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SGCC 2022: The captured memories.


SGCC 2022
Visitors taking photo with SGCC mascot P4L

As with other events, SGCC 2022 returns after the hiatus caused by the pandemic. Held over 2 days over the weekends on the 9th to the 10th of December 2022, crowds of Pop culture enthusiast flocked to the halls of Marina Bay Sands convention center. Enjoying returning favorites such as Artist Alley & newly introduced content like The W.I.P Lab.  

The Woke Salaryman at SGCC 2022
One of the Artist Alley booth this year was The Woke Salaryman.

Tony Wong at SGCC 2022
Tony Wong a popular Chinese Comic Artist was one of the invited guests this year

SGCC 2022 Cosplay contestant
Another returning favorite is SGCC Cosplay Competition

Shiba inu in Tanjiro inspired costume
Dressing up at a con isn't only limited to humans *Photo was taken just outside MBS at the public area

Tabletop gaming at SGCC 2022
Tabletop gaming is another Popular Mainstay at SGCC

For other captured memories head on to the Gallery below:


SGCC 2022

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