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What to Expect: AFA Creators Super Fest Returns to Singapore this 27 and 28 July 2024


AFACSF 2023( File photo) 

[This is a developing article do check back for more info as the event approaches| First published: 17/06/2024, Updated:07/07/2024]

SOZO, the Singapore-based founders of Anime Festival Asia – the largest Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) event in Southeast Asia, announces the return of AFA Creators Super Fest (AFA CSF) to Singapore. The visual feast for fans of popular culture and art on 27 and 28 July 2024 at Singapore Expo Hall 3. AFA CSF Singapore is a community-focused festival where established creators come together to exchange insights, share their experiences, and inspire budding creators.

  • NEW IN CSF 2024!: Fashion Hub

    Image Credit: AFA Creators Super Fest Press Release
  •  AFA Creators Super Fest Art Gallery:
LAM'S Art showcase AFACSF 2023( File photo) 

  •  Cosplay Hub & Cosplay Guestlist:
    Cosplay Hub AFACSF 2023( File photo) 

  •  Creators Lab & Creators Lab Speakers:

    Creators Lab AFACSF 2023( File photo) 


  • Creators Hub & Creators Hub Exhibitors
Creators Hub AFACSF 2023( File photo) 

  • Commercial Exhibitors 

Commercial Exhibitors AFACSF 2023( File photo) 

  • Akiba Super Stage, Performers & Schedules 
Akiba Super Stage AFACSF 2023( File photo) 

  • Cosplay Singles
Cosplay Singles AFACSF 2023( File photo) 

  • Where,Ticketing & Floor Plan
  •  Ticketing:

  • Location:

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