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STGCC 2017: What to Expect and Media Preview Captures

STGCC over the years (File Photos: )

STGCC is marking its 10th Anniversary milestone this year! Here is what to expect for the event that is happening this weekend at the Sands Expo & Convention Center!

More zones, More fun!

  • Good Game Experience (GGXP)
STGCC_D1 0025
Mountain Dew Cup, STGCC 2016 (File photo: ) 

Win or lose, let’s all say “GG!” and keep on striving to improve our game (and of course, crush
our opponents in the next clash). The Good Game Experience (GGXP) is the “G” of STGCC –
serving as home base to our gaming fans. This year, we’re dedicating an entire hall for the
gaming scene at STGCC and things are just about to get savage! There’ll be tears, sweat, roars
of “Nice lah!” and of course, plenty of salt and kappa.
Expect some high octane tournaments with awesome prizes coming your way soon! It’s not all
about electronics though as our friends from Coliseum will also be present with exciting tabletop
games such as Pokemon Trading Card Game, Yu- Gi-Oh! and Final Fantasy Trading Card
Not so much into hardcore gaming? Why don’t you relax a bit at our Chillax Zone, where
beanbags and consoles will be set out for you and your buddies to knock out a grudge match or
two. What’s more, support our indie developers in Singapore and around the region. They can
be found at GGXP showcasing their work so do drop by and give their offerings a spin. All indie
studios participating in GGXP will also be eligible for our Good Game Awards (GGA).
Determined by a panel of judges, consisting of veterans and important figures in the gaming
scene, we’ll be giving out Best in Show and Best Runner Up award in appreciation for their hard

STGCC_D2_B1 0048
Hisui & MoMo Guest Cosplayers as Hanamaru & Ruby from Aqours(Love Live! Sunshine!!) ,STGCC 2016 (File photo: )  

STGCC_D1 0012
D.Watt(IOSYS) feat. TAM(TAMusic), both if you are unfamiliar ,are household names in the touhou music circle,STGCC 2016 (File photo: Speedknight com) 
STGCC_D2_B1 0031
GuildStars one of the visiting idol group from japan,STGCC 2016 (File photo: 

STGCC_D2_B2 0036
Erika at winner of STGCC CoC,STGCC 2016 (File 

Inspired by the sleepless high energy electric town in Japan, Akiba Zone strives to provide an
area of cosplay, music and idols to cater to our fans. The area will be hyped up and transformed
into a high energetic zone, featuring some of the most popular DJs from Japan, upcoming idols
and beauty brands for cosplay makeup junkies!
Visit our cosplay guests - Leon Chiro, Shimo, Siutao and Iori Moe- at their booths to get up
close and personal with some of the most sought-after cosplayers in the global scene. Hang
out, party and have fun as we serve up bite-sized live entertainment segments on our mini
stage. Got a costume boo boo? Swing by the Costume Repair Station, managed by our STGCC
Championship of Cosplay (CoC) 2016 winner, Erika Jean Garbin. Erika and her partner will be
providing quick fix-up services to attendees. What’s more, she will also be hosting a talk on
costume maintenance and enhancing a costume’s durability.

  • Artist Galore!
STGCC_D2_B1 0025
Rachta Lin,STGCC 2016 (File Photo:  

Discover an amazing showcase of homegrown and regional artists and new talents celebrating
all things pop culture! These artists and talents create original and fan art such as comic books,
art prints, toys, jewellery, clothing and more. Get your hands on a master piece done by your
favorite creator!

  • Exclusively Yours!
STGCC_D1 0002
The Commemorative SJ 50 Bearbricks were one of the Exclusives at STGCC 2016  (File photo:  

Don’t miss out on the collection of exclusive merchandise on showcase. From comics to games,
toys and collectables and loads of fun stuff to see and do. Expect limited edition toys and
figures, life-sized installations, plushies and many more. Add them to your treasure trove!

  • Fam-fun!
STGCC15_Day2_Batch 1_0009
Young Padawans honing their light sabre skills,STGCC 2015 (File photo:
STGCC_D2_B2 0026
This impressively transforms, I kid you not. STGCC 2016 (File photo:

STGCC_D2_B2 0025
See? I told ya! STGCC 2016 (File photo:
The Geek Life chose us. Start your Padawans young with a plethora of fun kid-friendly activities,
attractive giveaways and family-bonding!

Guest! Guest! Guest! I Wanna meet all the Guest...

  • Yasu

Yasu is prolific Japanese artist, illustrator, character and product designer from Nagoya Japan.
Yasu is a veteran of the Tokyo Design Festa show having exhibited there many times under her
brand name "Yorozu zakka Ebineko-ya" Ebineko Character Goods Company.
Yasu’s original character designs come alive in a wide variety of media including plush, resin,
soft vinyl, drawings, paintings, messaging stickers, and more! Her trademark character is
“Ebineko” - a half cat and half shrimp character that seems to have gotten himself into some
tempura batter. “Ebineko” was released as a soft vinyl toy earlier this year - Yasu
sculpted the figure herself and painstakingly hand-paints every release. Her figure line-up has
recently expanded featuring several new soft vinyl figures; “Same” - the three eyed shark,
“Yamorin” - the Gekko Dragon plus a cute mini version of “Ebineko “are all on the way.
She exhibited at the Taipei Toy Festival last year and did a live painting performance. She will
be having a show in Shanghai in October with fellow artists Teresa Chiba, Hikari Bambi and
Hinatique. This will be Yasu’s first visit to Singapore.

Website :
Instagram :

  • Teresa Chiba

Teresa Chiba is a Japanese Graphic Designer and Illustrator. Through her own art production
label - Production_Genmu - she releases creative works in a wide variety of disciplines including
Yukata (summer kimono), daily items and live performances in addition to her illustrations and
designs. Many of Teresa’s works are based on traditional Japanese motifs including Kabuki and
Folk Art.

