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Music Matters 2013 - J-Rock Matters presented by BARKS (Press-con+Concert)

SID,Fumpool & Weaver at the press-con. was invited to the BARKS press conference for J-rock matter live on Thursday(23rd May 2013.)During the confernece,the media was given a chance to interect with the invited J-rock bands-SID,Fumpool & Weaver who were guests for J-rock matters live at Music matters 2013

To cater the International audiences around the world, BARKS annouced the launch of both Tradtional Chinese( & Simplfied Chinese( websites in additon to the English( Website that have seen a steady viewership increase of 5% per day since its earlier launch on  12th April 2013.

"We  have been reciving requests by the global community who want to know more about Japanese Music, but so far,most of the information is only avaliable in Japanese. In response to this , BARKS has rencetly launch an English site for golbal fans.Today we are delighted to launch two new sites in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, to make information avaliable to fans who understand Mandarin.Through these sites, we hope that more people will love and be able to catch up on the latest news and trends of Japanese music and artists. In addtion, three of our growingly popular artist groups will perorm in Singapore tonight. I hope that through thier music and performance, music fans in Singapore and Asia can recoginse and appreciate the universal appel of J-rock, and continue th support the artists by checking out thier latest news and update on BARKS" -Mr Tadashi Goto,Producer of BARKS

After the press conference headed down to the Music matters Venue at Clarke Quay.

By 6.00PM the venue is already packed with fans whom some arrived as early 9AM to book thier best seats in the house as its a free event. 

There were other peformance and artisites as well and the entire event was being live streamed on Youtube.

More pictures of both events as well as videos from various sources are right after the break!

Music Matters Offical Channel-Fumpool's Perfomance Recording

Music Matters Offical Channnel-SID's Perfomance Recording

XinMSN-SID Interview session

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