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More guest annouced for STGCC 2014- Aliga,Lenneth,Eva comics and more.

Another 8 guest has been added to the guest list (Photo from STGCC Email.)
If STGCC's Guest list wasn't awsome already, Today, they have just annouced another 8 guest to the guest list. Below are the details

Cosplay Guest

  • Aliga
Aliga as Kuroneko during one of our photoshoot session with her
Aliga should be no stranger to most. She has been invited to several conventions in asia as VIP guest and judge. Her kawaii-ness and moe-ness has won her many fans across Asia and beyond.
Do check out Cotton Candy Cosplay as well its a webstore where you can find cosplay related items.
  •   Lenneth XVII
Lenneth XVIII as Ragyo. (Photo by Muze's photography and cosplay source from Lenneth's FB page).  

Lenneth XVII is a local cosplayer whom coses a wide variety of characters base on the philosophy of not being picky about who she cosplay as but why she cosplay the character. Its great to see a local cosplayer being featured here.       


  • Evacomics 

If you have been active on Facebook, you should have seen her works on your newsfeed. 

Evacomics iconic comic comparing life in Japan and life in Singapore/US are a regular feature on facebook news feed. The comics are a fun way to compare the diffrent countries culture and traditions.
  • AngryWoebots
Panda King 2 "UNCRWND" Original Colorway (Picture from Artist's FB page)

"Everyone uses the panda of an icon of something cute and harmless, but I love painting them disgruntled and angry; it takes people by surprise.” -Aaron Martin, AngryWoebots.

  • Phillip Tan
Some of Philip's works (Picture from STGCC website)

"Philip started his career with Wildstorm's Taleweaver and Marvel's Uncanny Xmen. He went on to draw a wide variety of books across publishers. Among the few better known works are Todd McFarlane's Spawn and his DC projects like Green Lantern, Barman and Robin, and Savage Hawkman.
In recent times, Philip spends most of his days working on his creator owned book, while occasionally contributing to misc covers and stories for major publishers."

  • Aaron E. Kim Jacinto
    Some of Jacinto works (Picture from STGCC website)
Aaron E. Kim Jacinto was born in Aug 4, 1988 in San Juan City, Manila, he is a Filipino comic book artist and considered as one of the youngest artists at Marvel Comics. He was discovered by C. B. Cebulski. He was commisioned to do Wolverine Max (6). Jacinto continued to work on other Marvel titles such as Venom (37, 38, 39), Indestructible Hulk (13, 14, 15), Carnage (Annual Superior 1), Thunderbolts (23). Jacinto is currently working on some Marvel projects
  • Matt " Sekure D "Fabris
Some of Sekure D  Works (Picture from STGCC website) 

Born in Melbourne, Australia. Matt " Sekure D "Fabris lost himself in Sneakers and in the ultimate attempt to stand out begun to customize his own sneakers in order to have the most limited of limited releases, the 1 of a kind. Soon it evolved into a part time job painting shoes in his bedroom to the beginnings of a new full time career in design.

  • Scott Tolleson

                                          Some of Scotts Works (Picture from STGCC website) 

Scott has been interested in toys and art since he was a child growing up in Atlanta, GA. At 16, he moved to Southern California, where he eventually attended Cal State Fullerton and earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Illustration. Since 1998, Scott has worked for the Walt Disney Company in Entertainment Productions where he has designed pieces for various parades, venues and merchandise.Aaron E.Kim Jacinto

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