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STGCC 2015:The captured Memories

Crowds at STGCC 2015 last weekend. 

Last weekend from the 12th to 13th of September 2015, Pop-culture enthusiast from both the Eastern and Western Camp flock to Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore for the 2015 edition of the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention (STGCC 2015). 

  • East meets West
TAMusic and IOSYS interacting at the event grounds 

Marvel's Booth at STGCC 2015
Various Guest during the walk of fame session 

STGCC has always differentiate itself from the rest of the events in Singapore by having an extensive content from both camps of Pop-culture. This year is no diffrent, with big names like Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Shigeto Koyama, Tomokazu Sugita for the eastern camp & Adam Hughes,C.B. Cebulski, Adi Granov for the western camp among many others. Fans were delighted to meet them up close and personal during the many walk of fame session and learn more about their fave guest at thier stage panels.
  • The cosplay

Stella Chu


Aza Miyuko and her friends were spotted among the crowd, she is in Singapore for vacation and this is her 2nd time attending STGCC as public attendee.
The champion for the STGCC Championships of Cosplay Champion.
Little Yuna during the kids cosplay parade

No Pop culture event of this scale will be completed without cosplayers. This year Stella ChuYuiSakuTadaaki Jacky Dosai, Nakoto and Kuryu were invited for STGCC. 

Handry who cosplayed as Iron Man Mark 39 (Starboost) evenutally walk away as Champion for
the STGCC Championship of Cosplay winning himself a trip to Chicago's 2016 C2E2 event. 

What was new this year though was the Kids Cosplay parade where the little ones get to showcase thier talents on stage. and judging from the crowd response during the show, They should totally bring it back next year!

Many cosplayers turn out at event ground, Among them, All the way from Korea was Aza Miyuko and her friends, They came down to STGCC 2015 for thier vacation and this is not the first time Aza Miyuko attended the event as public, she did so last year as well.    


  • Music, Idols and DJs
Rie Yunohara
You Yanase
TAMusic and Animenz
Hige Driver

Rei Yunohara  and You Yanase captivated the crowd during thier performance on saturday. Fans of the idols crowded the stage area during the performance, wotagei were clearly present. One of the crowd faviourte seems to be You Yanase's Senbonzukura Performance.

While this isn't the first time TAMusic and Animenz is in Singapore, its thier first time collabrating here. Both are extremely popular among the fans, when the two were onstage thier performance were certainly expolsive! Miss thier performance? I have a video of the full performance below for your enjoyment! 

DJ Night at STGCC is certainly the crowd favourite, This year Hige Driver and Yuyoyuppe took the crowd to groove with the beat. The energy throughout the performance were certianly huge, i can feel the ground shaking from my Media platform! 

Head on over to after the Break for the abovemention video and more photos in the gallery for your enjoyment! Be sure to full screen for max enjoyment! (PS: The gallery does include picture from the media preview as well)