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Anicrush!!! Singapore 2015: The report

DJ momochi rocking the house down

Anicrush!!! 1st overseas event happened on sunday evening over at Club Kyo as an official after event for Charaexpo 2015. This is also the 1st time the local scene have an actual Ani-kura or Anisong clubbing event.  

The crowd enjoying the event

For people who are new to the Ani-kura or Ani-song clubbing, its clubbing with Ani-songs remixes and remixes other pop cultures genre such as Vocaloid and Touhou, these music are called the "Akiba-kei" Music . There are several clubs in Japan which have regular Ani-kura nights. For Example, Club Mogra in Akihabara which Anicrush is based in have Monthly Schdules for such Fixture.

"Akiba-kei music features a surprisingly wide range of musical genres, from original anime songs, anime song remixes, Vocaloid, video game music, idol songs, adult game music, Toho, dempa, 8bit, chiptunes and more."-

Special Guest DJ Shinji Orito

Shinji Orito delivered an amazing set at AniCrush!!! Here he is playing Crow Song from Angel Beats!
Posted by Ani:Crush on Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Shinji Orito spinning the hit song form the anime Angle beats. 

Our very own local Talents Rainyrhy and Zalas

DJ Zala's set at Anicrush!!! 

 Besides Anicrush!!! Crew like DJ Ayama, Minami MomochikaxtupeGuySaaaaaN!!, B.S.R  &      VJ Kunahara. They also invited our on local DJ talents like Rainyrhy, zalasK0SM0S. But the most  notable Guest DJ is not other than Shinji Orito himself , The man behind the music of  Kanon, AIR, CLANNAD, Tomoyo After, Little Busters! & Rewrite was DJ-ing for the very first time. 

Serene Teo singing performance

Reina Kathy Singing performance

Suzume Dancing performance

Aya Dancing in a group performance

                                                                                  Lawiet Dancing in a group performance

Mirei dancing in a Group performance

Besides the DJ Anicrush also invited Several Local Cosplayers and Performers to Anicrush!!!:
Serene Teo/Yami, Reina Kathy , Mirei ミレイ, Lawliet & Aya. You may check out thier performance in the videos below:


For more captured memories head over to the image gallery after the break:

  P.S: Was really glad that i could contribute in this in whatever means possible, had always wanted to attend an ani-kura event, now i attended it in my home country. Looking forward to future anicrush events in singapore.