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Farewell EOY!

Its official,STAC has made an Announcement over at that they will be disbanding,
due to running cost,and they did not want to go commercial,therefore lacking of sponsors.
The post reads:

Posted by snowykiss @ SGcafe

Good day to everyone.

We come with some serious news. STAC is dissolving. This means the end of Kouhaku in June, and our EOY convention in December. This will take effect immediately.

For those who wonder about their membership cards, don't. The $2 you paid, along with the amount we collected this year from the event, just barely managed to cover paying for the entire EOY event in 2008. In short, we just barely broke even.

As some have surmised, STAC has been struggling to find new talent to helm the team when the current committee became too old to carry on. Unfortunately, we couldn't find anyone who wasn't equally as busy as us. Considering STAC has always been a volunteer club, people here juggle school, work, and other committments while preparing the events.

As some have also heard, it's become increasingly tough for STAC to maintain (let's not even talk about expand) the events. Financing has also become a problem - especially when we want to avoid commercialism. Because we're a group that wants to cater to fans directly - be they doujin circles, aspiring dollfie owners or others.

Because of these, and other reasons which we prefer not to go into, we've had to come to the sad decision to pull the plug.

That's really it. We hope others can come in to fill the void we'll inevitably leave behind, and we wish everyone in the scene the best of luck.

Merry Christmas.

Shiro Tsubasa Animation Club

Although its my first time attending EOY this year,but EOY was the prime event of the yesteryears.
It was one of the pioneer Cosplay event in Singapore,but is hugely overshadowed by commercial event
this year(STCC 08,AFA08 and the likes).

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