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STGCC 2017:The captured memories

Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2017 was it's biggest ever. Into it's 10th year,lets take a look at the captured moments at Halls C,D & F of the Sands Expo & Convention over the weekend from the 9th to the 10th of September 2017.

  • Akiba Zone
  • Mini Stage
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0028
Ayame*Apricot and Masayoshi Minoshima of  Alstroemeria Records

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0085
TAM (TAMusic) & Akai Ryusei (Tokyo Active NEETs & Kokyo Active NEETs)

Akiba zone as the name suggest,was inspired by the very town in Japan. Idols, Doujin music circles,Guest Cosplayers & makeup products are found here. This zone was also made accessible with the lowest tier ticket,benefiting those were only interested in the eastern pop culture(DJ night and Japan Pop stage exclusive,though).      

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0039
Local Dance group Tokimeki Jump
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0048
Local dance group A-live
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0050
Ola Aphrodite 

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0053
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0071
Rie Yurohara

At the mini stage within Akiba town, visitors were treated with bite size performances. On the first day the stage was largely focused on Idol Performances. Besides Japanese idols like Rie Yurohara, Ayame*Apricort, Sae Tuskiyama & Idol groups like Tokyo Clear's , ColorPionte, local Dance groups like Tokimeki Jump ,  A-live , Natsuiro Party & Ola Aphrodite a member of  an Indonesian idol group Shojo Complex performed to an enthusiastic crowd which wotagei and cheered throughout the performances. The day mellowed down with TAMusic & Akai Ryusei bringing the audiences acoustic rendition of anisongs, games and the all too familar pieces from Touhou.

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0026
M_Minoshima(Alstroemeria Records)

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0009

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0003
DJ Benkun

The enthusiastic crowd returns on the 2nd day this time enjoying remixes from Anime, Touhou and   other games. Local anikura DJ Benkun was spinning alongside Masayoshi Minoshima of  Alstroemeria Records, ARM  of iosysDJ Keitan  of Real Akiba Boyz and Shouya Namai.

A post shared by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

A post shared by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

A post shared by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

A post shared by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

  • Guest Cosplayers 
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0023
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0025
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0024
Leon Chiro
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0033
Iroi Moe
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0004
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0005
The 3 Guest taking a pictures together & autographing on them as a mementos for each other

Fans of  Siutao(Hong Kong)Shimo(Taiwan)Iroi Moe(Japan)Leon Chiro(Italy) were delighted that not only they get to meet their favourite cosplayers up close, they are able to get their merchandise autographed. Every Single of the guest had their merchandise sold out by the mid of 2nd day!  


DJ Night (Day 1) & Japan Pop Stage (Day 2)

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0089
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0092
Yunomi Feat.Nicamoq

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0095
Ayame*Apricot and Masayoshi Minoshima of  Alstroemeria Records
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0097
Taku Inoue
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0099
ARM of Iosys

On day 1 of STGCC the programme on the main stage ended with the staple of STGCC, the DJ Night. This year hot favourites such as Masayoshi Minoshima of  Alstroemeria Records [Bad Apple!!-Touhou Remix] returns with new faces such as ARM  of iosys [Cirno Perfect Math Class-Touhou Remix],  Taku Inoue [Your Sunset-Tekken Tag Tournament 2 OST]   Yunomi Feat.Nicamoq[Mentai Cosmic-Original Song] all are top DJ from Japan , Last but not least its REDSHiFT[Lucid Dream-Original Song Feat. 巡音ルカ ] from Neighboring Indonesia.

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0116
Sae Tsukiyama and Tracy of Amatres Records 
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0122
Hiiragi Rio
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0173
Yunomi Feat.Nicamoq

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0144
Rie Yorohara
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0161

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0177

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0200
Tokyo Clear's
Similarly on Day 2 where Japan Pop Stage ended the day with crowd favourites like Rie Yurohara, Sae Tuskiyama & Hiiragi Rio returns, while Ayame*Apricot (Though not her 1st time in Singapore, She came for EOY 2015 before), Yunomi Feat.Nicamoq,Tokyo Clear's  & ColorPionte Performed on STGCC's Japanese pop culture stage for the very 1st time.

