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A prelude to SGCC 2022 @ City square Mall, The Report.

SGCC mascot P4L* ("pop culture 4 Life!") during the Meet & Greet session. 

 The Public were given a glimpse into what SGCC 2022 will be offering at the end of the year at City Square Mall over the weekends. 

  • SGCC 2022 Exclusives/New product Showcase   

  • Event Exculsive Gundams
SGCC 2022 Prelude 0032 SGCC 2022 Prelude 0031  

  • 52 Toy Mecha Mickey Mouse
SGCC 2022 Prelude 0033

  • SGCC 2022 x LiHO drinks
SGCC 2022 Prelude 0035

The Media was given a chance to taste all 3 drinks. The Widows Charm has a hint of lime taste with a base drink that is refreshing, I think I tasted peppermint too.... The Panter's pride give a Black sesame soup or zhi ma hu vibe but in a much lighter form. These 2 Drinks will be launch at LiHO outlets at a later date. While the Grapefruit based Wonder P4L will be sold exclusively at SGCC 2022 event hall LiHO booth.  

  • Regional cosplayers from Impact Fantasy - Diane Sabandeja & Lia Bear 

SGCC 2022 Prelude 0027 SGCC 2022 Prelude 0014

  • Artist Alley
SGCC 2022 Prelude 0003

  • Learning to Play D&D, Painting a Space Marine by Gamersaurus Rex 

SGCC 2022 Prelude 0024 SGCC 2022 Prelude 0022

  • Doodle Wall 
SGCC 2022 Prelude 0016

  • The Captured Memories 
SGCC 2022 Prelude

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