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Nexus 6P scored an impressive 84 DXOmarks mobile! Looks like i have found my next phone!

Screengrab from DXOmark article on Nexus 6P.

Just few hours, Google annouced the 2 new Nexus phones. The Smaller 5x will be made by LG and its bigger Sibling the 6P will be made by Huawei. The DXOmark mobile for the Nexus 6P have centianly caught my eye. Being a blogger like myself having a good camera on our mobile phones is certainly an added advantage. We will take a deeper Dive into the Nexus 6P here. 


Specs at a glance and key features:

Screengrab from Huawei website

As of all Nexus Devices launches, The phone will be the the first to feature a Pure, no bells and whistles latest version of Android, for this case is Android Marshmellow, future versions of
Android will be readily available as well. The best part? The Android in Nexus devices is pure so
manfacturer's bloatware won't exist in this eco system.The phone will also feature the brand new Reversible USB type-C port, No more fumbling with it,

It's Rear Camera has 12.3 Megapixel sensor(IMX377) Made by Sony, 1.53um pixels, aperture of f/2.0 with laser autofocus and dual tone LED flash in a tow. The front has got 8 Megapixel shooter. Update: Check out former Android Enginner Romain Guy's sample shots from the phone below, do note that some minor post processing have been done but the shots are still impressive!   

Estimated Pricing and Availability

The phone launches today State side on Google store. The Global launch of the phone is not ready yet at the time of publication but seemly for the first time for google, There is a Exclusive gold option for the Japanese market (argggggh i want this!!!! =( ).

We don't know the global prices yet but according this Android Central article, this is what it will look like:

Country (Currency)-[32GB,64GB,128GB]
U.S ($)-[499,549,649]
UK (£)-[449,499,579]
Japan (JPY)-[74800,80800,92800]
Canada ($)-[699,749,849]
Australia ($)-[899,999,1099]
France (€)-[649.699.799]
Germany (€)-[649.699.799]
Hong Kong (HKD)-[4688,4988,5688]
South Korea (KRW)-[670000,730000,850000]

For the local price in SGD i am guessing its not too far off (Numerical wise) from what aussies are paying in AUD based on the current exchange rates, but don't qoute me on that just use it as a rough gauge. Also we don't know excatly what options do we have here. but if you are intrested like me, i suggest you keep your eye glued to Huawei Singapore Facbebook page 

  • Update 1 

From Huawei Singapore FB-
Colors: Graphite and Aluminium
Capacity: 64GB and 128GB 
  • Update 2:
seems like we have leak prices, A fellow HWZ mod Vulpix happen to overheard a convo, i don't know how true but if its true we will be the cheapest in the region Link to post( and yes the speedknight is me.) :

  • Update 3: 
The Prices are official! 64GB/128GB Pre-order: $899/$999; SRP: $949/$1049

  • Update 4: 
With the US already reciving thier sets, the Local Pre-order period is opening up very very soon. Here is the good news! According to the sources, The pre-order will be done by one of the Largest online retailer locally. So similar to our freinds we can sit in the coomfort of our home, and wait for the phone to be delivered to us! 

  • Update 5:
Singapore Pre-order landing page active as of 21 Oct 2015 1910 HRS: 

  • Update 6: 
Follow this link to Android Central's Nexus 6P camera review

  • Update 7
Worry that the Snapdragon 810 runs hot, According to Android Central, it's not really that bad,

  • Update 8
Vulpix's user Review is up on Hardwarezone's Forums.

  • Final Update
Due to overwhleming demand Pre-orders were snapped up within mins of launch

f/2 1/24 4.67 mm ISO336

f/2 1/30 4.67 mm ISO317

f/2 1/39 4.67mm ISO507

f/2 1/40 4.67 mm ISO199