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STGCC 2014: What to Expect- The round up!

So we are less then a week away from the Event itself, if you have been following my blogs you would have a rough idea of what is it to be for this year's
STGCC The guest list is certaintly a exciting line-up.

 Here is a roundup of what to expect with timely updates with the merchandise that the booths are selling as well, So do check back for updates.

1-Guest Seiyuu:
  • Tomokazu Sugita
Tomokazu Sugita. Photo provided by STGCC.

-This edition of STGCC will see the debut appearance of Tomokazu Sugita, a famous seiyuu (voice actor) best known for voicing many memorable roles in 
various Japanese anime and game titles – from Gintoki of the popular Gintama, to Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya and Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizzare 
Adventure. He also brought to life Ragna the Bloodedge from fighting game BlazBlue, which spawned an anime series. In fact, not only is this his debut at STGCC, the trip also marks his very first visit to meet fans in Southeast Asia!

2-Guest Cosplayers:
  • Aliga
Aliga as Kuroneko during one of our photoshoot session with her
-Aliga should be no stranger to most. She has been invited to several conventions in asia as VIP guest and judge. Her kawaii-ness and moe-ness has won her many fans across Asia and beyond.
Do check out Cotton Candy Cosplay as well its a webstore where you can find cosplay related items.
  •   Lenneth XVII
Lenneth XVIII as Ragyo. (Photo by Muze's photography and cosplay source from Lenneth's FB page). 

.Photo from Lenneth's FB page

-Lenneth XVII is a local cosplayer whom coses a wide variety of characters base on the philosophy of not being picky about who she cosplay as but why she cosplay the character. Its great to see a local cosplayer being featured here.       
  • Stayxxxx
Stayxxxx. Photo Provided by STGCC 

-Stayxxxx may look like a suave and stylish guy when donning various
anime/manga/game outfits, but she is in fact a female cosplayer well-known for
cosplaying male characters. Her depictions of anime characters such as Captain
Levi from Attack on Titan, Houka Inumata from Kill la Kill, and Gilgamesh from FATE series have won her fans from across the region.

Update: Due to unforeseen personal matters, Stayxxxx will not be able to make it for STGCC 2014
2.5- SPECIAL BONUS !! Aza Miyuko,Miyo Lee & Calix Freeman are dropping by as regular Con-going Cosers! 

GPGT. Screen cap From Miyo lee's Status update  

-Erm GPGT above is the Screen cap from Miyo lee status update.

3-Guest DJs & VJ

  • haLRu (MONOMIND)
                                                              Album Artwork provided by STGCC 

-haLRu (MONOMIND) is a prominent independent engineer of SOUND VOLTEX BOOTH and his responsibility is to drop beats on the dance floor daily. 
He was the sound engineer for the recording of the underground Doujin hits such as Himawari Remix, RayRain and even albums like Anime House Project 
and enigmatic LIA4.

  • estha (GEOGRAPHIC)
      Picture provided by STGCC 

-estha (GEOGRAPHIC)’s music mostly encompasses styles of house music, but he has multiple releases in the Touhou and Game music genres as well, most notably his works with Key Sounds Label. He is also the founder of two paramount Doujin groups within the Touhou scene – “GEOGRAPHIC” and “XL PROJECT”, both comprising experienced talents from Music, Design, Programming and Storytelling.

  • INU
DJ Inu. Picture sourced from nihongogo 

-Since his destined encounter with the popular anime Sailor Moon, Inu has been hooked on the Anisong genre and has dedicated himself to anime sound track production. His latest pieces include the rearrangement of anime theme songs from Sengoku Collection.

  • D.watt-IOSYS 
D.Watt from IOSYS. Picture sourced from Touhou Wiki. 

-D.watt has released more than 250 CDs with the notoriously famous IOSYS, a Japanese musical ensemble known for their Doujin (self-published works) releases from the Touhou Project series (a popular Japanese doujin game series) and the Denpa music genre. The group is a regular contributor of tunes for popular arcade games such as Beatmania IIDX by Konami and Maimai by Sega.
P.S: Touhou fans you read right...IOSYS IS COMING TO SINGAPORE 

  • sasakure.UK

sasakure.UK. Picture sourced from Famitsu

-“Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Bird?” is sasakure.UK’s major debut in 2010, blasting his name to fame in the Vocaloid world. His music outlook is characterised by a distinct pop flavour with a deep atmosphere, interjected with blip-bloppy chiptune sounds as well as changing key and rhythm. Some of his famous songs are frequently used in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva rhythm games as well!

  • VJ katsumaki
VJ katsumaki. Picture from STGCC website

-Watch VJ katsumaki as she spices up DJ Night with her video mixes and visuals! Master at mixing live videos, katsumaki is a prominent figure in the Anisong and Trance club scene, performing at famous Tokyo clubs mogra, ageha, liquid room and womb.

