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meWATCH and AFA Station TV are giving away free codes for a 1-month trial to Animax+GEM! Sign up for a meWATCH account and apply the promo code "AFA" to enjoy the best of Japanese entertainment, anytime, anywhere!

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▶️ Promo Code: AFA

Watch the latest titles such as "My Senpai is Annoying", "SHADOWS HOUSE", "Voice", and more -- on the newly launched Animax+GEM, from as low as $1.17/month (prepayment of $13.99/year w/GST) !

📅 Show Line-up:

Already signed up? Join the meWATCH giveaway here (applies to Animax+GEM subscribers only) for the chance to win a 3-month subscription to Doki Doki Crate worth USD 131.85! Contest ends on 31 Oct.

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