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J-obession 2015: The report

J-obsession 2015.

Returning for its 2015 edition, J-Obsession was held at over a The Cathay over the weekends from the 13 march 2015- 15 march 2015.

From cosplay to J-Music, J-obessession 2015 had it covered. This year the theme of the event is Farewell to Naurto as Naurto's Final Movie is currently screening in Singapore. 

The Event started on Friday evening with several J-rock band performance with Mel ,Candy Apple Sauce,Shiranui,Eclispe and Square Bread.

Day 2 saw the cosplay competion itself and also J-Music amd Dance Peformances by Project 6.Usagi.Resonance.Rika.Miu,LSC,J.U.N.E,Ryuusei ,Otakuyaki.Sangriento and Life had Mase.

The event also invited 2 guest cosplayers from Japan,Rimuta and Shiro as well as Local cosplayers Rainer and Ashleyz were also invited.

Day 3 saw Rie Fu performing live on stage, bringing several of her hit songs like Life is Like a Boat (Bleach ED), I Wanna Go To a Place(Gundam Seed Destiny ED).

Day 3 J-music and dance performance had Natsumi Hoshino,Evieeep,Lirica,Reina.Mirei,Suzume,Natsu feat Rae & Ruka.Hakushiro,Final Haven,Quis on stage.

For the rest of the photos of the event, Check out the gallery below:


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