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Gamestart 2019: What to expect for the final Edition of Gamestart.

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We are 2 Weeks away from the Final Edition of Gamestart. After 6 Years of Gamestart, next year in 2020 gamestart will partner Gamescom to bring us Gamescom Asia.   Here is what is to be expected for the final Edition of Gamestart locally(They did mention that Gamestart is heading to a new home).
GameStart 2019 Brings The Coolest Celebration to Southeast Asia’s Gamers with the Best in ESports Action and the Gaming Ecosystem                                                         
  • Singapore’s largest gaming event gears up for its biggest celebration ever as gaming and esports see fever-pitch momentum, mainstream support and recognition hit a six-year high 
  • First wave of special guests announced, including veteran producer Takashi Tokita
  • Exclusive Asia-first game previews to be announced soon
Singapore, 30 September 2019 – As the Asia Pacific remains the largest overall region for gaming,estimated to take in $72.2 billion in 2019, and esports to be featured as a medal sport at the upcoming 2019 Southeast Asian Games - the gaming ecosystem is abuzz with interest. All eyes are on GameStart Asia, Singapore’s largest and longest-running gaming event, as organiser Eliphant unveils a series of announcements for its sixth edition, GameStart 2019 (#GameStart2019), to be held on 12 and 13 October at Suntec Convention Centre.
From humble beginnings of hosting 12,000 visitors in its inaugural edition in 2014, GameStart Asia has since welcomed 100,000 gamers, esports athletes and cosplayers over its 5 year history. SEA MAJOR, which has called GameStart home since 2016, returns as host to some of the world’s most prestigious fighting game tournaments. 2018’s edition of SEA MAJOR saw over 400 participants, with online engagement on Twitch alone reaching 25 million (minutes watched), with 2.6 million video plays on 1.6 million devices.
GameStart today is Southeast Asia’s premier gaming event, having forged long term partnerships with renowned platforms including Taipei Game Show, BIC Fest, Game Prime Asia and BitSummit to connect passionate local and international gaming communities.
With the theme “Asian Mythology”, visitors can gear up to new and exciting content that include showcases of the latest blockbuster games, esports, indie games, tabletop gaming, cosplay and appearances by special guests from various games industry segments.
The event is today recognised as an important platform for brands and game publishers to announce and showcase new and upcoming products to consumers. Organisers confirmed that several announcements and product launches will again be hosted at GameStart 2019, with details to be shared closer to date.
For the first time, visitors will get to enjoy The Castle, a themed adventure room game experiencecreated and available exclusively at GameStart 2019. Gamers can gather a party of 4 (or join a group),select from two story-based routes, and embark on their chosen clan’s mission to find the sealed demon within the abandoned castle.The new GameStart Demo Zone will host new and upcoming games on the PS4 and Nintendo Switchconsoles, including Tokyo RPG’s latest title, ONINAKI, Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2020, and other games which will be announced closer to the event days.Publishers Marvel, Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia, Arc System Works and Square Enix will also showcase games at the event.

  • SEA Major

Gamestart 2018 Day 1  00009
SEA Major @ Gamestart 2018 (File

SEA MAJOR (SEAM) 2019, the largest fighting game tournament in Asia, returns to GameStart 2019 bigger and better, with top players from around the world. It will host two major events - the Asia Regional Finals for Capcom World Tour (Street Fighter V), and the Finals of the inaugural SOULCALIBUR Asia League. Some of the world’s top players will be participating, including Daigo “The Beast” Umehara (Japan) and Kayane (France). Organisers hinted that a special announcement by a game publisher is expected to be made during the tournaments. Registration for SEA MAJOR will end on 8 October. 
Other tournaments include: 
  • Organised by FIFA veteran Xtr3me3 and Eliphant, the annual GameStart 2019: FIFA 20 Championship returns this year with a prize pool worth SGD 3,500, sponsored by MyRepublic GAMER and Armaggeddon. 
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legends tournaments under the MyRepublic Gamer tournament series. 
  • Pixel Battle Ultimate Challenge - a fun challenge for GameStart’s own mobile game which received a big content update in August 2019. Daily winners will take home a Secretlab gaming chair and GameStart swag. 

  • Exhibitors Lineup



  • Founder's Base

Gamestart 2018 Day 2  00020
Founder's Base @ Gamestart 2018 (File
  • Some of Asia’s best indie developers, including those from Myanmar and China, will gather at Founders Base to showcase their work, in addition to Gamestart’s partners - Taipei Game Show (Taiwan), Busan Indie Connect (BIC) Festival (Korea), Game Prime Asia (Indonesia) and BitSummit (Japan).



  • Tabletop Gaming

Gamestart 2018 Day 1  00007
Tabletop Gaming @ Gamestart 2018(File

  • The popular Tabletop Zone - The global board games market is a niche sector that has quietly seen astronomical growth in the last 3 to 4 years and is on track to be worth US$12 billion by 2023. The Tabletop Zone has seen strong growth in attendees since it was first introduced at GameStart 2017. Local and international exhibitors, including Moaideas from Taiwan and Asobi, a concept store for hobby enthusiasts, who will bring “Fate/Grand Order -collection figure-” will be at the convention. The Open Gaming area will have a selection of games for the uninitiated to try tabletop games led by Game Masters. Pre-registration for the free sessions is available at

  • Doujinma X GameStart

Gamestart 2018 Day 2  00014
Doujinma @ Gamestart 2018  (File

  • A haven for artists and the creative scene, Doujin Market x GameStart 2019 is a collaboration with the largest artist convention in the region, and provides artists from SEA the chance to showcase and sell their creations to visitors. For the fourth year running, Doujin Market -Doujima x GameStart Artist Alley returns to make art accessible to video game fans, while providing local and regional creators an opportunity to showcase their work. Over 40 creators will showcase some of the very best video game-inspired artwork, accessories and fan creations.

    • Guest Lineup


    • Floor Plans & Schedules

    • When & Where?
    • 12-13 October 2019
    • Suntec Convention Center Halls 401-403

    • Ticket Price,Tiers & Sales:

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