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KPP Nanda collection World Tour (Singapore) press conference:The report

      Lucky Fans who have won a meet and greet as well as a photo session with KPP.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu(KPP) is here in town for her 2nd concert- Nanda Collection World tour (Singapore). Before her concert, She held a open press con at The artium of Funan The IT mall.  The short but fruitful press confernece attracted scores of KPP fans to flock to Funan for this once in a lifetime expreince of attending a pre-concert press conference that is very rare for a Japanese artist.

                     A large number of topics were being discuss during the press conference   

Everything from her fave food in Singapore to her current fashion inspiration, how she felt having touring the world to how she felt turning 21 was being questioned on the ground. Do head on over to the video below for her answers! 

                        Cosplayers who dorn the costumes of what Kyary wore in her MVs.

Since the event was open to the public, several fans could be spotted dorning Harajuku Fashion and some of them even dorn the costumes of what Kyary wore in her MV,she specifically mentioned that she is very happy to see the cosplayer's presence. Head over to after the break for the video of the entire press-conference and more photos in the gallery.

Remember that her concert would be held at Star Vista's The Star Theatre in a few hours at the time of posting!  
 The article for the concert itself is up-

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