Sunday, January 18, 2009

Peach-Pit Duo recovered desu~,3 mangas to be resume Desu~~~

Posted By: han siang "Speedknight" wong - Sunday, January 18, 2009
some of my personal rozen maiden collection

Below is extacted from AnimeNewsNetwork:
The prolific manga duo Peach-Pit have announced on their official website that they will restart their Zombie-Loan, Rozen Maiden, and Shugo Chara! manga in their respective magazines this January and February. The duo had announced that their manga had gone on hiatus last month due to a sudden illness and hospitalization. Peach-Pit apologized for worrying their fans and thanked those who sent them many warm messages. They added that they will strive even harder on their work, and asked for their fans' support going forward.

Its great news to Rozen maiden like fans like myself,for now i just have to hope a taiwanese publisher,hong-kong
publisher or even local publisher Chuan Yi would pick it up and translated it.

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