A post shared by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

A post shared by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

STGCC Championship of Cosplay & Kids Cosplay parade.

  • STGCC Championship of Cosplay
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0046

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0053

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0058

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0062

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0070

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0068

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0076

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0078
The 8 Contestant for this year's  Championship of Cosplay. 

There were 8 Contestants for this year's Championship of Cosplay vying for the top prize of a trip to  Crown Championships of Cosplay finals at C2E2 2018. As of past STGCC Championship of Cosplay fashion contestants this year were all deck out in impressive amours and props. Results after the break!

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0103
2nd Runner Up

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0106
1st Runner Up

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0108
Winner for STGCC 2017 Championship of Cosplay

  • Kids Cosplay Parade 
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0082

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0084

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0086

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0087

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0088

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0089

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0090

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0092

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0093

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0094

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0095

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0096

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0097
The Participants for Kids Cosplay parade.

While the kids cosplay parade every year may not be as impressive as the Championship of Cosplay, it's always interesting to see the young Padawans on stage, at a tender each you can never guest each participants reaction on stage some put up a brave and impressive act while others would be so shy that the would just quickly walk across the exit and entry points to the backstage.

Artist Galore 

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0006
Rachta Lin
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0017
Velvet Room booth 
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0010
Some marvel & DC figurines  

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0016
Sugarfree Booth
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0001
Have your Caricature drawn
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0008
James C. Mulligan

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0002
Sonny Liew
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0007
Frank Cho

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0040
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0039
East meets West!

No con is complete without Artist Gallery, STGCC 2017 offering this year has something for everyone.,be it the Eastern or Western Pop culture. This year's Walk of fame is situated in this section as well.  For the artistes get your autograph & interact with them, as for the guest cosplayers get your photos taken with them with a cleaner background and lightings.


STGCC 2017  Day 1  0032
Asus ROG Masters Grand Finals  (Counter-Strike)
STGCC 2017  Day 1  0018
VIVE Booth at GGXP has some serious VR action

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0019
Qishan Should not be a stranger to the gaming community here  

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0020
Competitive Gaming too much for you? Have a Casual gaming session or two at the chillax zone   

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0068
Avertigos a kickstarted singapore made board game that revolves around sail ships
Gaming is the probably the section that got the biggest boost at this year's STGCC partnering GGXP. Competitive gamers fight it out at Asus ROG Masters. There is also a tabletop gaming section where Avertigos a board game that is made in Singapore that is based on .    
Starwars: Experience the Force
STGCC 2017 Day 2  0035
Kylo Ren Resting inside the  Millennium Falcon

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0027
Rey's Speeder bike mockup

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0034
Hmmm..... The timeline has been altered? XD 

Another Section that took up a significant floor space is Starwars: Experience the Force. with life size mock-ups of the Millennium Falcon's interior and Rey's Speeder bike fans of the star wars franchise was in for a treat and certainly the force was strong at the show floor.

Exclusively Your's (or not)

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0004
HMO Megaman Displayed at the booth

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0013
Kinetiquettes Chun li

STGCC 2017 Day 2  0014
Masterpiece Collection of Fire Engines 

Without doubt the STGCC Exclusives are always pulling in the early crowd. Even before i entered the hall on Saturday,the People who wanted the exclusives had already formed up snaking queues at the booths(VIP pass holders get early access to the show floor). Even if you are not here for the exclusive you get to feast your eyes on the highly detailed, most of the time hand sculpted figures many of which is already out of production.

EDP Lab Singapore STGCC official after party  

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0067
Kors K, Ryu☆,Camellia & Kradness

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0060
Kors K

STGCC 2017  Day 1  0066

 There was an After party at VLV for STGCC this year with DJs like Ryu☆, Kors K ,Kradness & Quarke, The pictures above was taken at the preview session at the event itself. Why? Because after Covering 2 days of STGCC 2017, the after party is for Enjoyment!

A post shared by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

A post shared by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

A post shared by Wong Han Siang 黄瀚翔 (@speedknight) on

More Captured Memories

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