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Meeting the Ani-Mates: Ashley & Alodia

It was pouring cats,dogs and what have you at Yishun yesterday,as i make my way down to Animax Meet the ani-mates event held
at camp pong over @ *scape.Once i reached, i was greeted by familiar faces from fellow bloggers like gordonator , Nutcase from the banzai effect and Alafista.
The Event host was a familar face too,She is Yoshimi who hosted the past 2 AFAs too. First we where presented with what we can expect from Animax, I would gladly say that with
offering like Nodame cantabile including season 3,K-on!!,Hayate no Gotoku! ! Season 2, are very good lineups that will attract viewers to CH 532 on Starhub Cable.In addition animax is also giving 
$532 weekly to viewers from the 19th July for a period of 10 weeks and also 1 lucky winner will get the grand prize of $5320. All you have to do is to catch clues provided by Ani-mate Alodia on all the 5 weekdays.After collecting them.submit them online into the weekly draw,its that easy. And oh....
this is exclusively for singapore only.With that they invited the Gosiengfiao sisters who are Animax ambassadors A.K.A Ani-mates to join the party and the wall of photogs when wild as i hear the shutters clicks(including my own...),please click on the link after the break to see what my shutter 
was working hard for............       

Speedknight - View my 'Animax meet the Ani-mates:Alodia & Ashley' set on Flickriver

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