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STGCC 2013- The report

The Contestants of the Cosplay Runway with Guest Vampy and Aza.

Unlike most pop-culture events in Singapore which mainly focused on the Japanese side of things, the highly anticipated STGCC 2013, which features popcultures of both the western and eastern,happened at Marina Baysands convention Center last weekend. The event which see its biggest installation since its debute,attracted scores of people flocking to the event venue,jam packing it.

Another attraction of STGCC would be the live violin performance by world-renowned TAMusic. While he is playing on the stage capturing everyone with his musical covers from Touhou and Animes, someone snuck into the audience.....

TAM performing on Stage as a Closing for STGCC Day 1.

Well he was so good that he manage to have mesmerized a very special someone who snack in and join as audiance.

Starting the 2nd day was a Panel with guest Aza and Vampybitme where they share thier expreince on cosplaying.

Aza and Vampy sharing thier expreince as well as tips on cosplaying on stage.

Video Courtesy of Tang Kelly.

There was also a Cosplay Showcase on the 2nd day where cosplayers were give a chance to showcase thier costumes on Stage

                 Some say he was busy recording for the 20th Season in the UK, Others say he was paying                  a visit to the Top Gear USA team....All we know is the Stig appear at STGCC 2013!  

On the 2nd day the Grand Finale of the event got alot more intense as Yoyoyuppe faces off with KZlivetune.

Yoyoyuppe & KZlivetune put the event to an Asounding(literary) end. 

Head to the Gallery after the break for more photos!  


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