  • Humberto Ramos 
Humberto Ramos. Picture sourced from Wikipeida

Humberto Ramos’ affinity with everyone’s favourite web-head dates back in 2003 when he started working on both Peter Parker and Spectacular Spiderman for Marvel Comics. With his distinct manga style artwork, Ramos has made a name for himself and is currently working on the newly re-launched Amazing Spider-Man series, drawing some of the best characters to date featuring Electro, Black Cat and Silk.

  • Alex Solis 

Artwork of Alex Solis. Picture provided by STGCC.

Creative artist Alex Solis (or alexmdc in the T-shirt world) is one of the most successful artists on Threadless, an online platform where the top voted designs make its way onto T-shirts and other apparels. In an attempt to address the relationship between fast food and obesity, he came up with a series of humorous depictions of what would happen to superheroes if fast food becomes part of their daily diet. Check out his oversized Batman and Superman at STGCC!
  • Simone Legno 

Artwork of Simone Legno. Picture provided by STGCC.

The popular tokidoki brand is a classic staple of STGCC, with fans lining around the block to meet Simone Legno, the charismatic creator behind the hugely successful pop culture phenomenon. An Italian with an undying passion for Japanese culture, Legno has worked on many high profile design projects for big brands such as Volkswagen and Microsoft.

  • Harvey Tolibao
Artwork of  Harvey Tolibao . Picture provided by STGCC.

Harvey Tolibao returning to STGCC after two years, Tolibao will be launching a brand new HMT (Home of Multi-Talent) Studios artbook at the show to inspire other artists. Get ready to be impressed with the amazing collection of artwork in the book!

  • Evacomics 

If you have been active on Facebook, you should have seen her works on your newsfeed. 

Evacomics iconic comic comparing life in Japan and life in Singapore/US are a regular feature on facebook news feed. The comics are a fun way to compare the diffrent countries culture and traditions.
  • AngryWoebots

Panda King 2 "UNCRWND" Original Colorway Picture from Artist's FB page

"Everyone uses the panda of an icon of something cute and harmless, but I love painting them disgruntled and angry; it takes people by surprise.” -Aaron Martin, AngryWoebots.
  • Phillip Tan
Some of Philip's works. Picture from STGCC website

"Philip started his career with Wildstorm's Taleweaver and Marvel's Uncanny Xmen. He went on to draw a wide variety of books across publishers. Among the few better known works are Todd McFarlane's Spawn and his DC projects like Green Lantern, Barman and Robin, and Savage Hawkman.
In recent times, Philip spends most of his days working on his creator owned book, while occasionally contributing to misc covers and stories for major publishers."

  • Aaron E. Kim Jacinto
    Some of Jacinto works. Picture from STGCC website
Aaron E. Kim Jacinto was born in Aug 4, 1988 in San Juan City, Manila, he is a Filipino comic book artist and considered as one of the youngest artists at Marvel Comics. He was discovered by C. B. Cebulski. He was commisioned to do Wolverine Max (6). Jacinto continued to work on other Marvel titles such as Venom (37, 38, 39), Indestructible Hulk (13, 14, 15), Carnage (Annual Superior 1), Thunderbolts (23). Jacinto is currently working on some Marvel projects
  • Matt " Sekure D "Fabris
Some of Sekure D  Works. Picture from STGCC website

Born in Melbourne, Australia. Matt " Sekure D "Fabris lost himself in Sneakers and in the ultimate attempt to stand out begun to customize his own sneakers in order to have the most limited of limited releases, the 1 of a kind. Soon it evolved into a part time job painting shoes in his bedroom to the beginnings of a new full time career in design.

  • Scott Tolleson

                                          Some of Scotts Works. Picture from STGCC website 

Scott has been interested in toys and art since he was a child growing up in Atlanta, GA. At 16, he moved to Southern California, where he eventually attended Cal State Fullerton and earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Illustration. Since 1998, Scott has worked for the Walt Disney Company in Entertainment Productions where he has designed pieces for various parades, venues and merchandise.Aaron E.Kim Jacinto

  • Good Smile Company (Booth No:H3)
  Pictures From GSC website.

Some of of the merchandise on sale at the GSC booth. They Surely will bring in more stuffs so do check there booth.
  • Cherry Credits (Booth: C15)
Picture From GSC website.  

-Nendoroid Irine (Shanda Games & Eyedentity ver.). Do note that this is limited to only 100 sold at the event out of the 2000 being sold worldwide.

  • IOSYS (Booth D40)

Pictures from iosys Webstore 

-Grimoire of IOSYS - 東方BEST ALBUM Vol.1 -(50 Copies Only!) @ SGD$30
-Grimoire of IOSYS - 東方BEST ALBUM Vol.2 -(40 Copies Only!) @ SGD$30
-Grimoire of IOSYS - 東方BEST ALBUM Vol.3 -(40 Copies Only!) @ SGD$30

T- Shirt Picture from STGCC website; Album art from iosys webstore

-PUNK IT! SUWAKO! T-Shirt : Worldwide launch at STGCC at SGD $50.  

  • Daiyaku (Booth AA57 )

  •                                                                    Pictures from Daiyaku Facebook Page

    -We will be having a second Kancolle Badge Kuji this weekend at Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC)!!
    With Lucky Draws of Kongou and Shimakaze Dakimakuras to be given out!!
    We will be holding a lucky draw at 5pm on the 6th and 7th of Sept at our booth!