Her illustration work celebrates the ‘Kabuki Otome” - the teenage girls of Kabuki who are
passionate, brave, yet sensitive. She combines the pieces of their rock spirit with girly
characteristics and encourages the girls of today to find themselves in Kabuki too.
Her designer toys are inspired by Japanese folk art. “KIBUNADON” was her first design toy -
fish Kaiju toy - which was released from Maxtoy company (USA) in 2014. Her newest toy design
- INU-HARIGON - was self-produced and has already seen releases in a variety of colorways.
The character is very popular and has recently been picked up by MEDICOM Toy (Japan), as
both a Gacha toy in Vinyl Artist Gacha series 11, and as a Bearbrick in series 34.
Teresa is also an educator, teaching digital illustration skills at the Tokyo Design Academy in
Harajuku, Tokyo.

Website :


Simone Legno is the Co-founder and Creative Director of tokidoki. Born in Rome, Italy, Legno,
drew incessantly as a child. The boxes of chewed, broken and unsharpened pencils he adored
as a kid were the beginnings of a passion for art that led to the eventual creation of tokidoki.
tokidoki started as Legno’s professional online portfolio and artistic diary while living in Italy,
where he showcased his illustrations, advertising and new media designs for various clients. A
partial list of these clients includes Volkswagen, MTV, John Galliano, Champion, Toyota,
Renault, Daihatsu, BenQ, Microsoft, Narcotic Bureau of Singapore, Telecom Italia, and TIM.
tokidoki means “sometimes” in Japanese. Legno, who has always had a deep love of Japan and
fascination with world cultures, chose the word because he feels “everyone waits for moments
that change one’s destiny, by chance or by meeting a new person”. Simone's special moment
arrived when his designs drew the attention of entrepreneurs Pooneh Mohajer and Ivan Arnold,
who spied the art on his personal website and convinced him to move to L.A. to build a brand.

Since officially launching in 2005, tokidoki has grown into an internationally recognized pop-
culture lifestyle brand and has amassed a cult-like following for its larger-than-life characters,

megawatt partnerships and extensive range of products from apparel and handbags to home
décor and even slot machines. tokidoki has collaborated with many brands such as Karl
Lagerfeld, Guggenheim Museum, Sephora, LeSportsac, Onitsuka Tiger, Marvel, New Era, Hello
Kitty, Fujitsu, Levi's, Smashbox cosmetics, Xbox, T-mobile, Medicom Toy, Major League
Baseball, Skullcandy, Barbie, Canon, Black Eyed Peas, and more.
As the creator of tokidoki, Simone has become a sought-after speaker around the world at
museums, universities and conferences, from MOCA (the Geffen Museum-Los Angeles) to the
Adobe MAX conference, UCLA, USC, the Flash Film Festival in San Francisco, Art Center
College of Design, Apple store in Osaka, Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, Singapore Toy
and Comic Convention, Grafika Manila and many others.

  • Mark Nagata

Mark Nagata, founder of San Francisco-based Max Toy company, introduced Singapore to the likes
of Eyezon, Dualos, Argus and the perenial favourite, Negora in 2012. These kaiju (怪獣 which means
strange beasts in Japanese) did not last a day at STGCC. Mark Nagata will be back for another round
of kaiju invasion this year and he has an spectacular lineup, including a very special STGCC 10th
anniversary exclusive, that will satisfy your vinyl cravings. What exactly will he be unleashing from
his ever-expanding monster family? Let's just say only the cat is out of the bag. If your only
experience with Kaiju is a selfie with Godzilla in Shinjuku, drop by the booth and have a chat with the unofficial Kaiju Ambassador!

  • Hisacy(HYPER CORE)

The mastermind behind the popular rocker’s favourite Harajuku fashion brand “HYPER CORE”
Hisacy started on the street in Harajuku back in 2000 as an illustrator. With the experience that he
have gathered through designing for many rock icons such as YOSHIKI (X JAPAN) and hide, he
founded the brand HYPER CORE and opened their first shop in Harajuku in 2010.
With their motto “HYPER CORE IS HERE FOR YOU!”, HYPER CORE is looking forward to bring their
brand overseas.
Find their shop at 3-23-2 JINGU-MAE, SHIBUYA-KU, TOKYO, JAPAN

  • Kaori Hinata(Hinatique)

Kaori Hinata is a Japanese artist, illustrator and character designer. The overarching theme
her creative works is "The Cuteness of antiques and Nostalgia”. She loves drawing pictures,
painting and making Knick Knacks in felt, ceramics and other materials.
Kaori’s first toy release was Kaiju Kinora - a cute little mushroom monster produced by Max
in 2015. Kaori continues to produce resin figures which she sculpts and paints herself. Her
newest original character is called "Morris - The Cat with Antlers". Morris is a cat boy - but
different from the average cat because he has big antlers on his head.
“Morris” has proved to be a very popular character and will be released as a sofubi figure
this fall. Additionally the character will be featured in the Medicom’s VAG (Vinyl Artist
Gatcha) Series 12 and has been featured in mini picture book also released by Medicom.
Her works has been featured in many exhibitions in Japan, and recently had a show in
Taiwan at
the Wrong Gallery with Teresa Chiba and Hikari Bambi. In addition to her own original
characters, Kaori has produced collaborations with many popular properties including STAR
This will be her first time to Singapore - make sure to check out her custom WeGo in the
Custom Show.
Stay tuned to Hinatique’s Social Media channels for news and updates of future projects and
Website :
Facebook :
Twitter :
Instagram :

  • Deanne George (Sorbet Jungle)

Deanne George is the founder and lead designer behind the wildly popular U.S. based brand, Sorbet Jungle.
Having been introduced to art and animation as a young child, Deanne found herself drawing incessantly
throughout her entire life. Never missing a chance to grow and experiment with new media and tools, she
eventually found her passion in character and toy design.
In late 2010 her love for animals and desire to pursue illustration and product design as a career led her to
create the first characters inside the Sorbet Jungle universe.
Best known for their instant hit character, Croconana, Sorbet Jungle combines cute animal characters and
creative word play into a smile invoking brand that has not only grown into one of the most popular, but also
one of the most established companies of its kind around the world.

