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Charaexpo 2015: What to expect [Latest-Merchandises list update as of 20th June,0707hrs]

If You have not already known for the previous Charaexpo Press Conference article and the Charaexpo After Party article  CharaExpo 2015 is an upcoming event which will be held on the 20 to 21 June 2015 at Singapore Expo hall 8 from 1000-1800 hours.

Ticketing Info

  • Early-Bird Special-S$6.00/ticket
Tickets are now available for purchase at various hobby stores, Sony Stores (313@somerset, IMM, Bugis and NEX outlet) and Peatix's ticketing system in Singapore. Click here for the list of stores where you can purchase the ticket. Buy it online at Peatix.

  • Onsite sale-S$8.00/ticket 

SMRT Buses with Love Live and Charaexpo livery ! 

SMRT MAN A22 with mockup livery 

5 Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) buses will be decorated with Love Live! School idol festival, CharaExpo 2015 and Cardfight!! Vanguard advertisements from now till July 2015.
Bus numbers 167, 171, 61, 188 and 966 will feature these ads which are promoting the Love Live! School idol festival smartphone application game, upcoming Japanese anime, manga and games event CharaExpo 2015 and the TV animation Cardfight!! Vanguard G.
The Love Live! School idol festival is a rhythm game based on the Love Live! School Idol Project franchise that features a live ranking scoreboard as well as an immersive story mode. The smartphone application is available on iTunes Store and Google Play for free.
The Love Live! School Idol Project is a Japanese animation series that follows the lives of a group of fictional school girls who form a pop idol group in order to save their school from shutting down. It is a collaboration project between Japanese animation studio Sunrise, publisher ASCII Media Works’ Dengki G’s Magazine and music label Lantis.

Guest Attendance 

  • Voice actors:

Ryo Horikawa

Tsubasa Yonaga

Izumi Kitta [Official blog | Official Twitter]

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0004

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0005

Aimi [Official blog Official Twitter]

Image Source: My anime list

  • Singers:

Maon Kurosaki

Mashiro Ayano [Official Site | Official Twitter]

Image source:Official website

Ayaka Kitazawa
                                                                 Image source:Charaexpo website

  • Musician:
Image Source: My anime list


  • New Japan Pro-Wresters:

Hiroshi Tannahashi
CharaFestv2015 press Con_0006

-Shinsuke Nakamura
-KazuChika Okada
-Hirooki Goto
-Togi Makabe
-Toru Yano
-Junshin Thunder Liger

  • Cosplayers:


Tatsumi Inui

Sin Izumi

  • Creators/Artist:

Kaoru Hagiya

Akira Ito

Mitsuhisa Tamura


Yoichi Takahashi
                 Image Source: 


Akio Watanbe
Image Source:Myfigurecollection

Obari Masami




Kuuchuu Yosai

Cosplay Competition

Exibitors(As of 26 Feb 2015)

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0002

-Good Smile Company
-Visual Art's
-Tokyo Mx
-TV Tokyo
-TV Ashai
-New Japan Pro-wrestling World
-Amuse Singapore
-Front Wing
-NBCUniversal Entertianment Japan
-CoMix Wave Flims
-Shogakukan Asia
-Avarium Academy

Featured Contents

  • Cardgame Tournaments-Bushiroad Springfest

  • Wrestling Exhibtion Matches

Featured Animation Series:

  • Vanguard
  • BuddyFight
  •  Le Eden De La Grisaia

Charaexpo After Party

Mogra lovers in singapore, i have a good news for you! AniCrush!!! is heading to Singapore! As an offical after party for Charaexpo.

It will be happening at Club-Kyo at 133 Cecil street on the 21st of June, Doors will open at 20:00 hours with an entry fee of $40.

Guest List
On the DJ & VJ list list there will be:

DJ Momochi Minami

DJ Amaya

DJ Kaxtupe

DJ GuysaaaaaN!

DJ Taahii


VJ Kunahara

Also on the Local guest list we have:

DJ Rainyrhy



Suzuki Suzume


EOY2014_D1_All _D2_ B1_B2_00254



CharaExpo Merchandises:
*(Images here are taken from the official Site/official Facebook)

Bushiroad booth 

Booth B01-Odex

Booth B03-TBS

Booth B04-TV Tokyo

Booth B05-NJPW

Booth C01-ADK

Booth D01-Nippon Animation


Booth D03-TMS

Booth D05-Shogakukan Asia

Booth D06-Comix Wave Flims

Booth D07-Bushimo

Booth D08-Aniplex

Booth D11-Xarts

Booth D13-Sony

Booth E01-Bandai Namco Entertianment

"The selected merchandises from the IDOLM@STER series including CINDERELLA GIRLS as well as CDs that are currently available only in Japan will be ready for purchase at the booth"

Booth E04-Daisuki Anime Consortium Japan

Booth E07-Good Smile Company

Booth F01-Kotobukiya

Booth F03-Avex pictures

Booth F04-Pony crayon

Booth F05-Chara-ani

Booth F07-Banpresto

Booth F11-Avarium Academy

Booth G01-Cospa

Booth G02-ICNS

Booth G03-Dentsu

Booth G07-Amuse

Booth G11-Nitroplus

Booth H01-La Tendo

Booth H05-Rapid Culture

Booth H06-Toy coin

Booth H07-Tokyo MX

Booth H08-Rainy Cocoa & Ryo Horikawa

Booth H09-Front Wing

Booth H10-Visual arts

Booth K01-Frontier Works

Booth K02-Card Games Asia

Booth K03-Otakutachi

Booth M01-Magical Suit Prism Nana

Booth M03-CODA

Booth M04-Tokyo Game Show

Booth M05-AKB48 Official Treasure Card

Booth M07-BiliBili

Booth M08-Anicrush

Creators Corner A01-Citru5

Creators Corner A02-LionGeeks

Creators Corner A03-CGlas

Creators Corner A04-C.D.S

Creators Corner A05-Daiyaku

Creators Corner A06-Cats are tiny

Creators Corner A07-FPS X Squash

Creators Corner A08-Daydreamer

Creators Corner A09-The Nightygales

Creators Corner A10-Baratobara

Creators Corner A11-Aposekari

Creators Corner A12-WC?

Creators Corner A13-Misoniso

Creators Corner A14-Chingcheong potato

Creators Corner A15-Touken mise

Creators Corner A16-Purballs

Creators Corner A17-Mujou Maga

Creators Corner A18-Teru teru

Creators Corner A19-Alice overture

Creators Corner A20-Freebird

Creators Corner A21-Booth Oekakidachis

Creators Corner A21-C.carnival

Floor plan