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GameStart2018: The capture Memories.

GameStart 2018  before the doors open on Day 1. 

Last weekend on the 12th-13th of October 2018, GameStart 2018 returned for it's 5th year. bringing  like minded gaming enthusiast to the halls 401-403 of Suntec Convention Center. Here are the captured memories last weekend. 
  • Kaname Fujioka & Yuya Tokuda Monster Hunter World Directors
Kaname Fujioka-Executive Director /Art Director & Yuya Tokuda-Director of Monster Hunter World 
Yuya Tokuda playing Jan-Ken-Pon with the crowd.
2 Lucky winners eventually walk away with Monster hunter sweaters like these. 
Fans of the Monster Hunter Franchise was delighted at the appearance of Kaname Fujioka & Yuya Tokuda appearance at GameStart 2018 The Q&A Session where a Pre-selected questions were being asked and answered. There was even a Jan-Ken-Pon session where 2 lucky winners walk away with Monster hunter sweaters.
  • Elise Zhang- The Voice Behind Overwatch Mei
Elise Zhang (Center) on stage during an Q& A Session
Elise Zhang During the Meet & Greet Session
Overwatch fans should not unfamiliar with the name Elise Zhang, the voice actor of Mei. Fans Flock the stage and the meet & greet sessions during the event to catch a glimpse of her during GameStart 2018. Her bubbly nature certainly click well with her fans.
  •  Kenny Omega-IWGP Heavyweight Champion,avid Fighting Game player,Street Fighter matches commentator 
Kenny Omega and his Fans during the meet and greet session  
Kenny Omega (Right) during an exhibition match with the public 

Pro Wresting Fans got their treat as Kenny Omega came down to GameStart 2018. The Fans had a chance to play against Kenny and the winner gets  to walk away with a Razer Panthera Arcade Stick PS4 controller.
  • SEA Major 2018/SEA Mobile Major 2018
SEA Major 2018
SEA Mobile Major 2018

Players battle for top spot at this year's SEA Major of which GameStart 2018 played host key pitstops for these four major events the CAPCOM Pro Tour, Tekken World Tour, the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour, and the ArcRevo World Tour. 

The following are the list of games at this year's Competition :
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ SAGA
  • Street Fighter V Arcade Edition
  • Tekken 7
  • Guilty Ger Xrd Revelator 2
  • Blazblue Cross Tag Battle
  • Blazblue Central Fiction 2
  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
  • Them’s Fightin’ Herds

As for this year's Sea Major Mobile it played host to Shadowverse Contender’s Cup which was final stop for the best competitors in the Southeast Asia Oceania Region. Players compete for a seat at the Shadowverse World Grand Prix in Japan. Shadowverse was just one of the many games at this year's Sea Major Mobile. 
  • Gamestart Tabletop 
The Singaporean Dream by SGAG

GameStart 2018 Tabletop Gaming

Besides the ever popular dungeon and dragons tabletop RPG, the table table top section of  GameStart 2018 also saw other table top game where the public can get their hands on on the table top games and try out for themselves. SGAG soft launch thier brand new card game the singaporean dream.  

  • GameStart Cosplay Runway & Doujima with Neo Tokyo Project
One of Doujima booth this year
Participants of this Year's Cosplay Runway.
Neo Toyko Project Partner Gamestart yet again to bring back the crowd favorite Doujima,as well as the cosplay Runway. 

  • Other Sightings- Booths & Cosplayers 
The Battle Cats Mascot
Winners of a Public PUBG competition at My republic booth

Honkai impact booth
Battlebrew Production booth showcasing their new spinoff game from the Battlesky Brigade Series

Giveaway at the HyperX Booth
Mai Shiranui cosplayer at kinetiquettes booth
Shadowverse cosplayer

Lords Mania Cosplayers
    With this is shall leave you with more captured memories in the Gallery after the break! 

    Gamestart 2018 

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