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What a Day!

 Well today has been a Really long and tired day for me, i am typing on my bed....

Today as a student helper, in my CCA Nastro, that was this event where by secondary school

compete in Astronomy quiz. Well  As u guess, the schools involved are top-notch schools like
RI,RGS,Victoria School,ACS(I),Nayang Girls, Bukit Panjang Gov. High,NUS High but also they are some neighbourhood School like AMK sec and Bendeemer sec.even NJC sent and team for the advance one. Well being a event that "Sell" our school extensive preperation has to me make sure that everything runs smoothly.and that includes being clad in formal for the event.

The event starting 1015 to 2000 hrs. Being in long-sleeve altough not being the first time but i still find it restricting my just feel unatural.....

The event ended somewhat in time,well for this year RI has snatched The Champion postion from Bukit Panjang Gov. high(They won this event like 6th time) in fact they only manage to get 6th(Last for the top 6 final Teams) this time round,All i can say is that lady luck was with them this time round 2nd and 3rd was taken by NUS high and RGS respectively.

Today i have learnt 2 things in this when is intresting another inspiring

1] Puting Panadol in the water makes your flower last longer(Who would have tought of that?) this was from afew chem-life-science yr2 student

2]next is by Dr.Phil Chan an ex-lecturer in NYP Sch of engineering, in his presentation he siad something tha is truely inspring he say Maths(My weakest subject) is not about understanding,its about getting use to it(In other words pratice  and pratice!)

Actually,I wanted to stay over night in school,but because  the was some hiccups in booking for a proper room for sleeping ,i deicded not to((Which is a waste today got such clear skies!).

As i am really tired and its not only today(20/04/2006) yesterday was also quite busy...i dun want to risk getting sick as i saw alot of ppl down with flu....its my 3rd year and i said before in need to FOCUS and i really mean it....well next time maybe!

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