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Charaexpo 2nd press confernce.

Takaaki Kidani-san(Bushiroad's President), Aimi Terakawa(Voice Actress),Tezuka Kaname-san (NJPW's CEO), Kenjiro Ogino(Albirex Niigata's Goalkeeper.)

On the 20th of May 2015, Charaexpo had thier 2nd Press Conference 
for thier upcoming event on the 20 to 21 June 2015 at Singapore Expo. 
More Guest and Event line up added on to what has been already annouced 1st Press confernce.

Tezuka Kaname-san (NJPW's CEO)
Tezuka Kaname-san the CEO of New Japan Pro Wrestling 
was there as well to give us a insight of whats is to expected from NJPW at charaexpo. You will need to pay a small amount if you opt for the Front row seats during Charaexpo.   

 Kenjiro Ogino(Albirex Niigata's Goalkeeper.)

 Ogino was sharing about how he tried the moves of Captain Tusbasa
When he was a kid. Charaexpo will be bringing down 
the artist of Captain Tusbasa Manga, Yoichi Takahashi. 

Aimi the voice behind Suiko in Card fight Vanguard.

Experience of attending over seas event and talks about her upcoming role in a upcoming anime Bang_Dream. Be sure to Catch her at Charaexpo! 

The video and image gallery of the press con are below: Aimi shared with us her 

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