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Sozo's (AFA)TOFF Anime Matsuri at D'marquee Downtown East & The Singapore Cosplay Club's (Cosfest) The SCC Show at Habourfront Center on the 3rd-4th September 2022


Not 1 but 2 events are happening on the 1st weekend of September, on the 3rd and 4th of September 2022 One is TOFF Anime Matsuri over at D'marquee Downtown East organized by SOZO, the organizers behind AFA, the other is The SCC Show over at Harbourfront Center organized by The Singapore Cosplay Club (SCC Square), the organizers behind Cosfest. Here is what is to be look forward to for the 2 events.  

  • TOFF Anime Matsuri
  • TOFF Anime Matsuri:Guest Cosplayers

  • TOFF Anime Matsuri:Guest Peformers/Features

  • TOFF Anime Matsuri: Cosplay Competiton

  • TOFF Anime Matsuri: Exhibitors

  • TOFF Anime Matsuri: Artist Alley

  • TOFF Anime Matsuri: Floor Plan,Schudule and House rules

  • TOFF Anime Matsuri: Ticketing and Location

  • The SCC Show
  • The SCC Show:Guest Cosplayers/Judges
  • The SCC Show:Booth listing and Floor plans
  • The SCC Show:Schedule
  • The SCC Show: Location
  • Free Entry!

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