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Royale Ergonomics Launches "Demon Slayer" Edition Poseidon 2021!


Don't miss Royale Ergonomics' latest collaboration with hit series "Kimetsu no Yaiba"! Decked out with the iconic patterns of each character, the Royale Poseidon: Demon Slayer series is catered to all KNY fans out there!

  • Royale Ergonomics "Demon Slayer" Edition Poseidon 2021 Features

  1. Character Motif-Unique to individual characters.
  2. Iconic Character Patterns-Signature patterns are based on the character's designs.
  3. Premium Stitching-Embroidery is done via precision machinery for more accurate imagery.
  4. Multidirectional Armrest-4-way adjustments enhance sitting posture.
  5. FOAMCLOUD Technology-Especially cured foam with air bubbles evenly spaced to ensure excellent weight distribution.
  6. Class 4 Hydraulics-BIFMA 5.1-tested for 10 years durability.

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