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AFA & C3 Collaboration Expands Anime Festival Asia reach in Asia.

SOZO, organiser of Anime Festival Asia events and Sotsu Co.,Ltd, organiser of C3 events, have joined together to create “C3 AFA”. This new event aims to become the regional Cool Japan Event of Asia by developing a B2C event representing various Japanese contents such as anime, characters, comic, game, music, novel and more.

C3 Charaexpo 2016 (File photo)

AFASG Day 2 Batch 1_0032 
AFASG 2016 Akiba stage(File photo)

AFA 2008 (File photo)

The collaboration will bring new contents to consumers who are already familiar to both the
C3 and Anime Festival Asia  brands. SOZO, part of the Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)
Inc group has been organising Anime Festival Asia since 2008, bringing Japanese pop
culture content to South East Asia countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

Sotsu Co.,Ltd is Japanese powerhouse managing animated products such as the famed
Mobile Suit Gundam series and producing animated and live-action programs.

Sotsu and SOZO will unveil the first installment of C3 AFA in June 2017 in Bangkok,
continuing with the other cities which they already have experienced track records in,
including Jakarta, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong between 2017 and 2018.

Event Dates & Venues: 

  • C3 AFA JAKARTA 2017
    DATE: Fri 18 – Sun 20 August 2017

  • C3 AFA BANGKOK 2017
    DATE: Sat 10 – Sun 11 June 2017

  • C3 AFA TOKYO 2017
    DATE: Sat 26 – Sun 27 August 2017

    DATE: Fri 24 – Sun 26 November 2017
  • C3 AFA HONG KONG 2018