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Live our Dreams,Fly our Flag and ORD LOR!!!

National Day is around the Corner & is heeding the call to live live our dreams,fly our flag, anime style.So here is a anime adaption of the Singapore city skyline and the state flag in the background from setokai no ichizion ...XD.

And also....ORD LOH! Looking back it has been a bittersweet journey for me,full of ups and downs. Just 2 years ago today i was here in my room packing my bag for BMT. I can never forget BMT although my was modified BMT as i was PES C back then....road marches,live firing,field camp they all left a very deep impression in me.After that I got posted to Khatib Fitness and Conditioning Center as ASA,eventually holding a key appointment. I would say i gained quite abit of experience from it.Finally after being through all that another chapter of my life ended.I have just embarked on another chapter of my life and looking forward to it.