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AFA Creators Super Fest (AFA CSF) 2023: The captured Memories

Lady Beard's Singing, Dancing & uh.... Destroying? was a perfect way to end 2 days of the inaugural AFACSF
on the super Akiba stage.

The inaugural edition of AFA Creators Super Fest (AFACSF) drew crowds of likeminded people to Singapore Expo Hall 5 over the weekend of 21 to 22 July 2023. Over 300 creators and artist from 13 countries, from international big names like LAM to popular local artist like Ratcha Lin.

LAM's Artwork at the artwork Exhibit 

Ratcha working on a commissioned piece at her booth.

The Super Akiba Stage featuring international artistes like lady beard to local performance Group like Tokimeki Jump. Day 1 Ended with Anibeats x Goldenmix.    

Anibeats x Golden mix   

Tokimeki Jump

AFACSF 2023 Cosplay Competition Participants, Winners and Judges. 

For the rest of the captured Memories head on down to the gallery below:

AFA Creators Superfest 2023

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