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Gamestart 2019: The captured memories

Ryutaro Sasaki,Elicia Lee,Tokita Takashi
Over the weekends on the 12-13 of October 2019 saw the return of Gamestart to the event grounds at Suntec Convention CenterWith the announcement that Gamestart will be partnering Gamescom next year to bring us Gamescom Asia  in Singapore These are the captured memories of the final edition of Gamestart in singapore.

  • International Guest       
Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_44

Gamestart Batch 2, Batch 3 0016

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_48

Beside Square Enix/Tokyo RPG Factory producers Tokita Takashi, Ryutaro Sasaki gracing the event this year giving the crowd insights about games such as ONINAKI, musical talents V.K from Taiwan & Luna Lorrain from Malaysia entertain the crowd with performance.

  •  SEA Major 2019 
 Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_13

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_14

Gamestart 2019 Batch 2_05

SEA Major have been a staple of Gamestart this year, players compete for the top spot in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, SOULCALIBUR VI, TEKKEN 7, DRAGON BALL FighterZ, UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st], Samurai Shodown, BlazBlue Crosstag Battle,Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 & Brawlhalla

  • Founders Base
Gamestart 2019 Batch 2_07

Gamestart 2019 Batch 2_01

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_25

Founders Base have been a great way of showcasing indie games to the crowd, continuing the trend of past year's Gamestart both international and local indie games studio have their games showcased and playable by the visitors this year.

  • Gamestart Tabletop

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_32

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_34

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_21

Gamestart 2019 Batch 2_02

Another hot favourite of Gamestart have to be it's Tabletop Gaming Section, each year the area expanded itself taking up more of the event ground & highly popular mobile game Fate Grand Order coming out with a tabletop spinoff are certainly a testimony of the resurgence of tabletop gaming in today's digital world. Just be wary of the random burrito thrown in your direction and make sure you dodge it in time.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake & Other Games Playable Demo

Gamestart Batch 2, Batch 3 0021

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_12

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_22

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_31

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_36

The biggest draw for this year's Gamestart has to be the playable demo of Final Fantasy VII Remake playable for the first time in South East Asian region, it's so exclusive that we weren't allowed to take any part of the screen. There were other playable demos around the event ground.

  • Doujima x Gamestart

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_20

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_35   

Doujima x Gamestart sees a total of 44 creators participating this year, with so many creators visitors are bound to find their favorite fan art and merchandise of their favourite series.

  •  Cosplay, Retro Fever & Other memories captured 

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_11

Gamestart Batch 2, Batch 3 0026

Gamestart Batch 2, Batch 3 0033

Gamestart Batch 2, Batch 3 0035

Gamestart Batch 2, Batch 3 0050

Gamestart Batch 2, Batch 3 0027

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_15

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_16

Gamestart 2019 Batch 1_39

No ACG event is completed without the attendance of Cosplayers. Also evident in the recent years with the comeback of Classic and miniature version of consoles and remastering of classic games the retro gaming fever has certainly caught us. with that i shall leave you with the full album of memories captured after the break.

Gamestart 2019

  • Final Thoughts Goodbye Gamestart, Hello Gamescom 

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