Born in an Aztec temple deep inside the jungle of Mexico, The Beast Brothers spent most of
their childhood developing their unique and distinct style of art. Through the years, this royal pair
have used their mighty twin powers to create memorable works for Nike, Kidrobot, Reebok,
Coachella, Bacardi, VANS, among others. They have also travelled the world teaching and
customizing techniques to fans and aspiring toy designers.
Carlos and Ernesto East continue to make paintings, illustrations and sculptures in their secret
jungle laboratories, located in Mexico City and Long Beach, CA.
This will be Carlos second time visiting STGCC since his appearance in 2013.
Website :
Instagram :

  • Sae Tsukiyama

A well-known performer in the game music industry, Sae mainly performs songs for video games. She is
also the main vocalist for the doujin circle “Amateras Records”.
She has participated in many songs as singer and lyricist for KONAMI’s BEMANI series music game,
A familiar face in Akihabara, she is also active as a MC in various events in Japan. An artist with many
talents, she also participates in local radio programs and models as a free paper model.
Sae will be MC-ing for STGCC 2017 Akiba mini Stage.


  • Tokyo CLEAR’S

    Probably the world-first idol group to combine idol activities with cleaning activities, Tokyo
    CLEAR’S is an idol group with active sister groups in 9 different areas around Japan. With
    the catchphrase “Keeping our streets clean!!”, the groups actively takes part in monthly
    cleaning activities with members being certified with cleaning licenses. Tokyo CLEAR’S is
    active in Tokyo and frequently makes appearance in media and lives.
    CLEAR’S had their major debut back in 2014 and ranked in on the Oricon Chart for 1st , 2nd
    and 3rd spots consecutively. In 2016, the group released their single 「キラリ☆NIPPON
    (KIRARI☆ NIPPON) which was an instant hit selling over 40000 copies. Their latest
    single「HEART WASH」is the ending theme song for TBS TV program 「アッコにおまかせ
    」(Akko ni Omakase).


    STGCC_D1 0009
    TAM,STGCC 2016 (File photo:

    Perhaps the most active otaku violinist on planet earth, TAM started to upload videos of
    himself playing violin online in 2003, as of now he have uploaded over 1000 videos and
    garnered more than 50000000 views online in total. TAM founded a doujin music circle
    TAMUSIC at 2005, and since then they have expanded to 500 members and produced over
    160 CDs to date.
    TAM starts his first step in the anime industry in 2015, when he started to be involved
    musically in anime, game products and singers in Japan. Till date, he has contributed to more
    than 10 anime titles, spanning over more than 100 songs in total.
    Currently TAM is busy touring as a musician, where he performs around 30 concerts in Japan
    and 10 concerts internationally every year.


    • Rie Yunohara

      STGCC_D2_B1 0057
      Rie Yunohara,STGCC 2016 (File photo: ) 

      Known for her love unending love for Singapore, Rie Yunohara or Riecho have been performing in
      STGCC every year since 2014. Graduated from MKM-ZERO and PhantomVoice, currently as a solo
      artiste, Riecho have been crowned as the official idol of the Japan’s biggest food entertainment
      festival “Niku-Fes”.
      Other than being active in her own solo activity, she is also busy in providing choreography for
      artistes and in her very own food blog. Don’t miss out her adventures by following her weekly
      stream in DeNA Showroom!

      twitter :
      instagram : yunoxrie
      Youtube :

      • Hiigari Rio

      RioRio started her idol activities since 2011, where she gained public attention as participating
      and winning various competitions.
      From TwitCasting, SHOWROOM, NicoNico Nama Housou, she streams actively DAILY to
      interact with all her fans from France, UK, USA, Taiwan and all over Japan.
      Her continued streaming since 3 years ago have not stopped for a single day, and has hit the
      1000 th day by October 20 th 2015! She major debuted on 1 st April 2015 and held her first solo
      concert on 21 st June that year at Osaka, since then she have been set to tour 12 cities around
      the world.
      On July 2015, she performed at JAPAN EXPO 2015, HYPER JAPAN Festival at UK, Macao’s
      International Board Game Doujin & Anime Convention and then Solo Live at Hongkong.
      She have performed in the world’s largest Idol related festival such as TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL
      2015 and also participated in mega event like a-nation. She is currently one of the most awaited
      solo artists in the country.

      Please give your best cheer to RioRio too!

      • Color Pointe

      Color Pointe is an idol group with a refreshing visual concept and a theatrical vision for ballet
      dancing and vocals. The group leader, Hink heads the production in choreography and lives, writing
      lyrics for their songs as well. In a world whereby classical ballet is regarded with high standards, the
      group has successfully merged band music with electric sound, mesmerizing audience into their
      fantasy-like performance where” music comes alive”.
      In 2016, they finished their second live in Singapore and this year, they completed their second live
      in Thailand. With their expanding horizon in overseas activities, they are one of the upcoming girl
      artists to look out for in Japan.

      • ayame a.k.a apricot*(Alstroemeria Records)

      EOY D1_B2_073
      Ayame,EOY 2015 (File photo:

      Popular odorite from NicoNico Douga, ayame is known for her fantastic choreography, costume
      design, and also her unique video recording style that is not found in other similar odorite. Having
      performed at the festive NicoNico Chou Kaigi’s Chou Party and many others NicoNico’s official event, she have recently evolved into a public figure by participating as MC and hosting several successfulevents by herself.

      When she is not busy fangirling at Aikatsu! Going under the name “ayame”, she sings for the famous
      Touhou Circle “Alstroemeria Records”, regular DJ at Anisong DJ event アニ LOVE っ!! And also forthose who frequent Akihabara, you will be able to find her at Maid Café Pinafore where she has
      served for the past 8 years.