    -Kancolle Game Event!
    You will be declaring your fleet with the purchased kancolle badges you have!
    Yes, you are able to use the old badges you purchased from us during the previous events, round ones included!

                                                                Picture from Daiyaku Facebook Page

    • Cotton Candy(Booth B27 )   
    Picture From Cotton Candy FB Page. 

    -Love Live CheerLeader Costumes. 100% Similarity. 
    Retail price: $169 with full accessories. Get it during STGCC at our booth to enjoy $20 OFF immediately.

    - Aliga will be selling her Photobook and poster *very limited copies. Check out her video here

    • Catch Japan (Booth: E40)

    -Various Kujis:Ghost in the Shell (Arise),Hello Kitty x Evangelion,Kantai Collection,One Piece (History of Ace),Rilakkuma (Part 26) ,Sanrio

    • CDS (Booth:AA59)
    Picture from CDS FB

    -Our 'pun-intended' release this Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC).
    Featuring the Kancolle fan illustrations from JUN, Saiseki, Haiashi and Usanekorin, this $20 book comes with two posters & a go at a game to win additional badges and cushions.

    • Rapid Culture (Booth: D33)
    Picture from STGCC FB

    -Pokemon nano blocks.....Darn the pikachu battle field really looks good! So which one is your fave?

    • Xmashed Gear (Booth AA20)

    -Some very intresting East X West Fusion pop culture tees on sale! Do check them at booth AA20

    • Action City/Hot Toys(Booth:F3 ) 
    Pictures from Action city/Hot toys press release

    -The Four Exclusive Items:

    • Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Peacemaker (MarkXXXVI) Collectible Figure
    • Alien vs. Predator:1/6th scale AncientPredator Collectible Figure
    • The Dark Knight: 1/6th scale The Joker (Bank Robber Version 2.0)
    • Collectible Figure Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Python (Mark XX) Collectible Figure.

    - On Site purchase Items: 
    • Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Hall of Armor (House Party Protocol Version) Collectible
    • Iron Man 3: 1/6th scale Workshop Accessories Collectible Set

    6-Event Schedules

                                                                    Picture from STGCC FB

    -Mark down your timings to avoid disappointment! Plan ahead so that you wont made that last min. rush!

    7-Floor Plan

    Scanned from STGCC Brochure

    8-Ticketing info

    The VIP Package will only be available online and it consists of the following sweet deals:
    • VIP Badge for 2 day access
    • Priority entry into the hall*
    • 3 x Fast Pass to access the priority queue at Walk Of Fame
    • Front seating at stage
    • STGCC lanyard
    • Exclusive Psylocke Print by Harvey Tolibao
    • 10% discount voucher valid at XM Studios’ booth
    • 5% discount voucher for XM Studios’ pre-order products
    • 1 bag drop coupon per day
    • Lingua Comica: Graphic Novels from Asia and Europe
    • Lingua Comica Reloaded
    • Lingua Comica Fuse
    • VIP package holders will be welcomed into STGCC on 6 Sep at 9am by Star Wars 501st troopers to be the first to buy exclusives and new products.
    • Save moolah on parking! One daily casino valet parking coupon will be allocated to each VIP package holder.
    • This just in! Olivier Coipel has just produced an exclusive STGCC print just for the VIP package holders.
    • To top it off, VIP package holders are entered into a lucky draw to win an original artwork from Stanley (Artgerm) Lau. The lucky draw winner will be announced on 5 Sep, Friday.
    *Sale of VIP package will end strictly on 2 Sep, 6 pm (Singapore time)

    * Priority entry into the hall DOES NOT include priority queue and purchase of the Hot Toys exclusives.

    For payment via internet banking, click here.
    For payment via credit card (fax), click here.

    1 Day Ticket-$19
    Allows admission for 6 OR 7 Sep 2014. Advance ticket sale at authorised retail outlets.

    2 Day Ticket-$25
    Allows admission for 6 & 7 Sep 2014. Advance ticket sale at authorised retail outlets.

    1 Day and 2 Day tickets will be available for purchase at Authorised Retail Outlets,Tickets will be available for sale at authorised retail outlets from 12 June 2014 onwards:

    Action City Outlets 
    • 313@Somerset-313 Orchard Road, #04-04A
    • Bugis Junction-200 Victoria Street #03-23
    • Jurong Point-63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-86
    • Marina Square-6 Raffles Boulevard #03-213/214
    • VivoCity-1 HarbourFront Walk #02-38

    Rapid Culture
    • 109 N Bridge Rd, Funan DigitaLife Mall #05-18

    The Falcon Hangar
    • Blk 261, Waterloo Street #01-27, Waterloo Centre

    Toyz Crazi
    • 8 Cross Street, #02-19 China Square Central

    At the convention
    • 1 Day and 2 Day tickets will be available for purchase at the Marina Bay Sands, 6 & 7 September 2014, 8am to 7.30pm*