Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sundown Festival 2010 @ Universal studios(and its Meet & Greet session @ IMM ),Thanks for inviting me OCBC Yes! card & Animax!

Posted By: han siang "Speedknight" wong - Sunday, August 01, 2010

I was invited to Sundown festival 2010 and its meet and greet session by OCBC yes card and Animax,haha!1st and for most i would like to thank OCBC and Animax for inviting me to these 2 event i really had a great time with my friend(they were really generous,they gave 2 tix!). Oh did i mention that OCBC actually gave this really cool debit card that you can actually customize your own design on it? yeah no more boring debit cards haha!
Anyway Back to the event itself Sundown festival was held on the 31st of July at Universal Studio Singapore while its meet and greet session was held a IMM a day earlier, Bascially is a K-pop and J-rock concert by various artist such as Afterschool (K-pop), F.CUZ (K-pop) ,SuG (J-rock) ,LM.C (J-rock) and also Tenko Performance,I shall let the picture and videos do the talking:

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