      • AkaiRyusei(Tokyo Active NEET)

      STGCC_D1 0008
      Akai Ryusei,STGCC 2016 (File photo:


      AkaiRyusei is the Arranger, Pianist, Mixer, Producer and also the Founder of the famous doujin circle
      “Tokyo Active NEET”. The circle started with uploading video clips of their performance medleys on
      NicoNico Douga back in 2008 and they have since been releasing video actively till today. Known for their high energy jazz arrangement of famous tunes from Touhou, Kancolle, Vocaloid and others.
      AkaiRyusei is actively performing in both Japan and international stage with other doujin artistes.

      Tokyo Active NEETs Website:
      Tokyo Active NEETs Twitter:

      • Yunomi+nicamoq

      Yunomi is a track maker, lyricist and composer from Tokyo. He started his musical
      adventures back in 2015. Yunomi composed “kawaii” themed songs to various
      contents and acts such as KONAMI’s “Hinabita♪”, idol groups. He also provided
      remixes for singers, namely Lovely Summer and the popular seiyuu Hana
      Main works:
      Makuramoto ni Ghost (w/ Aiobahn)」(2015 Maltine Records)
      Yunomic ni Ocha Shite EP (feat. nicamoq) (2016 Village Vanguard Music)
      Oedo Controller EP (feat. TORIENA) (2017 Village Vanguard Music)

      Official Website:

      nicamoq is a vocalist from CSI Promotion. Known for her collaboration with Yunomi,
      she has provided vocals for more than 20 songs, making appearance in Yunomic ni
      Ocha Shite’s music video. Recently she has been active as a seiyuu and an actress
      under the name Morisaki Futaba.

      • TAKU INOUE

      A popular sound designer, composer and DJ, Taku Inoue is one of the rising stars in in the club
      scene in Japan. Known for his cult hit songs in both fighting and idol games, he also composes
      for singers and does official remixes.

      In 2017 he co-composed and arranged the ending theme song for the anime “Rage of Bahamut:
      Virgin Soul” titled ”拝啓グッバイさようなら”, which was performed by the singer & rapper

      While he is not busy composing or remixing new tracks, he can be spotted spinning the mashed
      up version of his songs in various club events across the country.

      • Shouya Namai

      Shouya Namai started his DJ and composing activities back in 2006, with his music focus spanning
      across different genres from Trance dance music to pop music. Besides producing original works, the
      composer also produced songs for seiyuu, idols and KONAMI’s music games. He also does official
      remixes for animes and game songs. A composer with multi-talents, Shouya has recently produced
      「追い風Running」(Oikaze Running) for the popular series「THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS」.

      • REDSHiFT

      REDSHiFT is one of the earliest VOCALOID producer units from Indonesia. The group consists of music producer, lyricist and illustrators. The group begun their journey back in 2010, since then REDSHiFT has produced and published their original works in various music compilation albums via their music circle & crafTUNER. Besides composing original tunes, REDSHiFT also creates remixes of various Indonesian Pop music and Anisongs. Their repertoire mostly comprised of electronic genre, such as electro house, future bass to drum and bass. Aside from music production, REDSHiFT often performs as a DJ-VJ duo in various expo and Japanese events all across Indonesia while spinning the hottest anisong mixes,VOCALOID and more.

      • Masayoshi Minoshima(Alstroemeria Records)

      Masayoshi Minoshima is easily one of the best known producers in the Touhou Doujin music scene.
      His record label Alstroemeria Records, established in 2003, is rife with elements of House, Trance, UK Hardcore and Dancehall amongst a spectrum of genres, reflecting his musical versatility. Minoshima’s Touhou arrangements primarily showcase Techno and House music.
      In 2007, the genius producer was brought icon status by his arrangement and shadow-art video for “Bad Apple!!” – a staple with the Touhou fan base.
      Minoshima has since expanded his capabilities to producing and composing original tracks for major
      commercial projects and Japanese entertainment giants Konami and Taito.

      • Kitune(ANISON INDEX!!,Anilab)
        Source: Profile page on anilab 

      A regular VJ at Akihabara MOGRA, he’s at the helm for the visuals at every 3 rd Wednesday of the month in the event “ANISON INDEX”. He is also the organizer of the popular Anisong + Bowling + Cosplay event, “Cos☆Bowl”. As a member of the Anisong DJ group “Anilab” he actively collaborates with various events namely with the dance and vocal group Prizmmy☆,as well as the TV anime & Trinity Seven, LISANI! Night Vol.05 and others.

      Collaboration list:
      Noitamina 10 th anniversary event “Noitaminight”
      AnimeJapan 2015, “Noitaminight powered by AnimeStore”
      Visual Art’s 20 th Anniversary Thanksgiving Festival’s Club Event “OTSU”
      Space Shower’s event “SPACE SHOWER SOCIOUS”
      “spirite LIVE 2015 –Beyond the sky-“
      And other Anisong and non Anisong related events.

      Cosbowl’s website:
      Anilab’s website:

      • DJ MarGenal (ANISON INDEX!!,AniLab.)

      Source: Profile page on anilab

      DJ MarGenal started his DJ activities back in 2007 after coming in contact with club culture
      from hip hop music. Now, he plays at the heart of Anisong DJ boom “Anisong Index!!” event
      as one of the top artists.
      Skillful and experienced, he plays at regular events and other Anisong events all over Japan.
      In 2013 alone, he played in LISANI Night and Akinet Music Festival organized by the famous
      Akihabara Anisong club MOGRA. In 2014, he was invited to be the backup DJ for the
      Anisong singer ZAQ for notable events such as “AJ Night” and “Animesia”. In previous year,
      he was spinning as the backup DJ for the well-known idol group Prizmmy☆at 2016

      • D.watt (IOSYS)

      D.watt is the multi-talented artist from the famous music production team "IOSYS" of Sapporo. A
      familiar name in Akihabara subculture scene like "Nico Nico Douga", anime, games scene.
      In the recent years D.watt has provided music and remixes to music game giants like SEGA,
      KONAMI, TAITO, NAMCO. Other than game he also composed anime theme song for famous
      titles like "SanshaSanyou", "YuruYuri", "Etotama". While he have collaborated as composer for
      Koishio Ringo(Band janaimon!), Nanahira and miko, he also pens the lyrics and scenario for the
      2-dimensional girl band "Irodorimidori" of CHUNITHM(SEGA).
      • CleanTears(S.C.X)

      CleanTears is a creator with a self-proclaimed liking for rabbits. He has provided corporate
      DJ works to notable labels such as DefSTAR Records, Jake Entertainment, SEGA, 5pb.
      Records, EXIT TUNES. Not to mention, he also composed works for idols, cosplayers,
      Tokyo Joypolis, online games and compilations. Releasing on the online music store,
      Beatport, his works have received credits in overseas as well. He is also active in
      Vocaloid×EDM scene, composing works under the alias S.C.X.

