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Chara expo 2015 press-con

Takaaki Kidani(COE Bushiroad), Izumi Kitta(Voice Actress) and Hiroshi Tannahashi(Japan Pro Wrestler)

On Thursday members of  the media and the public were invite over to Sony Playstation Stage at Somerset 313 for a short press-con for Charaexpo 2015 where the details of the event itself were released.

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0001

The inaugural event which focus on the anime, manga, games, card games and cosplay will be happening on the 20 to 21 June 2015 at Singapore Expo hall 8 from 1000-1800 hours, Entry Tickets will be priced at $6 for early bird special and $8 on site. Tickets will be On-Sale in April

The Event will be dived into 3 Zones, namely the:

Exbititon Zone- Where the content of Your fave characters and be found and thier goods will be sold here.

Creator Zone-A place where indiviual creators can unleash thier creativity.

Entertianment Zone-An area where Content Creators and Production staff showcase thier work and interect with the audiences thru the llikes of talk show and panels on stage.

Special Guest

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0003

Voice actors:
Izumi Kitta [Official blog | Official Twitter]

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0004

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0005

Aimi [Official blog Official Twitter]

Image Source: My anime list

Mashiro Ayano [Official Site | Official Twitter]

Image source:Official website

New Japan Pro-Wresters:
Hiroshi Tannahashi
CharaFestv2015 press Con_0006

-Shinsuke Nakamura
-KazuChika Okada
-Hirooki Goto
-Togi Makabe
-Toru Yano
-Junshin Thunder Liger


Akio Watanbe
Image Source:Myfigurecollection

Obari Masami


Exibitors(As of 26 Feb 2015)

CharaFestv2015 press Con_0002

-Good Smile Company
-Visual Art's
-Tokyo Mx
-TV Tokyo
-TV Ashai
-New Japan Pro-wrestling World
-Amuse Singapore
-Front Wing
-NBCUniversal Entertianment Japan
-CoMix Wave Flims
-Shogakukan Asia
-Avarium Academy

Featured Contents

Cardgame Tournaments-Bushiroad Springfest

Wrestling Exhibtion Matches

Animation Series:

 -Le Eden De La Grisaia

Currently the above are annouced for the event, there is more to come. The line up looks very promising and there is more to come. I am certianly look forward to this event.

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