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EOY 2015: The captured memories

Mass Dance session on stage with apricot* on the 2nd day of EOY 2015.

On the 14 to 15 on August, The 2015 edition of Event-of-the-Year (EOY 2015) returns to the grounds of Marina Barrage. The 2 day event attracted scores of pop culture to the event grounds as well as captured the amusement of members of the public who happen to enjoy thier weekends at Marina barrage. 

Candi & Sou
Weon Haur

 This year the invited Candi and Sou of taiwan, Kazuko & Weon Haur of Malaysia for thier Cosplay guest. As with thier yearly tradition, they invited Nico Nico Dancer for thier event and this year it was *Apricot.

My Princess is the Cutest Civic Type-R Ita-sha and cosplayer

My Princess is the Cutest booth where player can win preniums of the game.

A collab between a recently localized Japanese Mobile Game My Princess is the cutest. Saw cars deck out in the game characters decals as well as members of  Doki Doki Hearts cafe cosing as in game characters. You may now download the game in Google Play store and Apple App Store

 One of the many Doujin booths.
 Love live Suzuki Hayabusa Itan-sha

 A-live performance on Day 2 was a sounding sucess.

EOY 2015 was brought to you by Tezro. Proceed below the break for more photos and video footages. 

Video footages Courtesy of Jeremy Lua, Peter @ TsunMato PhotographyTheodore Wong:

Video footages Courtesy of Operation P・Ani・C:

Apricot & Performers "Heart Beat"#EOY2015 #APRICOT Day 2 - Group Dance
Posted by Operation P・Ani・C on Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Apricot Day 2 Dance#EOY2015 #Apricot #NDD
Posted by Operation P・Ani・C on Tuesday, 18 August 2015
Zig Zig by Apricot#EOY2015 - Apricot dance
Posted by Operation P・Ani・C on Saturday, 15 August 2015