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What to expect: Doujin Market (Doujima) 2024- Celebrating 10 years of championing creator culture

Doujima Key Visual (Neo Tokyo Project, Press Release)

Final Update :10/05/2024 23:25hrs

This edition of Doujin Market spans three halls and features some 600 talented creators hailing from 15 countries worldwide. The event will also introduce a range of brand-new content fueled by a plethora of partnerships in the gaming and publishing spheres, as well as the return of portfolio reviews and featured artists.

Doujima 2018_00006 05-05-2018
Daiyaku booth at Doujima 2018 (, file photo) 

We want to make Doujima a show for creators of every stripe – not just arts and illustration. What better time to do this than during our 10th anniversary?

We’ve taken the best parts of what made us Singapore’s premier pop culture creators convention over the years and dialed it up to 11. We’ll continue striving to provide creators in Singapore and the region with an affordable, accessible, and most importantly, visible platform in the years to come
-Jason Koh, founder and producer of Doujin Market.

  • Indie Games Showcases 
Doujima 2018_00022 06-05-2018
BattleBrew/Gamestart Booth at Doujima 2018 (, file photo) 

In addition to Avernative Production, who will once again be co-presenting the event, Doujin Market has partnered with Singapore Games Association (SGGA) to support the indie game ecosystem.

Harpy Raiders (Neo Tokyo Project, Press Release)

Meow Meow Wizard Arena (Neo Tokyo Project, Press Release)

Mimicries (Neo Tokyo Project, Press Release)

The inaugural indie games zone will feature 9 titles, including those by homegrown studios Cloud of Pinky LLC (Harpy Raiders), Daffodil Starlight(Meow Meow Wizard Arena) and Miniversal Games (Mimicries).

TEVI (Neo Tokyo Project, Press Release)

The area will also feature Taiwanese game studio CreSpirit’s TEVI, and five games presented by TZ APAC Pte. Ltd.
I’m elated to see indie games being given the spotlight alongside the many talented creators that Doujin Market is known for. 
I look forward to seeing our local creators take steps towards cooperating with game developers.
-Cheryl Chong, Project Manager of Singapore Games Association (SGGA)

  • Comic Toranoana
Comic Toranona Shopfront in Japan (

Also debuting at Doujin Market is Comic Toranoana, a stalwart in Japan’s doujin and independent self-publishing landscape. A leading doujin store with nearly 30 years of history, they will be showcasing a selection of products, as well as their Fantia web portal for creators. 

  • Portfolio Reviews

Geungsi by Sean Lam (Neo Tokyo Project, Press Release)

To make going professional more accessible, portfolio reviews return this year, with the creator of the Geungsi graphic novel, Sean Lam, in attendance. Also at the show are veteran artists Darren Tan and Julian Kok, who made their mark with the wildly popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering. They will be showcasing their recent work at Doujin Market for the first time. 

  • Tabletop Playspace
Doujima 2018_00002 05-05-2018
Tabletop Gaming at Doujima 2018 (, file photo) 

Visitors hoping for more analog entertainment can make their way to the Tabletop Playspace. Sign up to try out Dungeons & Dragons, learn how to paint miniatures, play board game demos by Origame and more! 

  • Where & When
  • 11-12 May 
  • Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall 403, 404 & 405. 

  • Tickets
  • Admission to Doujin Market is ticketed, and chargeable. 
  • $10 for a Day Pass (Saturday or Sunday)
  • $18 for a Weekend Pass (both days)
  • Tickets are available exclusively on Eventbrite 
  • Ticket holders are eligible to receive discount vouchers sponsored by newnew, redeemable at the convention concierge in hall.
  • Floor Plan
Doujima 2024 floorplan

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  •  Booth Listings:
Please note that the merchandise listed is in no way exhaustive. You can find the booth quickly by searching the list with the search function with the browser you are using (Ctrl+F on most windows desktop, somewhere within the menu for mobile)

  • F60: Casty’s Illustrations

  • F61: Petites Choses_Little Things

  • F62: Renairein

  • F63: runningline

  • F64: YuNihxCore

  • G1,G2: Raiko

  • G3: RattanHwee

  • G4: Animal Shelter

  • G5: Derletzte

  • G6: Baloolax

  • G7,G8: Ein Lee

  • G9: Cabinet of Drawers

  • G10: melonpan

  • G11: Hardware Store

  • G12: This booth name was removed due to a direct copyright violation.

  • G13: Inkbudao

  • G14: berrybooze art

  • G15: Ladywaltz & HAE

  • G16: ChibikoNails x Hira Icigocha

  • G17: 711