      • ARM(IOSYS) 

      Hailing from Hokkaido, ARM is the composer and arranger from the popular mega circle IOSYS.
      Together with IOSYS, ARM have composed some of the most memorable and popular songs in
      the Touhou scene such as “Marisa Stole the Precious Thing”, “Overdrive”, “Cirno’s Perfect Math
      Class” and many others. Not to be limited to IOSYS’s activity, ARM is also actively involved in
      projects by KONAMI, Pony Canyon, KADOKAWA, avex, Lantis for their respective products.
      ARM channels his creative instinct through the influences like Pop, Jazz, Shibuya-kei, Rock,
      Metal, Orchestra, Hardcore, and EDM music into his works, where he brings us the hit songs
      with his distinctive Moe Denpa music style.
      Known works:
      ● Märchen Debut!
      ● LET’S GO HAPPY!!
      ● Ao no Ichibanboshi
      ● Nyowa Nyoworld☆

      KONAMI’s BEMANI series
      ● “Meumeupettantan!!” 芽兎めう
      ● “Chikuwa parfait da yo☆CKP” 山形まり花&芽兎めう
      ● Totsugeki! Glass no kneeso hime!
      ● Bakunana☆testroyer

      Anime and Character songs
      “D-Frag!” Opening Theme Song
      ● Stalemate!
      “Robot Girls Z” Opening Theme Song
      ● Robot Girls Z

      “Acchi Kocchi” Opening Theme Song
      ● Acchi de Kocchi de

      “Yuruyuri” Character Song
      ● Akaza Akari’s Watashi, Shuuyaku no Akaza Akari Desu

      Pachinko’s “Kaito Tenshi Twin Angel” Series
      ● Endless Heaven

      • Aizawa(Hachimitsu-Lemon) 

      Aizawa is a creator working in the music circle “Hachimitsu-Lemon” with his partner, CleanTears.
      Diverse in his works, Aizwa had produced songs of different genres from EDM, rock to orchestra.
      The circle had composed songs for idols, games and corporate attractions in Japan and overseas. In
      recent years, he has written numerous songs for the doujin game「東方紅輝心」 (Adventures of
      Scarlet Curiosity) on PlayStation®

      • Siu Tao
        Siu Tao,AFA 2015 (Filephoto:
      Cheerful and bubbly, Hong Kong based popular cosplayer Siutao always strive for her
      best in cosplay, regardless in prop-making or sewing (she is especially fond of doing
      props!). Travelling to different events in Asia connected her with many of her like-
      minded fans which she feels is the most joyous part of her travels. Her favorite
      characters are energetic characters such as Hoshizora Rin from Love Live! but she
      does takes a liking for quiet and intellectual characters as well. A first timer at STGCC,
      Siutao looks forward to meeting her fans at the event.

      • Shimo
      Shimo,FAM 2015 (File photo:

      Shimo, a widely- recognized Taiwanese cosplayer. A familiar face in conventions, she has
      graced as guest for events in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc... and this year STGCC
      welcomes her back to the sunny island of Singapore. Her hobbies are traveling and listening to
      music. She likes to cosplay character from idol series or cool female characters.

      • Leon Chiro

      Leon Chiro is a professional cosplayer from Italy, and the official cosplayer for large video game
      companies such as Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs), Square Enix (Gladiolus - Final
      Fantasy XV), Capcom (Devil May Cry) and many more. He currently works for Riot Games as
      the official cos-model for the champion Rakan from League of Legends.

      Having worked for 20th Century Fox on the last Assassin’s Creed movie promotional campaign,
      stunting and official launch events in Europe, he’s also known as one of the most iconic figures
      in the Assassin’s Creed community. He has officially been recognised as the Italian face of
      Assassin’s Creed since 2016 as well.

      A winner of many cosplay competitions, he has been invited as a special guest in over 80
      events in more than 30 different countries around the world. He has acted as both a judge of
      numerous cosplay competitions and a host of entertaining panels, Q&A sessions and
      conferences. With a medium of 4 events or conventions per month, Leon is one of the most
      successful cosplayers in the worldwide male cosplay community.

      PATREON :

      • Iori Moe

      A popular Internet personality, Gamer, Model and Cosplayer from Japan, she took over
      the cosplay scene in Japan by storm when she appeared in cosplay and gaming events
      such as Comiket, TGS and others. Popular for cosplaying sexy anime characters, Iori is
      unique to the fans due to her innocent face but yet having a proportionate body that
      enables her to bring to life unrealistic 2D anime character into realistic real life cosplay.
      Addressed fondly by her fans as Iorin, when she is not busy modelling or appearing in
      various radio and tv show, she will spend her free time playing games on steam and
      stay active in her social media which boasts 650000 followers around the world.

      • Sonny Liew

      Sonny Liew's The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye was a New York Times and Amazon
      bestseller, and the first graphic novel to win the Singapore Literature Prize.
      Other works include The Shadow Hero (with Gene Luen Yang), Doctor Fate (with Paul Levitz)
      and Malinky Robot, as well as titles for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, DC Vertigo, First Second
      Books, Boom Studios, Disney Press and Image Comics.
      He has been nominated for multiple Eisner Awards for his writing and art (including 6 for The Art
      of Charlie Chan Hock Chye) and for spearheading Liquid City, a multivolume comics anthology
      featuring creators from Southeast Asia.

