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Cure Festival 2013 @ DBS marina regatta 2013

Special Guest Pitcha on stage!

Over the weekend,Cure festival 2013 was being held at the Marina Bay,as part of the DBS marina regatta 2013. Organized by the very same team behind Cosfest, Pitcha was invited down as special guest and was cosplaying Dio from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

Skye who repeseneted Team Singapore 2009 on stage,she was performing a song from the anime Psycho pass as the opening act for the event!

Lawliet (and her team,not in picture) one of the contestant for the Cure Fashion Runway auditon.

Cure Fashion Audition was also being held on stage. Where cosplayers showcased thier costumes onstage.  

Scores of cosplayers also attended the event,inculding Aliga,

Sound of Cosfest brought us several pieces of Japanese-theme music from Anime,Games and Vocaloid songs

Head over to the picture gallery after the break for more pictures of the event!


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