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Comifest 2014 (Day 1): The report

Crowd onlooking Thrones High Cafe Performance on Saturday

Over the National Day weekend Comifest 2014 was held at Suntec Convention Level 3 concourse.

This was the event's 5th installation. Comifest is an event that focuses on local artistes and hopes to provide an interective platform for the public and the artist.   

      Comifest 2014_D1_00001
Comifest 2014_D1_00008
Daiyaku with the now iconic Aitori a.k.a Lan Jiao merchandise is co-sharing thier booth with sunny day concept.

The Event actually saw Daiyaku iconic Aitori Plush back in stock due to popular demand, also they debuted the Aitori keychains which saw a similar popularity which according to thier facebook post they were all sold out by end of the event on day 2! 

                           Comifest 2014_D1_00017
Fans were delighted when they see onnies whom is one of the two invited guest for the event appearing on stage as Popstar Ahri on saturday.

Despite the much apparent langauge barrier, Onnies had answered several question presented to her during the Q&A session. What she lacks in the ablilty to communicate due to the langauge barrier she has certianly made it up with her outgoing and friendly personality. 

Comifest 2014_D1_00007  Huion Tablets on sale.

The Official Distributor for Huion, One Thirty Five's booth have the tablet on sale at very attractive prices. They have also several artist showcase at thier booth to demostrate the many functions of thier tablets.

With that we share head over to the gallery below for more picture of the event

Due to work commitments I was only able to to attend Day 1 of the event but do check out Day 2 pictures and report from the sites/FB pages below =):