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EOY 2018: The captured memories

Aini and Mochi of Niji Universe Inc.

As the year 2018 came to a close, EOY 2018 was held at Suntec Hall 401 on the 29th and the 30th of December 2018.  The event was held at Suntec Convention Center for the 1st time, moving from National Library after it was taken over by a new organizer to Republic Poly to Marina Barrage and finally to Suntec. Here are the capture memories of the event.

Interview with Tim Wong by Sucesspedia Asia 
  • Stage Performance by Local & Overseas Artistes
Riona Hamatsu
EOY2018 Batch 4 00013
Ola Aphordite 
EOY2018 Batch 1 00067
Aini and Mochi of Niji Universe Inc.

EOY2018 Batch 1 00009
Reina Kathy

EOY2018 Batch 1 00018
EuroBeat Intensify or EBI
EOY2018 Batch 2 00086
EOY2018 Batch 7 00004
Natsuiro Party
EOY2018 Batch 3 00027
Tokimeki Jump

Overseas guests like Riona Hamatsu a former AKB48 member from JapanOla Aphordite a Cosplayer , Dancer, Model & Singer from IndonesiaAini and Mochi of Niji Universe Inc. Jpop style idol group from Vietnam along with local guests like EuroBeat Intensify,Mechapen,Natsuiro Party Tokimeki Jump Reina Kathy were all part of a strong team of more than 150 performers at EOY 2018.

  • Artist and Game booths
EOY2018 Batch 5 00003
One of the game booth at EOY2018
EOY2018 Batch 1 00003
Visitors viewing merchandises at an artist booth

Artist booth has always been a staple of J-Culture events, with no exception to EOY at total of 75 Artist booth were present at EOY 2018There were several game booths as well where vistors getb a chance to win prizes. 

  • Cosplayers
EOY2018 Batch 5 00069

EOY2018 Batch 5 00082

EOY2018 Batch 7 00027

EOY2018 Batch 7 00100

No J-Culture Events will be complete without cosplayers. Above are just some of the cosplayers at the event. For more the captured memories head down to the album after break! 

EOY2018 Batch 1 00001    

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