      • Mirka Andolfo

      Italian artist, Mirka is actually working at DC Comics on “Teen Titans” within the “Metal” event,
      “Wonder Woman” (with Greg Rucka and Shea Fontana) and “Bombshells” (with Marguerite
      Bennet). Recently, she illustrated a issue of “Rebirth JLA: Killer Frost” (DC Comics), two issues
      of “Ms. Marvel” (Marvel), and some pages on “Green Arrow” (DC Comics), after many pages
      drawn at Dynamite (“Vampirella”, “Chaos”, “Lady Demon”, “Swords of Sorrow: Chaos”) and
      Aspen (“Damsels in Excess”), Vertigo, Young Animals.

      In Europe, she’s also an acclaimed author, thanks to her best seller creator-owned series as
      “Sacred/Profane” and “Unnatural”, sold in many countries (Italy, France, Spain, Germany,
      Netherlands...). She started very young her career as colorist, working on important
      international properties like “Mickey Mouse”, “Geronimo Stilton”, “Ice Age” and “Adventure

      • Hiro Kanzaki

      A multi talented individual, Hiroyuki ODA is widely known within the anime industry for
      his involvement with many hit titles in Japan’s anime scene. Going under the alias of
      Hiro Kanzaki, he have provided original character design to some of the most
      memorable anime in the recent times namely My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute,
      Eromanga Sensei and Go! Go! 575, where he also provides the art illustration for the
      original light novel.
      As an animator, Hiroyuki ODA have worked on many hit titles such as Eureka Seven:
      AO, Rozen Maiden, Ichigo Mashimaro and most notably HEROMAN. Breaking out of
      illustration and animation world, he is known to be rocking the dance floor as DJ
      HanasoumenP (HSP) in NicoNico Douga.
      In the midst of this busy schedule, he is also known to participate in Comiket as the
      circle “tabgraphics”.

      • Joyce Chin

      Joyce Chin has been working in comics since 1995 when she pencilled for Guy Gardner:
      Warrior for DC. Since then, she has been working on many other titles, interiors and covers on
      stories for the Hulk, Spider-man, Green Lantern, Witchblade, Red Sonja, and many others
      through various publishers. Currently, other than pencilling and inking Marvel covers, she also
      works on book, game, magazine and toy packaging illustrations.

      • James C. Mulligan

      James C. Mulligan's fine artwork is recognized internationally and collected by famous personalities from Hugh Hefner, Dick Van Dyke, Oscar winning composer Richard M. Sherman, Brad Pitt to Holly Madison, Fred Durst,
      Roger Daltrey and many others. James also works with corporate clients including: Disney, Lucas Films, Warner Brothers, Hollywood, Magic Castle, Lexus and Playboy whereby he won an art direction award for Playmate of
      the Year. He is also the estate's official artist for Elvis Presley Enterprises and working with notable organizations and companies.

      James was recently named as one of Disney's top selling artists, and his solo shows at the Bellagio and Aria resorts in Las Vegas smashed all records, both domestically and internationally. He also performs on stages around the world, from Tokyo to the Hollywood Bowl. He is currently in development on a television show atDreamworks Studios, and is involved with development work on an unnamed Sony project with Rob Minkoff (director of Disney's “The Lion King”) and Mel Brooks.
      James is a large supporter of various charities including Shine Family Foundation, Boy's Town and Loma Linda Children's Hospital. His work can be seen at or

      • Fujima Takuya


      One of the most sought after illustrator in Japan, while he design character for anime and
      game characters he is also a popular mangaka in Japan.
      Known for his extensive involvement with the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series, his
      serialized manga “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid” is made into anime by A-1PICTURES in
      2015. He is also tasked with the original character design for the continuation “ViVid Strike!”
      anime in 2016 where he single handedly drew all the anime end cards.
      ・Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid (Character Design)
      ・ViVid Strike! (Character Design, All Anime End Cards)
      ・R-15(Character Design)
      ・Black Bullet (Character Design)
      ・Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid
      ・DOG DAYS
      Light Novels
      ・R-15 Series
      ・Aquarian Age
      ・Battle Spirits
      ・Cardfight!! Vanguard
      ・Force of Will
      ・Weiβ Schwarz
      ・Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-

      • Frank Cho

      Frank Cho is an Emmy Award-winning and critically acclaimed writer and illustrator. He is known for his newspaper comic strip series, Liberty Meadows, as well as for books such as Mighty Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, Shanna the She- Devil, the Hulk and Savage Wolverine for Marvel Comics. As of this year, he is the cover artist for Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn at DC Comics.
      Frank Cho is noted for classical and energetic figure art, beautiful women illustrations, humorous writings and adventure stories.

      He is currently working on several creator-owned projects, Skybourne at Boom Studios, Guns & Dinos at Image Comics, and World of Payne with novelist Tom Sniegoski for Flesk Publications. When he’s not writing and drawing, Frank Cho is napping.

      • David mack

      David mack is the Emmy nominated, New York Times Best Selling Author & Artist of
      KABUKI, writer of Marvel's Daredevil, cover artist of Neil Gaiman's American Gods,
      Jessica Jones, & Fight Club 2 by Chuck Palahniuk. Artist on Jessica Jones opening
      titles & Captain America The Winter Soldier film titles & US Comic Book Ambassador of
      Arts & Story for US State Dept.
      Mack created artwork for the the opening titles of the new Jessica Jones Netflix TV
      series (winner of the Peabody Award), based on the book he was co-collaborator on.
      The opening titles he worked on with Imaginary Forces garnered an Emmy Nomination
      in the category of Outstanding Main Titles. For the Academy Award nominated film
      Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Mack created the art & concept for the titles
      sequence with Sarofsky Designs, which received recognition for the Excellence in Titles
      Design Award.
      Mack contributed artwork for the opening titles of Robert Rodriguez's Matador TV series
      with Sarofsky designs, and contributed art (and a cameo role) for the Powers TV series
      at Sony.

