Solo Competition PUBG match 

    This year's GameStart Concluded with a full on Solo PUBG Singapore Community match. 10 Streamers were invited to play the game at GameStart itself while the rest were playing from home. The crowd was thrilled by the action especially towards the end.  

    With that i shall leave you guys with more of the captured memories below and also the link to GamestartAsia's official Twitch channel for the recorded streams! 

    GameStart 2017


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