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C3AFASG18 : The Captured Memories

Real Akiba Boys at  C3AFASG18 Akiba Stage
A decade ago, Anime Festival Asia was held for 2 days at 2 halls of the Suntec Convention Center for the 1st time, back then no one knew that AFA would have grown to what it is today.
In a span of 10 years, AFA have not only manage to grow locally, they have expanded regionally as well. Let's take a look at the memories captured during the weekend of C3AFASG2018 !

  • Akiba Stage  
DJ Soba
Dear Kiss
Tokimeki Jump

Akiba Stage has certainly grown together with AFA, from a small stage back then to the size it is today. This year, the akiba stage had performance with returning favorites like the Real Akiba Boys & Dearkiss who is here for the 1st time. Also not forgetting our local talent like Tokimeiki Jump, ReikoMaru & Usagi just to name a few.

  • Creators Hub & Commercial booth
C3AFASG18 Day 1  00005
Clarissa Punipun at Nissin booth 
C3AFASG18 Day 1  00009
The public creations at the Pop Team Epic Booth
C3AFASG18 Day 1  00040
Fate grand order booth
C3AFASG18 Day 2_Batch 1   00057
Lumica booth
C3AFASG18 Day 2_Batch 1   00065
The massive crowd at creators hub 
 Content Wise, for the past 10 years AFA have certainly offered more and more every year. This       year the biggest draw would probably be the Fate Grand Order and the Pop Team Epic booths.
Meanwhile I hard a hard time to find a proper space to take a photo at this year's Creators Hub as the
crowd was just massive.

  • Cosplay Guest,World Cosplay Summit & Cosplayers

C3AFASG18 Day 1  00012
C3AFASG18 Day 1  00053
C3AFASG18 Day 1  00050
Ying Tze 

C3AFASG18 Day 2_Batch 1   00077
Series(Anime): Cells at Work!

C3AFASG18 Day 3_Batch 2   00081
Series(Anime)-Goblin Slayer 
C3AFASG18 Day 3_Batch 2   00086
Series(Game)-Detroit: Become Human  
C3AFASG18 Day 3_Batch 2   00092
Series(Game)-Girls Frontline 
C3AFASG18 Day 3_Batch 2   00050
WCS Contestant Rithe & Kai, Series(Anime/Game)-Fate Series 

C3AFASG18 Day 3_Batch 2   00039
WCS  Contestant Disco Dandy & Jesmond Series(Game)-Splatoon 2

Cosplay Singles Contestants and Judges 
No Anime Convention would be complete without cosplay, This year the World Cosplay Summit 2019 Singapore Preliminaries was held at AFASG 2018 where Rithe & Kai won the competition and will be representing Singapore for next year's WCS. Cosplayers from various series were flooding the convention area. While Fans of  Angie (Malaysia), Baozi & Hana (China), Hakken (Malaysia), Kaname☆ (Japan), Siutao (Hong Kong),Ying Tze (Malaysia),HedY (Taiwan) were delighted.

  • 10 years of AFA- Special Red Carpet Event 

C3AFASG18 Day 3_Batch 2   00004
May'N and SOZO’s Managing Director Shawn Chin

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C3AFASG18 Day 3_Batch 2   00013

C3AFASG18 Day 3_Batch 2   00026
 Suzuko Mimori and Momoyo Koyama

AFA celebrated it's 10 anniversary in style. This year There was a Special red carpet event held at level 1 of the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Center. Day stage guest,I love Anisong artist graced the red carpet for the very first time in AFA history.

I shall end this post with more memories captured at #C3AFASG18 in the image Gallery below:

C3AFASG 2018


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