      Mack's work has garnered nominations for ten Eisner Awards, four International Eagle
      Awards, and both the Harvey and Kirby Awards in the category of Best New Talent, as
      well as many other national and international awards and nominations.

      Mack has authored his children’s book THE SHY CREATURES from MacMillan, has
      illustrated and designed music albums for both American and Japanese Labels,
      including work for Paul McCartney, Amanda Palmer, Thomas Jane, Vincent D'Onofrio,
      painted Tori Amos for her RAINN benefit calendars, directed three music videos for
      Amanda Palmer, storyboard artist & asst director for Dead Can Dance music video,
      designs for toy companies in Hong Kong, animation art for MTV, ad campaign for
      SAKURA art materials, written and designed video game characters for film director
      John Woo and Electronic Arts, wrote the interactive animated viral promo for Mission

      Impossible four, and contributed the artwork for Dr. Arun Ghandi’s essay on the Culture
      of Non-Violence.

      Mack created the Marquee art and make up designs for the theatrical performance of
      Tenshu which received multiple Broadway World Awards.
      Mack’s KABUKI books have been the subject of under-graduate and graduate university
      courses in Art and Literature, and listed as required reading. His work is on exhibit in the
      Philadelphia Museum of art with Michelangelo, Titian, & Rubens. His work has been
      studied in graduate seminars at USC and hung in the Los Angeles Museum of Art. He’s
      lectured at universities and taught classes in writing, drawing, and painting all over the
      world, including a Masterclass at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia, for
      Japan’s School of Communication Arts of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, and an invitation
      to speak at Harvard as the Guest of Honor at their annual Science Fiction Writing

      Mack created the final two seasons of Dexter Early Cuts episodes for Showtime (the
      first, collaborating with legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz). The latest season earned him
      nominations for both the Writers Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America.

      In 2013 Mack had exhibits in Los Angeles & Chicago of his work presented with
      originals of Gustav Klimt & Egon Schiele, and spoke in Barcelona at the OFFFest
      presentation of trailblazing artists and designers.

      Mack's paintings were exhibited in Paris and Brussels with successful gallery openings
      and book store signings. The documentary film on Mack's work, The Alchemy of Art,
      was awarded the top prize at the 40th annual Worldfest Film Festival among other film
      awards & in 2012 Mack delivered an inspiring TED Talk.
      In 2016 the US State Dept. honored Mack as a US Comic Book Ambassador of Arts &
      Story selected to travel abroad to teach storytelling in other countries, beginning in
      Tblisi, Georgia, joining efforts with the US embassy there.

      In the former Soviet country & borders, Mack taught at settlement camps for displaced
      persons, the Asylum Seekers Center, the Marneuli Youth Center, Tbilisi Arts Academy,
      Special Needs school, & the Tbilisi Palace of Fine Arts Museum featured a massive

      exhibit of Mack's work & books. In 2017 Mack traveled to Tunisia in North Africa to
      speak & teach there.

      In 2004 Mack, with Brian Michael Bendis & Mike Oeming (M.O.B.- Mack, Oeming,
      Bendis), formed a new imprint at Marvel Comics which they named ICON, to publish
      their creator-owned comics KABUKI and POWERS. ICON continues as an imprint of
      Marvel to this day publishing some of the most successful creator-owned comics.
      David Mack is one of the only creators to be listed in both the Top Ten Writers List, and
      the Top Ten Artists List in Wizard Magazine. Mack’s writing and art on KABUKI, have
      earned him international acclaim for his innovative storytelling, painting techniques, and
      page design. KABUKI has been translated in seven languages, in addition to nearly two
      million copies of KABUKI Comics, Paperbacks, and Hard cover graphic novels in print in
      the U.S. The series has launched successful lines of action figures, toys, and art objets
      (many of which were featured on
      Showtime’s TV show DEXTER). Mack has exhibited his work in Europe, Asia, and
      America with gallery shows, and book signing tours in over a dozen countries. He was
      the first American to be nominated for Germany's most prestigious Max-Und-Moritz
      award in the category of Best Imported Comic.
      Mack has illustrated poetry collaborations with Neil Gaiman and U.S. Poet Laureate
      Billy Collins, & wrote the adaptation of Science Fiction Master Philip K. Dick's Electric
      Ant as a graphic novel at Marvel Comics. Mack is currently working on a new creator
      owned project with Brian Michael Bendis and on bringing KABUKI to the screen.

      • C.B. Cebulski

      C.B. Cebulski is just a guy lucky enough to be working for Marvel, a company
      whose comics and characters he’s loved since he was a kid. He travels from
      country to country, month after month, hunting for opportunities for Marvel to
      expand their creative interests in new markets, while also searching for the best
      artists in the world. C.B. spends his free time blogging about his international
      eating adventures on Eataku,

      • Adi Granov

      Adi works as an illustrator and designer primarily for Marvel. His most notable works
      include the Iron Man: Extremis series, written by Warren Ellis, and his role as a
      conceptual designer and illustrator on the Iron Man films and the Avengers. He worked
      on key character designs and created keyframe illustrations for the action sequences.
      He recently completed work on the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther
      movies. For comic work Adi is currently under an exclusive contract with Marvel and has
      produced covers for multiple series over the last few years, as well as a number of short
      interior stories. He has also designed statues for companies such as Kotobukiya and
      Sideshow, and has created album cover art and tour posters for multi-platinum selling
      rock band, Tool.

      Adi currently lives in England with his wife, Tamsin, and their two very weird cats. He
      likes aeroplanes, trains and cars, and working on his 1967 Lotus Elan.

