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AFA Station TV’s AFA Special Edition to Take Place 19th of Feb 2022!


AFA Station TV’s AFA Special Edition to Take Place 19th of Feb 2022!

Don't miss the expanded and special edition of AFA Station TV!
AFA Station TV’s AFA Special Edition will take place on the 19th of Feb 2022!  An expanded and special edition of AFA Station TV - We will be featuring Destinations, Guests, Music, Cosplay, Art and so much more!
  • Featured Destinations:Japan Anime Manga Tour & Unique Ways Japan Present themselves Presented by J.CLAIR
Whet your appetite for travel to more anime-related locations, thanks to J.CLAIR! Also known as The Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations,  they promote tourist spots and speciality products for the various local governments. Do check out their segment!
  • Featured Guests:Virtual Cinderella Project (Kagura Mea, Hanazono Serena, Hiseki Erio)
Hinted at during our previous stream, find out more about the Virtual Cinderella Project featuring Kagura Mea, Hanazono Serena, and Hiseki Erio! Let's get to know these girls and support them during their idol journey!

About Virtual Cinderella Project: 
  • Featured Guest: May’n (Popular J-Pop and Anime Song Singer from Japan)
We all miss seeing our next guest perform live at AFA -- but not to worry! May'n is back to chat with us and share a few of her favourite memories from AFA SG -- keeping her streak of fourteen successive appearances alive! 

About May’n - 
  • Featured Guest:Kureiji Ollie from hololive Indonesia (Popular Indonesian VTuber)Cosplayer Nekonoi Katsu
Announcing our featured guests: Hololive ID’s Kureji Ollie and cosplayer Nekonoi Katsu, for AFA Station TV’s AFA Special Edition on the 19th of Feb 2022!  

About Kureiji Ollie:
About Nikonoi Katsu: 
  • Featured Guest:AFA Visual Journey - Featuring Kati SoulArt Presented by 3D Sense
Every year, we always look forward to seeing Seika-chan's new outfit for AFA SG! This year's brilliant artwork is presented by 3dsense Media School and is created by StarSoul Art -- who joins us to talk about their creative process!

About StarSoul Artt: 
  • Featured Destination:Sword Art Online -EX-CHRONICLE- Online Edition
First introduced at the previous ASTV show, we're back to bring you more great stuff from Sword Art Online -EX-CHRONICLE- Online Edition! Catch an exclusive sneak peek before it begins on 22 February -- make sure to tune in for the special segment!

About Sword Art Online -EX-CHRONICLE- Online Edition:
  • Special Message: Let’s Respect Copyright!
Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs and Hello Kitty would like friends in the region to know why copyright is a national treasure! What's more, you can also stand the chance to win amazing prizes -- tune in to find out how!

Join the Survey in Indonesia:
Join the Survey in Malaysia:
  • Featured Guests:Cosplay Talk with AFA Cosplay Guests Rithe & Xiao Yu
Rithe and Xiaoyukiko are back to bless your screens with their amazing cosplay! Plus, they have some exciting news for their fellow cosplayers, courtesy of Republik -- catch it live to find out! 

About Rithe:
About Xiaoyu:
Super Giveaways for all that tune in to the show!

We've also got tons of stuff to give away, including:

- Cash Prizes
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- Kotobukiya Model Kits
- Kotobuiya ARTFX J Scale Figures... and so much more! 
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🎈 AFA Station TV - AFA Special Edition
📅 19th Feb 2022 from 2pm - 7pm++ (Singapore Time)
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