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EOY2017 : The capture Memories

Odorites Lilia & Wata performing on stage 
EOY J-Culture Festival returned to Marina Barrage for its 2017 edition on the 9th and 10th of December 2017.  Let's travel back in time to take a look at the captured moments on both of the days.

J-Music Performances 

Lilia & Wata Japanese Odorites Guest Artistes 
EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00091 09-12-2017
Lilia & Wata
Odorites or Nico Nico Dancers have been a main stay of  EOY J-Culture Festival this year is no different besides the returning of Wata who was here for EOY 2013, her friend Lilia tagged along this time, the bubbly and cheerful duo certainly hype out the event grounds on both days of the event.

Local Dance & Idol Groups Guest Artistes

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00056 10-12-2017
Tokimei Jump
EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00036 09-12-2017
Natsuiro Party
EOY17 Day2 Batch4_00005 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch4_00048 10-12-2017

Besides Japanese artistes local groups like Tokimei JumpNatsuiro Party,  Mechapen & Nyaneko were invited as well. After all no local events but be completed without our very own talents.

Other Performances

EOY17 Day1 Batch2_00023 09-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00005 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00017 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00025 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00031 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00044 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00019 09-12-2017

EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00055 09-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00006 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00080 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00091 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00112 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch3_00007 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch3_00026 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch4_00004 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch4_00017 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch1_00100 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00042 09-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch2_00030 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch2_00036 10-12-2017

EOY17 Day2 Batch2_00043 10-12-2017

Singers, dancers, Cosplay Group performances from Various Idol Anime Series. There is certainly no lag of variety here. For 2 days there were non-stop performances on stage catering to every event goers preferred genre. 

Artist Alley 

EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00005 09-12-2017

 EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00001 09-12-2017     
EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00006 09-12-2017 

EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00007 09-12-2017

This year's EOY Artist Alley was held in collaboration with Doujima with a total of 86 Both selling various merchandises and fan arts there is out to be something for everyone. 


EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00045 09-12-2017

  EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00056 09-12-2017

EOY17 Day1 Batch2_00010 09-12-2017

EOY17 Day1 Batch2_00017 09-12-2017

EOY17 Day1 Batch2_00014 09-12-2017

No Pop culture event would be completed without the attendance of Cosplayers. here are just some cpatured during the events. For more photos of Cosplayers and other captured memories, head down to the gallery below.

EOY17 Day1 Batch1_00001 09-12-2017