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Oppo R7: 3 Months on.

A friend loan me the Oppo R7 to play with around this time in June. First impression of the phone is the decent build quality. The Oppo R7 is a "Premium" Mid range phone priced at SGD 569 without contract.

Specs at a glance

  • ColorOS 2.1i, Android 4.4.4
  • Processor: Qualcomm MSM8939 Octa-core, Snapdragon 615
  • Ram: 3 GB
  • Rom: 16 GB 
  • microSD slot: Yes
  • Battery 2320 mAh Li-Po Battery 
  • Rear Camera: 13-megapixel Samsung 3M2 with ISOCELL technology
  • Screen: 5 inches AMOLED, 16 million colors, 1080P

General Performance and Observations (Day to Day usage)

Overall the phone is pretty snappy with its 3GB ram, Multi-tasking is a smooth affair switching between apps easily without lag. The Snapdragon 615 is pretty quick as well, infact this phone seems to be on par with another phone of my wirh Snapdragon 800 and 2GB of RAM.

The ColorOS is pretty well optimized performance wise, the interface however is the least of my liking, it feels very iOS. The Stock launcher on my set have been replace with Nova launcher just like every of my devices.

The Screen has got good viewing angel and visiblity under the bright sun is good. Being an AMOLED screen the colors are indeed vibrant, but it isn't overwhelming, Earlier generations of AMOLED screen tend to be overstaturated, but the one on the OPPO R7 is fine.

The 2320mah Battery isn't huge by today's Standard, but overall the battery life is very decent.


VOOC Quick charge 


OPPO has opt for thier own Quick charging technology in place of Qualcomm's very own quick charge 2.0. As you can see from the screenshots above, within a span of 6 mins battery level has gone up by an impressive 10%. This is by far the quickest charging phone i have ever come across, however being propriety means that you can only archive this using Oppo's own adapter and powerbank.        

Camera Performance

SG50. A interpolated 50MP photo taken with oppo R7 with a 13MP Samsung ISOcell sensor
Oppo R7 Expert(shutter priority) Mode.

A shot taken in Raw format and post processed afterwards. Click this link to view full size.

As a blogger and photography enthusiast, having a mobile device with a good camera is always an added advantge. Overall i am very impress with OPPO R7's imaging quality. The Raw format that the phone shoot is .DNG which is a standard format that can be easily exported into popualr post processing softwares to do post processing. Intrestingly, OPPO decided to opt for a Sumsung ISOCELL sensor on the R7 then the conventional Sony sensor that everyone seems to be using now. 

You may wish to view the rest of the photos taken with the phone below: