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Pissed off Kenshin closes SGcafe,how long??? we dont know...

I was outside trying to log in to SGcafe but instead of the normal forum page,
what greeted me was the following:

Orginally posted by Kenshin at SGcafe:

SGCafe Closed Because Kenshin Is Pissed Off Again

Time of the year again, for my yearly closure of SGCafe because I need to rant about people. What a way to welcome 2009.

Below is the email conversation of someone I banned for posting advertisements in the self introduction section.

Member: hi, i've got some important messages for me in there, and i need to reply to them, by the time 22th comes, i'd be blacklisted from them and i can't get to buy stuff from them again, and the stuff wasn't just mine, my friend's item too..

Kenshin: Not my problem. You posted where you were not suppose to post, thus the ban.

Member: You could just remove the thread and besides, advertisement is only allowed for premium members and how to achieve premium members were not clearly stated anywhere in the forum. it's not very user friendly too, it's hard to find the people u know and it's hard because most threads are for older members who have posted thousands of posts. thousands??

Kenshin: My forum, my rules, my way of dealing with people who don't follow rules. Be thankful it wasn't a perm ban, I usually do that to rule breakers but since you've been active in other forums I didn't.
Premium membership threads are all in "Rules & Important Information" forum, description of forum is Members are expected to keep yourselves updated with the threads in this forum on a daily basis. "Don't know" is not an excuse. Obviously you didn't even check it, the premium membership already started since early Dec 2008.

Member: U can just removed the post.. u don't have to ban or at least ban for a shorter time, its not as if i wrote vulgarities inside plus advertising is for premium members who have posted thousands of post. And it's not user friendly, its hard to get to post the things u want and find people that you know. and how to achieve premium member was not clearly stated. And i'm new like haven't even one month, i only just started using in 4th jan 2009. i still don't know where to look for rules and regulations etc cos every link is hidden behind a word; search, post, groups etc. it took me a week before i find out how to edit my profile, and i only just knew how to post thread on the day before u ban me that's two weeks to explore only still at the surface. -_-!! I still don't know how how to use most of the stuff inside and how is one going to post so much to achieve premium member? oh ya i have an idea, it's like this
1st thread self intro: i am blah blah blah
2nd thread self intro: i study in blah blah blah link to #1th thread
3rd thread self intro: i stay at blah blah blah link to #2th thread
4th thread self intro: i enjoy blah blah blah link to #3th thread
5th thread self intro: i like to meet blah blah blah link to #4th thread
6th thread self intro: i like to eat blah blah blah link to #5th thread
7th thread self intro: i enjoy watching blah blah blah link to #6th thread
8th thread self intro: i hate blah blah blah link to #7th thread
9th thread self intro: i love blah blah blah link to #8th thread
10th thread self intro: my interests are blah blah blah link to #9th thread
11th thread self intro: blah blah blah link to #10th thread
is that how it's gonna work?? Because if it's gonna work that way, it's like wasting virtual memory. And one can't just possibly join every single groups even if they are not interested in that group so just to achieve premium member right?
And can u do me a favour? help me message to Aisling & sochii that u have ban me and that i will reply back after my ban which is after 22th 4pm. Thanks alot.
you can take this as a site feedback too, its hard to use as i stated i took one week to know how to edit my profile, took me around the same time to pm another person. took me two weeks to know how to post a thread cos i thought it was the same post on the profile. I even accidentally message myself on my profile cos i thought that's the post or thread.

Okay, I do you the favour. I close down SGCafe for an indefinite amount of time so that Aisling & sochii won't be able to contact you on SGCafe since it's CLOSED. If anyone is wondering, the member is "Blue Icyangel".

Again the problem has surfaced again, people don't bother reading the Rules section and put the blame on me/SGCafe for not providing the information. Seems that I must do this every year to make people aware of what's going on. What a wondeful way for me to "communicate" with my members. BAH, I do what I have to, hate me if you want.

On another topic, just to let everyone know, the premium member thing isn't exactly moving wonderfully. I'm going to adopt a look and see policy this year, but from the looks of it, SGCafe might close it's doors for good after EOY 2009 (or even earlier). This is not a threat nor demand for people to pay up, but just to share what is really going on. I have not touched a single cent of the money paid by the premium members till today. If things look bleak, I'll just refund whatever remaining amount pre-paid (especially those that paid for 2 years), so don't worry even if SGCafe closes, I'll make sure you get back the money I/SGcafe owes you.

Finally, for those that want to email me to complain the closure of SGCafe causing them inconvenience, Inconvenience Caused Is Regretted. There you go, standard phrase to cover up anything. Bring your whining elsewhere for the time being, or store it in you until SGCafe reopens then rant in the forums.

16th Jan 2009, 5:40PM

Looks like Kenshin really blow up over the matter.
Well,from what i heard it isnt his first time already.
From my POV both parties are at fault.

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