      • Arthur Adams


      Arthur Adams, a self-taught artist, became a fan favorite when, at the age of 19, he left his job
      making pizzas for the masses to pencil the critically-acclaimed Longshot limited series, written
      by Ann Nocenti and published in 1985 by Marvel Comics. He has been in high demand as an
      artist since.
      Adams' highly distinctive and detailed artwork gained him considerable popularity amongst fans
      and editors, if not his inkers, and he's enjoyed being a cover artist, and the artist and sometime
      writer for miniseries, specials, and annuals. These days, in order to spare inkers the pain, his
      work is largely shot directly from pencils or inked by himself, with some exceptions.
      In his career, Arthur has worked on many titles, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, X men,
      Godzilla, Vampirella, Rocketeer, the Authority, Danger Girl, Excalibur, and the Hulk, to name a
      few. He also launched his creator owned, written, and drawn series Monkeyman and O'Brian in
      1993 with Dark Horse Comics "Legend" imprint. He also had a ten-issue run on an anthology
      series featuring the character Jonnie Future. The eight page Jonnie Future stories appeared in
      Tom Strong's Terrific Tales (2002–2004). More recently, Arthur has been working on Ultimate X
      for Marvel Comics with writer Jeph Loeb, and issue one launched in 2010.
      Adams has provided cover images for issues of the Justice League of America, Appleseed,
      Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Green Lantern, Hulk, Avengers, X Men, Red Sonja, Superman,
      Batman, and Vampirella, among other titles. In addition to his work in comic books, he has also
      produced popular commercial art, such as numerous illustrations for trading cards, posters,
      shirts, and various other comics-related merchandise. Outside the field of comics, he has also
      provided illustrations for various magazines, movies, video games, and worked in toy design,
      packaging art, and even a series of X-Men-themed Campbell Soup cans.
      Arthur lives in Northern California in the woods somewhere, like his hero, Bigfoot. When told he
      should have a "Web" site he went outside and tried to spin his own web. It was funny and sad all
      at once. We got him back inside and gave him his medicine.

      • Exclusives
      • Hot​ ​Toys​ ​2017​ ​Toy​ ​Fair​ ​Exclusives​ ​At​ ​STGCC
      Hot Toys’ Toy Fair Exclusives have been some of the most highly sought-after toys year after year by
      fans, and this year is no exception.
      Hot Toys’ official master distributor, ActionCity, will be bringing in the following 2017 Toy Fair Exclusives in limited quantities. Those looking to get their hands on these exclusives, will be delighted to learn that they will be available for pre-order and sale at ActionCity’s booth (C1, Hall F1) at STGCC.
      Source : STGCC Press Release

      • Exclusive​ ​Star​ ​Wars​ ​Tsum​ ​Tsum​ ​Tote​ ​Bags

      Bring a piece of Star Wars home with you, in the form of the adorable Tsum Tsum tote bags - exclusive to STGCC this year.
      These tote bags are now available at Star Wars: Experience The Force Singapore festival at ION
      Orchard, at $19.90, with a purchase of at least $20 from any of the participating retailers at the festival. The tote bags will also be made available at the ReedPOP Supply Store at STGCC.

      Source : STGCC Press Release

      • Exclusive​ STGCC​ ​10th​ ​Anniversary​ ​tokidoki​ ​BE@RBRICK​ ​-​ ​Adios

      ActionCity will also be launching the tokidoki BE@RBRICK Adios - a limited edition collectible designed exclusively for STGCC by tokidoki creator, Simone Legno, himself.
      These commemorative collectibles will be available in two sizes (400% and 100%), and these will be for sale at ActionCity’s booth during STGCC in limited quantities.

      Source : STGCC Press Release

      • Mr​ ​Kiasu​ ​Stylised​ ​Art​ ​Toy​ ​(ActionCity​ ​STGCC​ ​10th​ ​Anniversary​ ​Exclusive)
      Catch the return of Singapore’s favourite cultural icon, Mr Kiasu, at STGCC, with the launch of a brand new comic book - Mr.Kiasu Everything Also Like Real (2017).
      In conjunction with the latest comic book launch, ActionCity’s toy designer, Carlo Cacho from Wetworks,has created a stylised art toy of Mr Kiasu and his pet dog, Ah Kow. The toy will officially be released in limited quantities at STGCC.

      Singaporean comic artist, more affectionately known as the creator of Mr.Kiasu, Johnny Lau, and toy
      designer, Wetworks, will be at ActionCity’s booth to autograph this collectible art toy at 3-4 pm on 9

      Source : STGCC Press Release

      • THE​ ​ART​ ​OF​ ​DARUMA​ ​-​ ​A​ ​Never-Before-Seen​ ​Custom​ ​Art​ ​Toy​ ​Exhibition

      Artists from around the world have been getting their creative juices flowing over their Daruma Club
      collectibles. At STGCC, they will come together to put up a grand art toy gallery showcasing Bandai,
      Tamashii Nations’ Daruma Club collectibles.
      Visitors can expect to be treated to exclusive, one-of-a-kind Daruma Club collectible designs that will be exhibited for the first time at STGCC.

      An eye-catching life-sized Daruma, standing at approximately 1.2 meters, and featuring a uniquely
      Singapore design, will also be revealed at STGCC. Here’s a sneak peek of what fans can expect at ActionCty’s booth:

      • Where? When & how much?
      • 09/09/2017 & 10/09/2017 
      • Sands Expo and Convention Centre
      3 Tier of Tickets to suit your needs

      • Floor Plans and Schedules 

      • Media Preview Captures
                             STGCC 2017 Media preview  0001
        Assistant Project Director-Lin Koh

      We were promised another Record Breaking Year for STGCC 10th anniversary by Assistant Project Director-Lin Koh

      STGCC 2017 Media preview  0007
      Leon Chiro Guest Cosplayer from Italy

      Leon Chiro was at there the media preview, did a great job of hyping everyone up. 
      Certainly looking forward to see him in cosplay at the events ground

      STGCC 2017 Media preview  0011
      Rie Yunohara who is returning to STGCC for the 4th time 
      On what She like about Singapore after numerous visits, Reicho mentioned that the warmth of her fans in Singapore much like our weather. She also mentioned about the nice food and people which she enjoy every time she visits Singapore.  Here is an added bonus For you fans out there:

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      STGCC 2017 Media preview  0015

      Yes our very own comic icon Mr Kiasu is making a come back and it's no where else other than STGCC 2017!  

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