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One of the Peach-pit duo in hospital

Image Courtesy of wikimeida.

one of the Famous manga-ka duo Peach-pit have been hospitalize

Quoted from animenews network:
he Peach-Pit duo of manga creators have announced on their website that their Zombie-Loan, Rozen Maiden, and Shugo Chara! manga have gone on hiatus this month due to a sudden illness. The Peach-Pit creators apologize to their readers and add that they hope to recover quickly and return from the hospital.

Instead of a full Zombie-Loan manga installment, the January issue of Square Enix's G Fantasy magazine (on sale on December 18) will publish just Peach-Pit's color front page of the planned installment. 2009's combined Issue #4/5 of Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump magazine (on sale on December 22) will have a pin-up poster with the same illustration as the cover from the first compiled volume of Rozen Maiden's Young Jump version. This issue will also have an article summarizing the Rozen Maiden story thus far. The February issue of Kodansha's Nakayoshi magazine (on sale on December 29) will not have the usual Shugo Chara! manga installment. In its place, a side story about the characters Nagihiko and Amu-chan, which was first published in the Nakayoshi Lovely 2007 Winter special issue, will be published for the first time in the actual magazine. Peach-Pit also illustrated the magazine's color cover and the manga's color front page.

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