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Funan Anime Matsuri:The Report

Cosplay contestants who handpick by the guest judges having a group photo session with the guest judges themselves.

For the pass week Funan Anime Matsuri have been attracting scores of Japanese pop-culture fanatics to Funan the IT mall for a wide variety of activites: Cosplay workshops that was conducted by invited guest,cosplay competition,anime screenings,artiste showcase by Itowokashi and Valerie .

Off Stage,there were Anime Merchandise Booths,MMK Maids and Atelier Royale Butler Cafe and Creators Hub.

Ying Tze conducting a costume sewing workshop on stage, This was during the friday session where she teach about drafting.


  Valarie during her fan meet session on Friday.

Jeremiah Boon (also known as "Senpai" of CDS,according to my Facebook.) on stage for a drawing workshop on stage.

Lita conducting her workshop of turing a normal high-heel shoe into boots for her prop making workshop.

Yingtze was totally caught by her belated birthday suprised after her workshop on Saturday. 

H on stage for her Wig styling workshop

The Young talent Piano Minion performed several Ani-song piano pieces on stage ( PS:I will provide a bonus at the end of this post do check it out!)

Akatsuki Tsukasa on Stage for her Makeup workshop 

Sakuya on Stage for her Makeup workshop 

For the rest for the photos head over to the gallery after this break! Remember the Bonus Footage at the end of this post as well!